The VaJury: The Age Debate

Monday, November 27th

The daughter's boyfriend is almost twice her age. Should dad be worried?

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Okay turn enough. I'm Jeff and Jen shell all now. It is time to see the cherry on the Jetsons and show a panel of only women who will help determine one man's. Safe today we are talk and with Mikey because he used to know if he should talk to actually his sits there. About her boyfriend's a threat. I think so Mike I years calling out. On behalf of your dad. Yeah I've talked us through it and then we will get a bunch of women to give you the answer that you don't know closure a boy yeah. I guess. I itself for Thanksgiving. My search you know we had a big gathering in my family's house and my sister Crocker report strange. Her boyfriend is significantly. Older. And she is and she is not much younger. In my cap attack. Com. Yet and so my dad. My dad that I eat I I didn't get re read on this guy went down apparently dead. Comet that doesn't think that this guy has great intentions. So you want to confront him and I'm kind of calling to see it starts like inappropriate. You know I didn't get a good read on him so I don't know I just don't know it might actually go low and confront this guy about you know whose intentions just. So how old is your sister. Of one and seven. Today and the boyfriend's. He won't. That is a significant age difference. Yeah upon that great amass and is gonna go with that's a lot. I am. And so your dad wants to. And NC do you know they can you give us the age difference between your dad and boyfriend just for. Them Yemen that city. Though. Lo says there are more contemporaries. Then. Yeah. OK and so your dad's gonna talk to him or talk to your sister. My dad got talked it might have wanted to talk to my search or aren't you want to. To turn. See what's gone on to my dad like and say he just doesn't think she has good intentions my touch has a pretty good read on people for the most part he doesn't feel like yes get attention. Are the intentions. Because he's added a weird guy or the intentions or is it because of the age. Yeah I'd just say it's an age thing that might die just chill like he's probably taken advantage Russia's there's. You now Asian. You know. Is there any distaste when he sadness that I mean she's an adult. Grown woman. Who can make her own decisions that she clearly knows what she's getting herself into you know. App engine while writing about this only think on Lawrence honey seven and she on his fifth time. And I impetus is for I'm just an event has rounds that's it I don't hang out on mare now and are now back and I can't I can't air. I'm Jen actually let's just make it more were. Palatable league easier to process okay I'm I want you think of one of grant's friends rate now who's like three years younger than he has yep. He had ever senior Ryan got it I've fast forward until. Lol now. Dating age and imagine the two of them walking in here has holding hands. Now I yeah I really literally cannot let my brain cannot process patent but that's what you are as I am trying to process all. Wow Aaron I'm now why now with a man who knows he is hit anybody understands that man intentions it is someone who is closing his aides. But I'm just trying to see it from her perspective because we have to think about how we're seeing that the jury we won't women's perspective what does it mean to her. If she knows that her dad went behind her back. And talked to her boyfriend. About B and not nice Kirk creek where whatever he's gonna say I don't know what he's gonna say but how would she feel she really I'm 27 what if you can't make my own decision. She goes out what does he goes out to talk to the boyfriend and opium best friends. You know they could've gone to the same bicycles together at the same time. Totally made up sedans plot may as they should do as they come as best friends than it's weird that. Dating my dad's best turn right maybe he can illustrate it for her yeah I know that you're our rail wherever else tries dating your dad real well look. It is let's seeds of a jury for a 426309. For a while only women only way remain. Once again Mike is calling on behalf of his dad. Who'd jazzman X. I his daughters is 27 year old daughter's boyfriend. And the boyfriend that happens to be 51 years old four years younger than. The question is. Should dads say something to boyfriend. Because that knows what boyfriend intentions are. 404263094. On the the jury is women don't. And NHL all star for. It is time for our visionary to whoever made no verdict today that tastes. Is that and my kids whose sister brought home her very old boyfriend to Thanksgiving you can. No matter over. Boyfriend my guys the guys she's today played her boyfriend who is twice her age. Yes four years younger than her to have her boyfriend and her dad Ireland. Wait closer and Mays and she is and Mike says his dad wants to do something about it. And go have a talk with the boyfriend so what should he advise his father to do we need the opinions of you. I've might we have of a jury seated so. We will pull them and then returned CRA. Ex wanted to confess that. I hate to call. Right your votes for them a jury dad is dad keep his mouth shut or does that say something. I think it should keep his mouth shut and why as out of the current. In the same situation I am 27 and I married a guy. Rob I'm not gonna have and how are we got there it went public late seventy's looked at it war. And my dad works fit the risks they still don't count my husband is spent many years ago tomorrow. My dad is 76. But we have been there for sixteen years have two beautiful children. And I'm. Love them dearly and he hit very good intention and I mean we do you'll all find our family love Al Amman by bad they all look well. What is your dad think of him the first time they met the ever tell the truth about that. I he I'd be scared to verify is he off. Yes it is different and I know ER. I'm the same age just about it now big (%expletive) but we did it and I'm in week eight the alert they got married and they're. Wow all years later als and as one vote keep amounts Jack. Madison and Emerson. I had already I Manny sorry. Hey I don't know what you think sort I got that would you permit a husband. Or older so now I'm I had. So early on my daddy I can say the action. Called without Garnett and it may go but my little girl. I wondered what do we care about. Whether or not certain how my dad and her husband are really good track. And your stance is I guess she mellow girl to. Actually stopped. So Matty says same situation keeping around sat Shelley gain Roswell. He around shot or should these days and then. Keep your mouth shut to them in the same situation how well. Through twelve little late here and too little boy you. And my mom laid. Parents were just so excited I was and am happy relationship. And Acker mini rocky relationships we bring to get French German ear and announced. You've heard about precision mean Howell I. No surprise and I'm going this way I honestly I ate I am surprised to but I also think keep your mouth shut just because she is an adult she's probably had her fair share of relationships is it doesn't work. I kind of you know I feel racial shall know and she'll shall be able to handle that and he'll be dads and Sharon. I've Kelly g.'s wolf. The university of callers said it was other parents and did approach Saturday ads specifically said I I don't like this and I wanna check him on his intentions. And now there happily married so why not say what RD our intention was my daughter and have a conversation route I'd definitely be. Starks that is good point good guy I'd be holding her shirt her rigid and confront a guy would go would you give you Colin nude dancer I met the wind adding. Look on my dad daddy passed like twelve those are awkward but I have that's your boyfriend and a. Iowa put your dad say if he brought them a bad it was his aides on my doubt at all four of my Brothers and how stunning is safe Hersh her and have Simon is there anybody him dating ad man has made double my change. They mined out and definitely things on the he'd checked both those are cleaner and see age thing isn't the only factor. Right if he's. Older and a really nice person prison cells to be a really nice person and I don't have a problem when Brett. But I think my vote is say something because like you pointed out it forces him to. Prove his intentions. It's his intentions are good and love is love and no matter what age it's love then he'll do the right thing and proposed or make it official or whatever and help make sure that in the family knows what his intentions are right if he never says Sony saying it's almost like playing the guy. Get away with being. And now. Michelle and woods back. In green IE and can he keep your mouth shut. And I'm concerned about current hot I think she when he foundation young you got a whole life ahead of our heat that you run wreckage he had that she doesn't. Probably dollars. I think he grandmother Annie get hurt not the daughter. Green impoverished. Yeah. Might give the jury his rules. Tests not in favor of your dad he should keep his mouth shut up all those Democrats. The votes for Sais something art compelling leg here. There are a lot of stories inserted waves. Save some things but still yeah in your daily may still have to accept this guy as part of the family. Harare. Yeah I guess. I definitely appreciate here don't like sharing their stories of the that we gave me telecommute Specter especially. Lady with the two kids in the particular. Trading. Itself I appreciate guys thank you so much. I write your sister be changing all kinds. I'm the diapers. And hands one time. This is more yeah. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.