Thursday, June 14th

Can Ryan tell a woman he is dating to stop talking about her kid so that he can get to know her?

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Riley-Smith. And the majority always rules. These days out of sight out of mind kids. I run and that means that your health especially from these female jet engines show for family members so Ryan know what is going on today with your lady friends. So I'm dating this woman and I wanted you to know her without the kid around her without talking about the kid and can I tell a new woman that is seeing on the interstate and hurt kids like to hear it. OK so how have you guys been dating. It's about a month so it's still occur early in your conversations with parent has her child come up and every single one of bump. Yeah I mean there's like first day second day. Everybody each time minutes like on the first thing that we're talking about and I didn't wanna get to know her first foray yet I don't rocket you know. I I'm I'm OK listen are you prepared to be in a relationship. When a woman who has a child. Yeah I just don't want that to eat I need to know her first and then we get to know on good that they gave an embarrassment Stanley and he should be keeping things simple in the beginning. Right. Okay don't you think that perhaps the most important thing in her existence. Is her child. Yeah I I and I I totally understand that just. On a date we're we're distracted to know each other first this play and think it just take steps. Do you think you just because of the first several dates that you are getting to know her and what's important to America. And that her kid tops that list. Yeah I. I do I just wanna have won eight words just us getting to know each other instead of quanta all the laundry list cook. I you know where their bit which we did this in the Q did bad in both look. You know. OK IRA while the people women are already lining up to join them the jury so will be able to get to that and a second. But is our man and you're representing them mailed man in China be the public defender here Jeff. But what I. Okay. How do you expect her to have timely view where her child doesn't come rob. If she's kind of auditioning you'd be inner child's life. Forever light machine know the you even feel this way. I mean I guess Adam didn't completely clear we're there on and it's serious. I'm trying to I'm term the dignity the sense of what he had to pay as I know a lot of guys that their adult lives then and it's deuce. I don't know man I. I think I think the problem would solve itself Jan drag me if I'm wrong. But it you and the other moms you know if you find yourself as a single mom yeah and you're on a date and within the first month that you said god can you lay off all the lard and read stories. So annoying I did you got kids. How much longer does that date last. I think a big deal breaker. I think you would get up and leave the table and buying second city be lucky if he wasn't pulling a state naive about it. It. Is she's talking about her kids is that the only thing or her child and that the only thing she talks. We will get togethers like the first thirty minutes it's all up on the outer gate and then. After that things aren't warmup and we we get on others but also not apple and it's like OK but. Is our chance that there's single moms listening. Who could say may be I should have checked myself. Because it seems route to tell a mom not to talk about her can't yes but Kenny framing it in a way eight. Where it's like guiding her through the day and process it all she's talking about is her kid is located it's a turnoff. Noninterest senator's house like right. It is yeah I wanna get to know her horse. Stop saying that or you will die and yeah I think is odd to have that conversation with this woman he's been dating for about a month I I have to speak line. I'm influencing the price we will see from the jury and get you some held. Ryan wants to know can he tell this new nominees dating that he's not interested and her child's life just yeah. And if we understand your email correctly Ryan. If women say that then that you can't do this you're gonna and the relationship with this woman. Yeah yeah I'm just under I'm Obama and. Okay there's a lot on the line here as we see the jury panel of only women to share their opinions coming up next on the Jeff contention. So are in 941. We are seeing that the jury on this Jeff contend show our panel of all women to help Ryan with a question that he has today so rang can you give us a quick 32 recap of what you're asking the jury to decide on. Again I just need to know if it's okay to tell the world that I'm dating dad. I don't wanna hear barricades life right now ants. If that's not okay. I think I need to move on Brian wanted to give it its hands in seat. If we can get something besides just talking about about the hit Albert because we've been dating floor. A month now and every time we were on a date. The first half hours is all about ordered it to line and I wanna talk about something else I want to get to know her. Let's keep the journey and get their opinions and decide for Ryan. Can he talk to her about that's. Laurie you are of them Burris Burris did turns Burton and the first weekend. Molinari there weren't there aren't can and does he get a shout out. I think you need it very nicely region. Nationally reject the conversation that he can act anecdotally umbrella out. But how. Can mention this is the vote I thought I met my mom about my diet how it will be on about. But isn't how. Just a mom a game Lori if let's pretend you're a good mom isn't the most important thing in your life featured kids. What are urged that they are I wanted to protect ocean however there Ron term. Sure there are going to be here I wish I. I. Had I understand that they on her priority right now 100 rich act. Even immigrant children. I'm already an N a lot of hate or some fun. We have yet know who they are out yet you're you're gonna hurt I entered turn its. When crashed into manager. Jane in Athens what's up. I had dreamed it Laurie and I did think and attempting to her and that com com and Oman in the eighteen as well and it. Hard. Out there to find somebody who want to run for the hills app bedrock of it's it's where. I do think yes. Sincere about wanting to get to know her. And then I I'm really interested in her and with their time together it seems accuses learning about her kids though. And I and I know there's a lot of people is that I get to have an opinion but I do have to dobbs though. Isa can have an opinion this is the the jury. Trying to pick another one man but I can have an opinion as a parent I'm saying your non parent. To ducks. Ginger in tennis time. And I yes I did believes he can speak with her about that because. If where a woman in that situation I can have sort of been in that situation. I mean that's a big red flag. And if he really into it bothering him that much mail an apple and it'll only get worse. Thank that's how this is not the way I thought these votes are gonna go weighing in Marietta. They Wendy. She may carry. Like I help out. The amount. And I are. Done. We get battering ram you'll be glad to know what are even. It. Around until one night. And it may even bring it out there and I don't know but in saying no. Real life. Is that your approach and they're Whitney president and has a really good point too because let's say he tells her like I don't really wanna hear about to get the money about year. They she's getting nervous every time she's with him. To bring up the kids like for ever she's gonna feel like that's a taboo topic and then she's not gonna feel like herself and uncomfortable so. I'm with Wendy I say no you can't talk to her about it if if this is not what you wanna sign up for them the ball. If I'm in my mistaken Jean Eric and are those two the only no votes. Victoria I can he say some thing or does he have to move on. I'm actually thinking. Acting but other prospects there are a lot. All Alberto got it back in court we'll. Get back and it is an abnormal filing handicap as well and you'll want an Irish became the other. End how about that he would like. Much like he can't keep it very chat or they let you get to know that hurt you qualify. Your life. You've got a bit. Didn't injure injured. Like you don't leave it album out there you're human being Lawrence Obama or. And blunt I mean we don't wanna lock for a fact that the culture are eager. Well cases so far we have how many votes that say yes I think she dropped. There are four votes for yes it's to say something to her about it two votes for now. Yet there's no I mean we embrace everybody and hold us all yes they're all really yes especially yeah. Well yeah I'm right Jessica and just do the same ten year yes right. Yes I am I'm directing my local lawyer quit because I can't talk about. But when I'm dating I really thought about my hobbies as. And just stopped them all when I ask you manage your job now. He had thirty you get 42 kids I don't care what your job. And iron and than they would keep it. He's in the CIA and so have to Killian as well and I can't take that chance would aids can you give are you do you work for the government. You do in his. Are you think you would double agents. No button. Are you working for the Russians. I. Not Charlie who would. And that's that's yeah and there you go oh. All I did not think that Jerry was going to deliver that verdict but yeah I guess tops your diet UNC in many open. Night in Canada us. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. 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