The VaJury

Monday, July 24th

When a man can't decide if he's in the wrong a panel of women will hear his story, deliberate, then deliver the va-verdict.

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Okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shell hole. Well we are trying something brand new this morning on digests and tension really do right here. Yea added we got to John winner yet yeah we did we just talked to Kieran. And now that she's signal sent us. Leckey cannon yeah we just have to come up with the name. Of of this segment that we have thoughts. We have our participant. We just need the name of it ten. The idea is that a man comes on the radio and presents a situation he finds himself as. That is confusing to hammer. He finds himself on a hot water maybe write reviews he can't quite understand why we it is wise for his girlfriend or whoever. So our idea is that we get a jury of females on the air here his case. And then met Jerry because we're all. Out of jury of our peers and you're saying it would be this woman Pierce's girlfriend or his wife's tears right and man jury will determine whether or not. The woman was just overreacting. Or give the one main it was in the right in the man needs to fix things and apologists so Kelly engineer and I get to be on the Jerry Rice enameled I have a while and we'll get like just for the women who are listening. A guy tank and de and all the women will cast a vote and it the majority rules OK so we will cast a verdict yes. So we just have to decide and the name. And gen we had a name last week that you change your mind. Well name last week I thought it was funny but I also and therefore. My fellow parents that are you know checking in works with your kids are Dina doing dropped off at day care June dropped off at school or whatever. And I know that you want to listen in and have like. It's useless and a son and cool and funny and edgy which we try to be on our show but not an and it's going to be. Turning you wash rack I don't want to change the channel by the name of that so are very funny original name was. The Vijay Jay Gerri this incorporated. Huntley area code I totally great book could leave just college though the jury. The big jury because I like jokes that go right over kids heads. They're not answer any questions about it but it wouldn't be something that you have to explain every time I also don't want people to not understand what segment about. Okay so we won't call a jury of women. Weighing in on whether or not a guy is wrong. The merger is okay. Could it. It's really don't match I know I like Susan. It is so funny I'm just afraid it would be off putting if you have kids in the car and you know what I'm talking about those jokes played once in Disney movies charm the river have written into. Also go right over their heads of color your well sense of space where I want Nationalists can round. And eleven trash town since we graduated from there just isn't enough out of will burn. And so let's give four women on hold right now. Combined review Kelly and change and that said panel of seven women on the big Jerry got it and Tyler will join us next. To talk about what happened in a party was at this YK. Resulted in a fight the whole ride home. Twice he crazy or was Tyler in the wrong. You decide next. Nice let's get our returns on us. Lee today in downtown Atlanta Harry Evans. You'll need them and a mean guy in Atlanta hello. Hi I'm amber NFL for Rana pie. Guy and diamonds and tennis now welcome to the shaft. The money I'd ladies magazines you do I'll listen to this coast and after I agree that this. How dissipate. Just say I well I mean this applies Kelly Jane Inge and here is well and again we're getting sworn in suits the the jury right okay. This is your vote. But given jokes. Ladies. For the next track Moline. Ladies for the next five minutes and do you promise to vote in favor of what's right and fair tests. Suspending all rules of year old girls. If you agree say I well I. Alright that is fifth all I'm ladies and we're going to hear from Tyler. Tyler welcome to the show. Yeah respect your odds of a jury has been sworn in and we're ready to hear. Your case we're calling this is the case. Of these stingiest Yankee. Sounds. Wrong. Go ahead and tell us what happened at the party you're I would your wife. And. Guys out there are you that party yet there was blood might work party actually and I was crossing route or whatever co workers saw that I've known her for a little bit. And where you wish you had earlier this side of the rooms. That if I had this. I guess he would say at quite I quite attractive woman walked up to meet. And she she did to get that they'll really good after that it's no me. So I really rude and acted acted as if she couldn't. Execute and didn't like I guess to look towards my neck. And that's not my neck and and they asked me. You know what I was I did what I was aware a claw and I was wearing that acts don't remember the name my wife. Got Munich who owns less aggressive. I don't know my you know my life. Coming goalie should should she go last heard. Alex called. You walked away and I thought that was gonna be an extent. He came back completely without whatever it was her friend little girlfriends and keep you wanted to know me and chilling wind. And gossip spelled you know around my neck you know it is cold. And and yes I in my life it into a constant fight what you know like she's solid McCluster went and she felt that I established. I was flirting with them that they were putting the national let them. No my neck great English Irish harmless I dislike whatever. You know I was just trying to be nice and polite edit you know add her work party. Now I can't hear me what I silent and let you know expect you to do. Shove that women away who're actually complementing. Her because she by you the Cologne. This is. I hate it there could soon if you're even judge presiding over this case Jeff you can't have an opinion. Hey number one number two is a real good for questioning sure. Our dads matter I may. I know room question of the defendant here no room for questions like I OK so Tyler. Did these women when they approach you actually touch you and anyway in their noses touching on Mac. Yeah I know they noted enhancement act now. One of them one of them grabbed the back of my neck that was it oh cool. Did they know him like I'm hearing on your arms you might be able to lean in and smell you don't. You know none of the darn things affect I hit joking when touched your neck games as we ask a question for me yes we left we. Ask. He placed. Her hands and his body any timer they knew there. Are not in of the jury and you know why he's so let me ask you summing Tyler did you put your hands on them in any way. No I didn't know I did not have that and what Connie wearing. I think it but I think it polo had come at some polo. It's something and that your wife and your response I will say was correct and so my question EC go Huskers she's right over there in glaring has now huh. This is ridiculous so it is even Tyler do you feel like you're just being polite. Yeah of course mr. Decker yeah and let me guess you. Learn why keep saying that she did. If you get a drink under a dance they complement something hanging and yeah. Ever. And you did and what it like final and steam. I'm Leon the mayor Jerry so bad idea daredevil you got to. I'm carts are okay. I've. We will come back and I Tyler the women of the jury will render their verdict which to me. Wait I have one more questions why not Yunnan is your wife still had to deal or is the fight over. I you know tiger over but I key I think she pulled a little bit. Over her relationship. Up next and they go to a party she's gonna be like all right have a good time and don't let anybody Smith you think. Sherri on red apple. Yeah answer it properly price saying. They sing my wife gave me this so the questions for the jury is did she overreact. And owes him some sort of apology. Our. Issue give me a crazy woman he has need to worry about it no want or wish she and that he did he act in the wrong why. Should he have done something different and there's no asterisk disclaimer things why he should have that it's just yes or now. Why so angry you don't even know what's the verdict is gonna be. And. Jurors were and they didn't birdie eight and after about issues. Since the days of the woman who sniffed Duma. Tyler and his wife radar party first woman walks by Tyler and said while he's Mel did you get a we're fearful when she leans in close. Few minutes later she returns with a friend they both sniff is now fifth one of them actually placing their hands around it said now. And one this Latin player like since you wearing Tyler answers correctly. I don't know exactly what Brandon is. My wife got it form. His wife however on the other side of the room. Watching this all go down. And if your email as there is accurate rather than the entire car ride home it was a fight acts. It would seek out the of the jury has met in the urban chamber his. And there about surrender. The verdict so I will start way is amber and Alpharetta. Amber. Can you tell us if you think wife is overreacting. Or is time there in the rock. Eight in Germany and I'd see a very acute one vote for overreacting. Mean and Atlanta of thank you for your service. You when he got. And I've had some similar situation actually eat and I needed people who. Are into. Random girl in my and the art grab neck. And then he permanent show. I would like yes she she didn't want that job well. Important to come back with our actual. And and talking to my neck so. Odd that she. Grabbed it. You being hard to read Shani. So. Do you believe that he felt he was another. It was a love and the wrong. Yes gnarled and now you can tire bossier jury duty today. I am very jury duty military data is now. I lean in that downtown Atlanta. A broad based on the information given the Jersey I say a lot. That's totally overreacted. Who votes for overreacted it. When that thank you very much Kelly she is what is your votes. Look I'm gonna say summon up I was an RN standing across from my husband now wants to women come out and touch his neck like elements and they say they're sensual place and then they put their mouth of close to it. No no no I think it is all his all I like his reaction that on and Allegra Mack of our nominee and it's your problem is out. Yemen is his fault that he letting it excludes the problem. She had a hernia and favour of Tyler's in the wrong yes kids it's tough and pretty easy to you have the vote. Today. I think both sides. But I do think that entire current home is an over reaction I just would have been like watch for the signs they were totally in on you don't don't let it go that far again. And that in my comment so I think as far as overreacting and things you react addict. And Jen hobby. Overreacted. It is that correct. I'm getting dole based on the information that has been presented to the courts I love. The way all the women are leaving it open like I don't think we're hearing holes. I'm based on the information we can get it from the defendant. I will say. Life very act yeah. Easy come up. Alex Smith is his next kisses me and it stand there and then there's mommy yeah yeah and I bombed back to London and do as good jobs. Well yeah of course still has called Tyler you're off about save your money and flowers and I'm. Except Joseph minor amount of that glow because it obviously works. He has not wearing that it is attracting too many weapons and congratulations Tyler you've been these first defendant. Aren't you segments. What are we content possessions and shows military venture. Gender student. Oh. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.