Thursday, November 9th

What is Vaguebooking, and is this status really about our listener? She needs help!


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Okay Terna Nande. Justin Jan shell all at all. Big booking. Is what we're talking this morning. Status updates on FaceBook that comes your friends to say what's the good thing again and you can. So attention hound love to vague book right. JP compiled some of the leadoff sentences of a good vague about those sounds like this. Don't even ask dot dot dot rank don't even ask means I want you yeah. Turns out you think you know people then shady ass up. Says so vague. If you know any good job openings message me. Sanctity of fire to it or read. You just changing careers. Hey what's behind gee mom with four or with four Ann's mom. What just happened. And they may do that at all. And then they like have everybody disable. That hey you had he said yeah that's wrong it's an air dam reached that read when other when JJ is that there's the boundaries and everyone from. I thought I was clear here and ask. Libya is dealing with this right now hey Olivia. I'm so you came across a FaceBook posts it was written vaguely that your convinced it's about a year. Many of them cool. And you want our help in figuring out how to him. Want to know what idea the pros in front of you can you share with us. Yeah it said it wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to make streak that he he. They lit. We could freely choose what we wanted to do. Truly wanted to do it went and where we wanted to do it if they may act happy I am all for being stopped all. Over in my life isn't happy because I'm trying to take your view and not hurt your feelings there's something wrong day. That the total made. In their and that's instead assessments and use that. Eight that added a man who posted. This is actually. My sister's friend. And keep getting married my sister it's her maid of honor that can happen and that made any. And the reason I think it's about me eat it is because. My sister her maid of honor associate planning bash. On this trip red the red the bridal party. At stretcher. And I'm a travel agent so I happen to be able to get and then a really good deals normally travel and hotel and all kinds of things. So after I like helped make that they're planned the whole thing he's got them all these really did kill. I think there was like 01 he becomes let us that there wouldn't even be the ball. It worked pretty well. And I would panic. Might be weird acutely any degree heat she won't care like it that the totally possible because of ill. They eat at somewhat the outside like I. I'll go on about where are they you know I know now now I'm worried they have guided Blake like you shouldn't come that you're not even in the party. Well we know exactly the right she is quote not his half her life. Well right into happy because you are going to be. Yes. It's and they have to think could be about someone else now. And I I mean I hope it's not about me but it just like the timing of it was. You know. Generally it then let that being made. OK now we know who post today that the right post that we you read it again. Salad said that what is it be great if we get it packed in the situation is. That he let championing of keeping the peace let. My sister. It leakage really cute though we want did. Only wanted to do that wit and where we wanted to do it if it made a pact. I am all for being toppled but when my life isn't happy because I'm trying to get scared you know. And not hurt your feelings or something round like that. It's about. It's hanging let's let's say you land when it be great if we anatomy traces to keep the peace keeping the peace with her says there. Right right made a lot of it with a maid of honor I am from man he's perspective from the brides perspective. Would it be great every anatomy traces to keep the peace talking about the may have made about it. Aching my sister come on in the United States Amy I don't know especially of scissors in new deals on the whenever a if we get truly choose what we wanted to do. So there's a chance that this party is not even happening in the place where she wants wears on stick because you are able to Yale's. Bolivia you'll do it went everything okay who we wanted to do away. Right no name. And writing her State's pay and and where we wanted to do weights again now that he you'd wherever your destination is now. Okay in game. I'm all for being toppled the when my life is and is happy that rate bright line. In my life isn't happy that so Brad. Because I'm trying to grab you and hurt your feelings and trying to get it wrong I'm trying to get Libya. Now. Yeah I take my daily lives have been hurt. You know I mean at an act. To be invited over it but. And night out and lacking at bat. I.s so you're trying to figure out what if you ask your sister or if you asked of Ryan you asked the bride yank a generic source says there. Jane you don't responded a booking a acting. I have. Why are now let me. Play devil's advocate here if your pride and your plane hitting. There are a lot of decisions that you could be making to make other people happy yeah. There's a lot of people you could be doing things where you really don't wanna do things for our act. So if you insert yourself. It could be about. And in law it could be about another decision making. Peace of the wedding exit. Not be about it and then your party booked on this trip so and that's weird. Is that weird. You're the only way we not we heard oh this is we have to rock is up. Is society we need it is time for us to rise up and take a stand against that may book. We've got a lot of things I mean this is it we do this is that we are glad I needed to stand against that made vote. We meet again to call the bride at the sister not a friend Leo analyze other social media things. We need to call the bright and simply asked if the yes or no question the answer is yes you know Libya deals with the average. The answer is no. OV. And then Olivia looks like really annoying needy so she think she is trying to make sure the price is old way. OK now I don't like and ballot annoying in the yeah. And your family up within Disney cruise for war. No no no you are not mean he believed he would do not think that way in and that is terrible monster and has worked on the date doctor we have to look at. A. Star in 941. Just taking a stand here this is his platform to know more this cannot happen in the world ever again. Big booking. Bolivia we're gonna hit it about a myriad problems. Olivia. Gets it probably should ask you cool the students and that's the. I don't. Olivia raised millennia if you scrolling through phase spoken in Iran and correct me if I'm wrong with any of the stories that he that he scrubbed her face broken there's a post that says. Would it be great if we did have to make choices to quote keep the heat's. If you truly choose what we wanted to do and who we wanted to deal with them where we wanted to do it if I made us happy I'm all for being doubtful but what my life isn't happy. And trying to take care of human matter your feelings something wrong with. This post was written by your sisters. Asked frames. Who is getting married and has a bachelorette party coming up and you think it's about you because you're kind of third real on this action. Check. And I. The price that you read past the third line because any faith that that's that's more like four lines and a and a few schedule like to see well. Think in the bag you you well yeah. K the click the theme park you think it's directed at you. So the bride. And your sister are best friends plan and the bachelorette weekend and your travel agency helped them book the trip. And your sister invited you to go with there. I'll go with them. Do you think the brightest thrown shade by the big book. Show me the original thought was hey let's call this sister and asked the sisters involved but you know what. He that's made it won't know the first fair answer that we're married to this. Yeah yeah. I mean yeah. This time and all of you are their office and you are okay this is your platform that's in him. Maybe. Bringing. And I. Mean yeah. Let him renewed. Okay. Why is this Mandy. Hey. Hey it's just from the Jeff from the Japanese and Terrell. I'm trying let that. Ari do. Ariel. Listen you've posted something I end FaceBook Nazi long ago. About I'm making choices to keep that Heath. Ands. Guy. Things about making you happy and being thoughtful when your life is and is happy. And and not go on where you wanna go and all this other stuff. Yes they did. That are out. Little wary asking the. Hey look I'm. And. Against that campaign against vague. CAD. You that was CAV you're newbies it's a it's fairly new it's what I do and. Well they may idiots and we were made aware of your posts and Jeff maybe thinks that he could help. You know solve whatever issue it is that you're posting about he's trying to clarify. Who's who was in the back. OK well. I mean it really about. How my mother in La land bit. At that dinner term I you know. And that pre wedding get married you know and everything together and act on it. Starting ads you see the kind of steering the ship on the wedding planning a little bit get much. Ray and it may get in the day and baggage here dangerously thin militarily into that now all I mean bat really lacked. It was about. Again so it's not about your then made about a sister and me making my home. So much it I don't know what I've nothing and he was anything from him. There's a reason. What he. Militant with. Its gas. I'm thinking jumpers. Sure okay thanks. Hey Olivia. Is it cool that she has is you. Yeah. Poll. And that it's well. Do you like it let it hopefully you'll be able to laugh about it it. Agencies that I didn't even think it's. A quick. Look at it. Yeah Olivia is on the line this year is that it was about her and she wanted to make sure. Al. Handle it it'll. Only about you. She got because she has early you and now bachelorette party and he's going. Yeah I mean it why you guys have I don't really know. Why a scene has to go to Ryan Whitney an event that whether it was a bad thing again. I'm not. Speak. Out now. And. I'm only here. Well a big deal Bolivia on as the now having them learn that now there is a big. That. It means. Really a big deal I mean I don't really know her but she has canyon and I don't really no way you know my break we didn't. It's like chip then a little more and you know I need your help to have got that didn't feel threatened keep coming back and mean it. I don't really care either way means it does mean running scared now. Whenever. All. Segment. Today. I thank you for reminding me to. New agreements. And. And are awkward your teeth. And. I'd. They can't. You pride yourself. Stirred that pot. Word trying to stir that latter day the bullet on anything doc. And he was one. It certainly did and you get awkward and weird you know ask hard questions are. Was battling the end it's like well no she's. Serve I don't know I've seen yelling that's when rejected as mountain daylight. You heard the citizen. Little under towns that we need to ask about DNA. Found out at best radio personality in Atlanta mountain. There was nothing vague about how tough talk about the I'm okay good defense and it's lame or Egypt. I. Yeah no instant stuff happening around me I have them any question. What question. You stirred the pot on purpose now let me finish mixing it up. And a barn on the bottom of hand if it. And she I'll still are. Pinky it royally messed up taking it is vague looking. But he did I didn't. You think that you'd. Mr. on the take a stand sat down real fast and got out or ethnic. Slur. Instant. Here's the problem. You guys are girls and you do things differently you know the problem is the big book post in the first place. The problem is vague about what now the problems bad radio. Angela in. You don't bet he'll proudly in Atlanta car. Than it is. Not like obligation. It out of their cars when it down to that question would we want to note you know. I. As. It. Heads. Like you'll not ready blow out. I got off all of them died in a bit when he's ahead. At. Kabila and OK listen to me and I'm not a whole. Question one what are yeah. And why. I. Have never posed a big. I. Hear the difference though between girls and I mobile. So I can't remember what it was a few weeks ago. But I was down the hall I album targeted house. And they came in here I say. And an innings and I shared whatever it was it was. It was somebody broke up or somebody gave me and and getting us. And I came down and I said. And you got that. Real question of which could make them and then I I find innings in the middle man it's. Just take. A book about Libya now. We're not not you want Bolivia had to talk to her about it that's what I was trying to say it let Olivea go on the bachelor party or bachelor party Scot free. No because she'd Annie did not know manes response to lose. That wasn't about her but she didn't know why I mean I'm throwing up before that his back and forth that okay so me and he says as a mother and. And loan. And then we could have let Olivia goes Scot free. When you wanted to put them together. And then once you put together. That's where Caylee. Together the whole innocent here of either started monster and went right Rachel he met me out please. I don't it's an hour. If somebody. I. I don't know what the onion the whining and I didn't DNA insurer but there are made or are you Randolph going added. Yeah. I just need somebody continue to build apparently there yeah. Nobody needs this yeah let's say Indian and. Yeah I don't know why Olivea and it didn't just a quiet street I mean it like a lot at. You aren't gonna adequate and it backed her neck ache but I was probably going to be about it. Yeah or it's definitely out and all right thank you as the site for you know I've everybody. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.