UPDATE: Time To Repent

Tuesday, August 14th


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And young star and 841. And I'm. He may even look into the jet engines at the last few weeks he may have gotten a bit of this story a friend of mine who we have deemed in need of confided in me that she's tissue once and for been treated to what she's been attracted to her pastor at her church and she is an unmarried woman to kids today apple loves this church her husband's very involved today and they think it's a fantastic church community. And she just found herself having thoughts Sheen yeah so she should not be having. About their pastor of she just like. Confining him so attractive and I can't stop thinking about shoes they Wear clothes that should Africa leave the man. She is this just stresses that it nice error that means she was just. You know and she said I know I can't be doing this so. I think I need to convince my family the church she brilliantly and Richard are you wearing clear heels that church again. Yeah light out as you log. This is not supposed to be out and he's not that's the thing she's struggling with that what do I do Daley loves this charge but. I can't seem to control my brain around this and if she wants tiger or anything like that she really would like to turn the brain off in this department. But she can't. And she says the way to Isa Al plan and the way that he is really closer to god his relationship with god is so strong is attractive to her so all of the great qualities that make immigrate passer. It also may give him so much to have to her so. She sought the advice of a very religious friend of hers. After we gather this is thanks to you thanks they're friendly and listens to the show. Because people called out wooden first and and out about this people overwhelmingly called up with the advice. To pray on it like gays this is that they have all. They gamble is trying to Gideon sad the devil is trying to disrupt your family you need to pray animal which is exactly the opposite of what she was thinking. She wanted to run from it right somewhere else and they're like if you run from it. The devil will find you in I don't know why IE go to the movie fried green tomatoes. When I talk about Jesus and but I do. So there I think thinks that all of the friendly members whose semi scripture because a lot of people were sending in in going. Hey diet Bible talks about this and how to handle and she should talk to her husband directly about it. It's been pretty scared to do that so she sought the help and advice of religious friend of hers say oh another woman and has been talking to her about it. The woman said you know battles any signs and he'll lead the way and just look for some signs. So she got to sign. OK okay. Their dream home is on the market. And and neighborhood about 3040 minutes away from where they live now. They've got some friends that live in this neighborhood so they have always gone to this neighborhood to see it and they have seen this house and like all that is just that you know those asked racial houses UC yeah like how. I would just love to live their Sunday. You passed by at whatever. Well they found out from their friends that live in the neighborhood before it has gone on the market that this house is going to be up for sale. And she feels like that is the fine because if they move. They could get their dream house and they would be probably too far to travel back to the church community on sent his her husband wanna move your kids wanna switch schools. I don't know those answers yet should ask that but I know that she's really looking into it. And she uses is talking to her husband about the dream house so they may just up and move and then did church thing and be off the table anyway. This is the problem we've looked for the signs. You can make anything you why it be a sign that right that's Serena says she's gonna turn anything election. He threw assigning and you like if it's a beautiful day today than I should go low by 400 lottery tickets Brett bonding yeah. So late. You can look what I'm saying is you if you I've been told to look for the signs so used her example gym until the look for this signs. The devil trying to hurt her family. Right and respond to those god will lead the way it is. What her religious brains in our very religious family members have shared with god will lead to a look for the site so there might be it doesn't signs that she's ignoring because they don't. Finn and her narrative. What she wants to happen right select it could be it might perhaps she's head. Five different occasions to be alone there has been where she can of we can make that a sign will you should use that alone time to talk to him about the temptation you feel. Right that Canada one. And yeah this could be assigned that this is a pretty big sign that says the exact house they've been looking for all my. It's the 2000 they have they have both as I and I 'cause I'll I ON CNN slash. I have in life is like a series of local incidents and I seen. And I feel like if you're in a marriage and this is happening your real science should be the truth and you should just tell your husband and what's happening you should just say Ed. Just say like our priest is fine. Give me a father how won this in and hasn't gone. Carmine not a side so I seriously entertaining move saying yeah my. Seriously entertaining may have thing I mean dead person is closer to Jesus and made. Playing without anybody it would put down I could have played as well at a time praying and whatnot and stuff. In confessional and things so any no look crackers I did all right but somebody who knows more about signs. OK can help witness so they need to hear from you so you get out we fell against friend who I don't know against this tomorrow. Please. Signings. All learn and share that conversation. And continues league championship on FaceBook.