UPDATE: Time to Repent

Monday, August 6th

We're all guilty of looking, but is this too far? 

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And young star and 841. Now on me. We stepped into the hallowed halls of a church and I feel they can then we detail of lust gone sideways. Old guys that found that here all. So Jeff is named my friend Yves. So we'll just go with eve. As a friend of mine who told me in confidence. That's I'm not using her real name. That she has been finding yourself really attracted to her pastor of her church. She said she is going to services and she's. Not even meaning to but she's funny herself dress and a little bit more like hearing about her appearance one again you know. All the hair and make a bomb only and everything before she goes. And she's like I just concerning to find him so attractive and not thinking about what I need to be you about while I'm at services. Is she just like it just in our parents staffers she lag. Charlotte leave let you she really let pullen out the Victoria's Secret files advertising until. Think it's gone that far I know because. It's subtle because she's married with two kids and happily married I mean she doesn't want anything to change about the situation. Except for the thoughts that are going on inside her head. Here's the struggle with is like I am I can really blushing odds while I'm supposed to be feeling Solomon reflective and writing and getting closer to the lord. I just feel like I'm getting. It. He's breaking all the commandment she's covering and she's person and she's doing and all look is his name and Bain everything you can do and it. All of it. She's considering trying to change charges that she knows her family is happy there. Her husband is real involved in the church and really having their recently told her even remarked out of the blue how happy he is going marik. And so she knows this would be a big change from feeling that she can't seem to get her mind. Where it needs to beaten you know and we talked about it the first semi judgment Emma and the show via phone calls from people saying they think the devil's work. This is the gavel. In the gavel is getting inside her in the be able to strand to attempt her way she needs to stay strongest gaveled it will follow her I love it when you become a southern woman and I think. Did didn't she didn't you say that she was or was this just a joke in my head that she was actually looking for our service is. Where the if this year was not physically attractive. Yes just trying to consider what else can she do you know where oh where else can they go what else could she do what reason did she give her family for wanting to change your devil's gonna find you should she just fess up until there has and the truth should she wait for it to go away like she just wasn't sure what to do so. We have and another friend who is a little bit more. You know closer to god you know say a super super religious and he has friends in your group bright beacon just. Easily talk about god and it is open and about their relationship with god and they're just they just seem more connected are happy. You know we're good to finish. The content is is direct yeah. That's a president just really hope not when they talk about god and I'll that sentence so. She is seeking and the guidance of a friend's am who is I am a little bit. You know. More religious than she is and. Because she was really. Because that they callers. To the show who is who are saying you're being tempted by the devil like that got to our right by that guy. Her head since she's looking for people who it is howling so. Through that yak and I Nasr as like Nike talking Amanda's on the radio she said yes because of that one call we got forms a woman who said. I've had those same thoughts but never sent it out loud. And she's like maybe this'll help somebody feel less alone or feel whole. Like they're not crazy if he keep telling my story so that's latest and her friend and that is those super that religious one has told her. You need to look for signs god will lead the way look for signs in your life. That will lead the right way and until then keep your mash. So she's staying at that church yet and they're getting together for coffee and like meeting and talking about it not commenting and says she feels like she's under good counsel. At this point but she is on high alert for signs and got in her life whether she's a changed churches are not okay thanks for the update in the meantime. Hot pastor still up front. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion change now on star not before one and it.