UPDATE: Tattoo David & the Big Unveiling!

Thursday, January 5th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now that she wants to fly all right David got the tattoo on his chest of the girlfriend he did spot and David tell us about the big unveiling. Yeah yeah I welcome you and welcome back to the shell and happy new meaning. Happy new years as well. Got killed at the big unveiling. So on Christmas season when I guess in the rather pay the that is horrible and we lose their. You know we'll enriching Unionists and this thing and June 3 asserted against. It when I took my shirt off. It's not do that whole adult doesn't have a I just I have this picture in my mind and maybe it's because of your voice. Did I imagine that you are off a day you heard Jim dude and you've got some nice tax and some nice arms. All war until the work at a certain acute and and what you're OK guys taking your shirt off in front of the family is sort of a street in itself. All I'm the kind of guy who. What so circled and the arm got yeah you do have this mental picture of Casey take your shirt off. Did you did you just take property you rent it out talk. I slowly took it out and I'd like leave little dissertation. And were they able to recognize right away that that was it's at U of a man who is in the room with them. Yes well look my own broker and they achieve mutually recognized in the end this the one who can play is that what we think it is. There my girlfriend. You can she loved it opens absolutely loved how. She adored it when she's been like even touching the circular resentment and active shortcut on the field where. She enjoyed in which you know makes me to protect the political or. All the guys we see so shocked. See Clinton seemed shocked to see that movie but you know who the good so it was a happy shock exclusive. It's so amazing that. Well and and what about that. So yeah. He got my game was an. It's not that he didn't yet I guess he's not he didn't like it but it didn't turn would you use a Little League without a picture and after you shut everybody you know whether it was very twos he does. Since military to a mile. We. My guess you know it's and other she does so less you know ordered do you remember you at all times. And you just come not it is Motley. A it means that. Heard that we go to my that it looked up and I ask a possibly inappropriate question. What have you and your girlfriend. Spent time together as man and woman women spend time together saints the unveiling. There is no matter so that we do that night. Guys and how it was that did you neck. Realize. Where her wherever her hot. But everywhere you know and Sissy kind of let go there. You know the or yeah. Magic. In the middle. On a date nights on me there's a picture of your dad. It's not match and I dated a humorous sorry I had so glad to see. That it is now. David you indeed yeah so much you have set the bar high for 27 team to beat it's going to be him go. Exhibited. Of course they yell as loud and I imagine how I'm not saying anything every time I grant with his shirt off. It. That matters now her eight dad. At the beach. They dad. Well he knows is friend and loves you look at it at the end. Different strokes for different folks. We're doesn't feel like work when you have hundreds. Turn his son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind yeah.