Update on Sweet Reese

Tuesday, September 6th


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Like my group and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta. And gonna give us an update on her youngest. Piece here and it back in and and rate after that I've got a brand new idea for the shadow between the end of big. Think that after you have to move three. Our creative process works is we just worked out on the air after behind the scenes right now at an App Store tried out some tryout is gonna get eyes and. I'm I'm a little nervous kids I've relegation and asked you. As Rees doing it yes so if you don't know of your brand new to the jet engines show thank you welcome thanks for a new week and us. Our youngest daughter Reese is eleven months old actually about thirty year old. And she is battling cancer so she is a solid mass tumor and we are in the mr. for treatment right now we're actually headed back tomorrow. Two children's healthcare Elena and I'm gonna go in for a second round of chemotherapy treatments so. I don't know why I am surprised about this and I don't know why it was so hard over the week with. Because it shouldn't be. Started on. All. Of court. Emotional for me and I corners that shouldn't be because we I was going to win. But rich and the yeah. This is okay. And I'm not laughing at you and yours laughing across the table from you and I because they think you're being hard on yourself that they shouldn't bother you. If this thing ever. Because it's a V jewel. Representative you know her of what she's enduring now. Because she's responded so well she didn't have vomiting she didn't have a lot of the side effects that you typically think about on the at this. But it just goes to show that it's really working in our bodies are should be. Happy because it's really working and it's shrinking tumor it's doing exactly it's those do. It's just so. Hard we I was given a bottle this design. Sunday night analyze the opener to bed at night in a bottle and she does this cute thing where she's in her last album for the twirls her hair. I hate. And she used here on acumen. And was. So. Just like man. You know and then the next morning it was like. All over her clothes. Have much hair and yet it's like when you get a haircut it inched Dolph. And it sort of on Europe's market a hair salon and it's only round I am I your feet that's about how much it's acts on its amino. A. Anyway it's it was just under close yesterday and I wish her exactly him in the past has. Used them. Comes out he Munich and in. I know we are not doing one very definitively. And then he didn't run as hard. As. Why why you know why did you that he now. I can get music and I'm not doing. OK. And it feels different little boys. It was different when Ike. Dad you know a lot of dads go winner you've heard XE Bulger he had ever goes in. Toews and hadn't solidarity yeah is I'm not too and it. OK but we've been talking about this no hair don't care. No we don't care like our our theme that we've learned from some of our best friends whose daughter is. Bravely battling leukemia right now and she lost a lot of beautiful curly hair. And that's their theme. No hair don't care but it comes back. It does it comes back when the tumors gone it's and as this was emotional time off. And so anyway it's real it's happened. Right. You know in the at the other side of that is. She soaking. Yes yes so that means. Because it was a it was a big deal. I sent out some very bizarre text messages couple weeks ago and to report that a baby was keying on or around. Because that was an indicator that human therapy was awesome work out eakins. That means that the tumors moving away from as little hoses and little tiny baby pipes that that's going to be around yet so these are both good things they are very good. It's sad because she's a little girl with a pretty and air. I back. Now soon. That's the theory and logical way you know and I have to and a aligning myself with those logical things but sometimes that motion around this is. In every bear with me this week you'll be fine you're so strong then. In don't beat yourself up because you should've seen it coming and it cut you off guard all the as SY. The reality is she's got three more rounds of chemo in probably gonna have an upset tummy at some point you know and I mean yeah probably gonna. Get a rash I don't know what the other side effects are but they're all gonna happen and by this time next year it's going to be a memory. It's going to be our Merrill road with a when she was bald. You don't know in a memory in the past. That's bury them. And you welcome. Prince of an idea. Of guy I. He and I think you might need it good idea. I can welcome to the show. Hey good morning. My time has something similar Ian and I and action and not he used to play with is near at hand and I have vehemently with a baby. And not he played was maligned here so what you can do again is. So let your daughter Reese twirl your fair. I'll agree idea at all. So that you got your air backing you're good it's. Right integrated with there's. A bit and I can you understand now even in times like this nobody that just end there. It's up in the morning and some are very diva personally they are serving Metairie. Park high and in paying. Nine the idea that the idea that we're gonna brainstorm on the air next hopefully. Well I'd make you. Or it'll make you practice and be so. We're all gonna step up nor are gonna share hopefully humorous story stories gives them and humorous happen over the weekend. So right so we're gonna go step up and share humorous stories and see if we can sustain them for sixty seconds without getting buzzed out. OK hi it's gonna get yanked off states basically basically it's X-Factor Jeff's engine issues story had a lot. I try to make it laughed next average interest and before. Are you ready for law and thanks for awake enough when Japanese yen.