Update on Sweet Baby Reese

Tuesday, March 14th

Jenn's Baby Reese's Journey is at an end! Jenn talks all about Reese's last step, her chemo port removal.


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now so quick update for you guys on our little warrior. She's taken on it I know who is this person again. Well she's eighteen months old she's that happy is little spirit alive. And she yet towel over her mother yes. And children's healthcare no I'm hopeful but we get through a little bit of vomit soda in the same way it started yeah. Yes who have been right so we need to Greece yesterday to it's children's. Because she got her port removed so of screen does and that means that we're at the end document hairpiece so. Report is the place they access cern and gave her all the medicine that she needed to be cancer. And since. We do needed any more to talk about which is such a relief. So we were so there are so did undergo anesthesia. And they give them something for anxiety. That some kids come out of just fine when it wears off and some kids have a bad reaction while Reese had a pretty bad reaction yesterday. So there was only hard part was that Jews like crying in kind of freaking out a little bad. That's why if I ever need anything for anesthesia are anxiety I'm going technologies. Different kind of Madison now surely as her version of the president promised what have. It's a benefit to anesthesia to because I know a cup a couple of adults. Who come out of anesthesia and I don't know if it's the anxiety. Supplement to read or what it is that some people. Just. There's a percentage of people whose response to anesthesia is. Borrow from like an infant. And you don't get nominated don't know it's come and then it's like. And. Madly ahead. Like any of South Park. Instantaneous. Well yes I heard she was she was really an you have to know recent personality is so. Laid back she's got the best disposition she's not happy with everything they sticker with all kinds of needles and she's been through so much different sub. She just is a happy kids of yesterday coming out of this medicines for anxiety in out of anesthesia. She was screaming and angry all and I keep hitting me and hitting grant and was inconsolable. So it was so weird to see this child is typically. Just. You know so happy go lucky like. He doesn't non taxing and grow with Kelly's squad. To have her reaction that way it was a strange but Tennessee is a medicine Ross she was back to being herself again and then right which is back to being herself on. You know had a little. Incidental little bar incident all over me. The ironic part was. Let us in the bar prison. And a seizure related as much as it was just a welcome home gift yeah. I'm bag yeah here in your arms mommy. Yup and I was so prepared right I'm like oh I'm so missed prepared mom I've got a bag of got an extra blanket for her of action close heard diapers wipes like everything that you need in the bag. No actually closed her mom or dad. So I'm sticking me hair. Just covered in it. And thank goodness one. Team members that show went and dug up that old fund raiser shirt so I went home and a youth law urged prime plus plus. Fundraisers. Where this leaves like cutting off my arm pit specifically. Actually a little kid Sara clay is much better than being asked covered on income I like what I should pack to show up. I wonder how many he might idea. Today's sell anybody because they know they have to give show up there and they sell like. T shirts and goodies because my plan B was to go buy at a teacher Betty because. It was so Greta I would love to know how many of those it sold it to people who either error. Underestimate how cold they keep hospitals yes those are always chili you have number one and number two who gave. You know. Baptized yes he's been baptized putt on the hill is how hot it was like a big gulp size are different. Oh let's talk about. Student day. Go big or go home range. Everything so. And how issued you on this morning to you stick your head Dimitri left I. Because she knows that that organized command so that's where I left my husband was debating on whether or not he goes and rescues the levee. But she's and she's too used to it now or grandparents came in yesterday's issues like ran around and happy and I mean I literally had to stop her from. Pulling open this incision is all glued up front I choose. But no I had she because she was rolling around with your sister on the floor like a puppy. I like. Then she satire and not. Today she's Smart enough to know at eighteen months. If she throws her toy out of the crib. You guys will blow here on the baby monitor are seeing it and that little video thing in common and get incoming inning git ya soon issue like thrown out and then just can't stand there and wait. Yeah. That's Smart. I'm never make awareness to this. I cannot not to be one of the smartest people in my house that's. What I have an answer map arid area they outsmart your quest now. These are manipulating you from day one while I'm gonna wire my baby monitor to go to Europe this that this guy. And when I have children and you'll have to go you'll have to debate whether or not you're coming over my house now. Oh no and I am just gonna take Salmons Joseph way and watching you with scholars because I'll be. Past that stage as well I guess it last week I'm just waiting until Lauren Reese are old enough to babies. It's too big I now have my kids. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion one star not before one and.