Update on Reese

Wednesday, September 7th


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Star in 941. Yeah. You guys have been so awesome and your support. Jan and her family. And as Reeves to examine her journey to beat cancer. And today is a big bag today is the big and we had back to the hospital for round two of human therapy. And more Eddie I think. But the person around was such a shock and your. Emotions are just as easy hurricane dean of feelings all over the place the patient and I mean. Literally fell in the middle of the tornado and now I feel like we have. Chest and the information to our news and we have a plan so it doesn't feel. As tremendously overwhelming as it the first time. But you're able to. More appreciate the enormity is the first thing uses it to me this morning. It is I agendas broker had now as I what's going on at W forgetting that today is check him day in your side. They karate and grading yes it before. And on the yet time to not be right now. We were so it is trying to figure out why shouldn't he also went right in any given news here immediately in the hospital so. Ams at this time where a little bit more ready and and dear friend of virus has two little girls and she brought us the cutest. Sure for Reese to Wear today so she's in me wearing that Shakespeare quotes. On her chest as she checks and and though she be but little sheet is fierce so that's awesome and I'm Helios. Stern any for one listener sent us that quote in a frame and we're taking Matsu the Hoss then all of cool though were a little bit more armed with some worry reminders that we hadn't. Now I. X. Lane Tim. To me. How old. It should like I don't know I've I've been blessed. Not the Reese is the closest person then. Toomey in recent memory who's had to deal waves with answer then so explain to me when you say that she's checking in for her second round of team now. What does that mean what does that mean yeah it means we'll be in the hospital and for five days in a row she will receive a medicine. Threw a bag and I think about the plastic bags medicines and hang up on the stands right. And that goes it goes and to her body through an ivy. And so they do it five days in a row and that's just what the protocol for her her treatment is at her age and the type of tumor that she had. So the receiving of the chemo and the actual. Drugs going into her body that doesn't hurt. Reich who chairs and other than the young discomfort of having an ivy speaking have to ask somebody else if you can feel it I don't think so. Because she's not having a physical reaction to at the time she's on whether or not even a year old such can tell me. Yemen she slept through a couple of times I'm I'm right so it's not bad and comfortable. Are actually getting it but then after. The effects that. Five days and some side effects start to say and it can be upset on the war there there are programs that yup so should go in. 12345. And pain in your halfway down and thank you think the key note. And into view. Few weeks off and then another round in the two weeks after another round in the gun with team. We think so yeah because what they'll do is they'll measure the size of the team currency chemo has been working so that's. At the plan right now is right and and make sure that it's working and shrinking and then and we'll have a surgery to go in and get out. Urban the particles shrink it first so that's what ornaments have called them my parents just got in last nights and there in town and we feel really. Who loved and supported by everybody and I just have to say that. Thank you for sending the FaceBook messages that you sent to us and they'll love and the prayers that you surrounded her family with a truly his lips a sub and please don't. Take my lack of response as. It being flippant or not caring about it it's just literally I have been trying to. Process this emotionally and process all the information. And I'm just now ready to start. Sharing. About it and and I indicating with people about it it's really weird I. I communicate for a living is what we do show our lives talk on the radio we do all of those things but when this happened I really shut down. From morning to talk about it. And wanting to share it with. An emails and responding with text messages and FaceBook and you know people of I mean I've got. Wonderful messages from people on FaceBook and I just not been able to either reader response and I don't know why I felt paralyzed. And that. Well you're I shouldn't but I just literally it's taken me this month process and I think that now I'll be able to start responding to people so this'll be leaving them root well. I don't think Ali Naimi and rude mean you've got you've things going and I mean. Sic did you knew radiant you know then you got some little busy. It galls me that if you asked how I think I think everybody understand and and on top of that. Your husband works and education. Reese timed this perfectly for am male artists grader he asked what I dead eight. That may eat and Haley and games they'll welcome the Jeffords and yet. Good morning I'm yeah and I don't let you know that I'm thinking about the baby girl every day. And that you know like you're dying and let them have thought and prayers daily. Meaning Q yeah I didn't want to let it ain't so much I mean there and really it really means so much because. Alien haven't met before are not friends you know and I mean like we don't know each other but she listens the show and knows us and our family and the fact that she keeps us and her prayers it's just it's mind I mean it's really. Overwhelmed by pollutants from everybody and no re still it's. And I tomorrow. And. Friday we'd Janet I will be doing their show. From. Angles and hospital which is their reason is going to be getting hurt you know because then there's a studio rate in the lobbies go crazy is that yeah arena. God is so good there's a radio studio Seacrest studios it's fact I had yeah and its ranks well it's the same thing. My back cut cut cut cut back and it is a god like in the radio world. I think. Created a studio for this children's hospitals that there's this internal network and celebrities come and meet the kids and all these school programs. And kids can be on the radio and all the stuff. And their allowing us to use it's no big thank you so much is seekers studios and windy three of there and everybody make it impossible for Jeff and I still work. While we're in the hospital. And now welcome to the different anngelle. Hey I hey look you guys who show every day I let you can't yet now we. We are really good. Okay so I wanted to touch and of course that they can ever baby green everyday. Until she's doing well. I actually go in pour in U agent every other but because I have Crohn's Disease. Autoimmune disease battle. It basically elated and ecumenical and getting. I don't wanna lettered let you know that our. It does not hurt at all. I mean of course like when the needle get stuck at that deadline back otherwise what would actually and you don't feel it. Comic usually you'll still like little bubble and they're like well air bubbles. Which still sunny but that made it does not hurt at all going and. That's reassuring to know positions eleven month old she can't tell us. Yeah exactly but I mean. But I am which I mean I don't she's so young I don't even know like how she would retract that needle. And you probably even you know. And I hurt yes you know and oh. Yeah I wish you a port where they will access the port to give her chemo and I might numbing cream to answer this morning yeah doing Matt and getting ready so. That area for them to bash. A kid I'm definitely a person who they have to stick like I've I did I ever I'd buy it so he doesn't have to get it. You and your time games. Yeah thanks for the car and thank you know problem. I am how open heard about our at all. Mean you definitely diet trying to. People who love you wouldn't hope he gets better and. Thank you so mines. While on the way halfway through after this round. I am going into a thank you everybody. Deputy gentry irony for one. Like Lund and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search starring 941 Atlanta.