Update on Mary's Promotion and Mentor

Wednesday, July 20th


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One. Suggestions shall. To tell us about the promotion her and her friend are both up for work. If I remember correctly Mary view and a coworker were up for the same job this is that a mentor. Find it viewers at work. And it looks like. She was going to games. Because eyes she was keeping this secret. That she wanted to Fam. You on the other hand where where not shy about wanting a family and because of the management predominantly male predominantly older. You've probably keep an advantage and you are wondering if you shoot out her. As somebody who's gonna start trying for families right. War and ice. All is fair and love and war and business out away into the top army. And and you agree that marries into the Mary's how do you say just let her tell she's gonna start a family right but I was saying that I didn't agree with that and I think a lot of analysts agree that she can I am not sure. She gave me the advice to keep quite that you wanna have children certainly because that's not the corporate culture. And he didn't take that advice and answers sort of slipped out so they were saying you are under the us. And you know one Hibbert 100% of the people who golf. Ground teams and so perhaps I was slightly incorrect. Advice slightly. But is there any chance you ticket anyways. There is now he put them. I did go in and inadequate and it kept quiet. Okay have they made the decision yet do you know what day. Okay. Yes she adds he's gone about lesson. What he had been found. So your costs are you you're calling now to say you should have taken Jansen guys. Now I think that I did ask her personally on picking up things you know they. You know you want her ambulance and that he and keep it will be given those practices shouldn't count anybody. And that unique talents got people blame game she wanna blame. It's the culture is that way. I. Don't think it's that way ever I think. Companies now especially now feel that trend is changing now. You're supporting families and supporting even paternity leave in time off for new dads and stuff like that I mean it feel like that's the new. Trend in each arm would cover her. Yeah it is HR had trends and now. But I do you feel hike companies are becoming more family friendly and so you don't work for one. I mean I am Anna and say anything about. Starting in Iraq not in the act anymore and I get that I waited my my my opening. And I. Four hole. Well I do you think you might have you might not have gotten that promotion but I do you think he kept. You respect in the office because I think hagee turner under the bus Abbas is when their respective. Oh. I appreciate you. Congress take your share in the story yet thank you for the and he home. For the thanks for. A while they maybe should have taken. From the man. 10. And Jesse James shall.