Update on Lauren Trying to Save Friend's Marriage

Thursday, July 21st


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Would you have been easy and fun stunning 941. It was about two weeks ago agenda Lauren called us and she wanted to help out a girlfriend differs. Who was not having a great time in her marriage remember this yeah it's she used the bridesmaid. Who said she was going to help save her friend's marriage. But it was gonna be tough behind her friends back yes she was gonna go to the husband's. And say but now things are sketchy I wanna help you and then give you some recon from her. And help you guys repair it but if she knows that I'm doing recon obviously she'll. It went on late at every authentic so. When we last left Lawrence who's gonna go grab coffee we've done husband. And see if he was out for the idea Lorie enjoying this again today cool I'm Lauren. I. Think. I'm old. And I am. You are moving forward we. Also recognized else about that caution with him. Well I mean. It was really weird bird cage he didn't know what it flatly he used that I didn't know I guess that very dramatic things like inviting him a copy. I mean I had like and I can start with him Jimmy I'm sure you're coming off your shirt from the cop that. I think I would like getting the yeah he's got. Or something out and product dying like that what you sure it. I was like now I don't know I'm dying at all compared to someone dying I guess it didn't look that bad. That's a great threat sad about wouldn't. The potential for a really bad news Sunni deliver really mediocre it is it's not that big of like okay. That's a dramatic. And he said no I think event back why. Did he get an outlet to view and he jet you know and and I don't mean that I. That anything and say so I don't I think act Ottoman. Real economic. In the morning by. I don't know Egypt Jordan that he under. And kind of look like yet we're stating I mean I don't know and he might look. Like it they get in the byters bad happens now is that come out and it'll it'll be back in time. They have they aren't writing I that. Our sales in the heat it's okay he's going first talked CU. He said she confided in you on a girls' trip that she hadn't and I gave him like a year and they had. Not a whole lot of romance gone on. Everything that yet there not nothing you know and I and much. I know that there I know that there right Mike in the that game not so much. Let him back around I was. You know maybe homes it more and and and once you know when you get the attic and I'd end. Round so what is date night going to be and his he already asked her on the dates and yeah okay. I'm baby sitting and they come right. Okay now days. OK so who asks you babysit he or does she collier. She did. It. Can't I can't believe it. You know I should let her regular that are you know she would I don't know what that Jack won't do it yet. And then. Go. I mean and there. In lake proper date yet there in the Iraqi capital report an acre. You actually do it I mean I don't know but that plan right now. I. So mission accomplished is chapter why are you gonna keep going with this like after the date works he feel like you'll. Keep giving him some more information. Yeah. I know I'm very proud of I learned we got to hear back from you on Monday and find out exactly how I know. That it went to his ankle. I we will talk to you this time Monday morning friend and no way for it thank you Lauren and good luck. OK and when she heard chuckling on the date it said. Switches on to stunning.