Update from Lauren - August 1, 2016

Monday, August 1st


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Want. That he doesn't show up I can't wait to check back in with Lorraine who is doing her best to save her best friends marriage. Without her best friends now she's been working with the husband giving him some recon. And trying to help him. Saved things that otherwise gone dead. And we talked to her on Thursday. She is having him sent flowers the flowers for no reason we just national happens beautiful view. And we're gonna see how her restaurant receipts so. We check in with Lauren. And Lauren. Arnold. Eyes of the flowers arrived on Friday with a card that say yours so beautiful monument mass granderson that. Yeah yes it is why aren't your eyes and she immediately affected our anger he think he got that being. I. Now. I see you like and at the finger at China in there like a challenge they ended the night get here. And I appreciate it. And she said no doubt you know but I am so weary. He called me to say that she had read out thank him that. You know there's nothing I can't get pressure because I I didn't want to. Right right that you can't tax your bag away early Jack thank them. Ride. She apparently. In met and he got and it quickly and thank you and you're really. So now I've been telling him looking like it hate it and heat trapping me right now so. I think you're seeing lately hair harder or something I don't know I think and well again. It but I and older to play it what Andy you know. In zero people know that you're doing this I know. Of that you know I mean. You know hopefully I don't know they let you need to act but you know. And nobody listens some. The right time but Barton. Okay you think from a woman exploited you and asking Lauren and I'm asking Jan yeah and I from a woman's point of view. You've got a guy in your life that's the father of your children. And he's been you guys have been disconnected. I learn how quiet. Well like that in all things but it actually like. PN and yet he can't hack it tell her. That there's something. You know a little. Like on T raking in eighty you know she'd been ailing back at something like it otherwise you'd think he. He cheating or well. Try to bat for something but from a woman's point of view. V.s like. Her reaction is not. Bad but the fact exceeded tax rate way to thank them. Like that's that we are right you mean that is there a red flags that she has a on or she's just not into it at all and she's almost in no way. I can't or gadgets from the first reaction however this spontaneous hotel room wasn't now could that was like too much to sand. But that I think she just surprised by it says she doesn't know how to take it and because he hasn't. Like Lauren is a science he has had a conversation he had to say. Look I know things are good and I'm trying he does need to say one or two sentences around maybe not have a big sit down discussion which is give her a hug and today. I love you know things are read between us and just know that and that's all you have to say an issue again a little bit more. Is actually you know or learn she's your friend is that accurate. And on right well we will check in with you again the site project. Oh. Sweet idea that you're really trying to help her and her marriage amendment. He. Will manage in Howell. Restart the romance. And got all the Intel stripper harper. I think it. Thank you again for the update Lauren and we will talk to you again next time something happens hopefully later this week thanks Laurin. On here. Tenet love how Gideon. I did you get into this hole ahead I now I think that a note isn't really good idea. I think maybe even just them spending time together doing something really basic and just go for a walk neighbor and. What if the next date night invite just thinking out loud yeah is a car where he explains what he's doing and he says I know we've become disconnected. So. The date two weeks ago the flowers and hopefully tomorrow night is the sorrow of our journey to make it I'll better. Yeah we accept this in and right will you accept this. One. Think Jesse.