Update on Kelly's Dumpster Fire: Part 2

Tuesday, March 14th

How did Kelly's confrontation weekend go?


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So are in 941. Since we side Kelly Jesus gonna command with a great story today about her I dumpster fire weekend why she and that's good enough. I'd. She did not tell her best friend from age thirteen. That she has to break up with her. And it's and subsequently. Gonna have to leave her wedding right in front is just as. I realized that maybe she have. How did you put it maybe she. Realize that she doesn't public hears and I'm wondering okay. As you explain more about how you didn't really gave a lot of you haven't gotten a lot of information about the wedding. And you don't like being led after Shia should be a bridesmaid the heating get any further information about that right and ban on top of that. As every year since he has been the bridesmaid she's awesome messages that I really hope you can make it to my wedding yeah so it is not addressing so what I think may have happened is. You got excitedly asked to be a bridesmaid time. Rate in the in the afterglow of the proposal. And then she decided that he due out worthiness and up there with each and if she doesn't know how to tell you sushi. Is you've got to drunk I love you. Now I really get hammered you tells me I. You're immune to them be members of the mix they like oh my god I tell them that I loved him I don't love him I know and they need to flag signed now I think that's where all this. This coming from so I just said look here's our phone number. Call us if you have ever done this to a woman. You ask your demeanor wedding menu is never bring up again. The phone lines Kelly are jams I see ads every phone line is lit up rate now 40426309. For wine. Star would you have their what are you got Heather in Atlanta. Mom first Ali this elegant bride bill I would work about my bridesmaid. I take everything you can rent them cerberus is that there are so Jauron might be an email I realize exactly like tissue Dirk. We can't afford him I'll pay for me is pinning back their 2999. When my bridesmaids. I emailed her and said did you already issued yet and she just sent me this super nasty email. And after that I was like I don't know what's going on my third but I just decided I am gonna continue to I never asked her to be my lady and never emailed her again and she never emailed me. She put my wedding and we're not friends anymore. Wow home line. You just coasted. And that whatever your bridesmaids. But I tell from curry didn't even been interested in being in the wedding anymore either so I think it would need to lean. Agreeable also. It was an unspoken mutual ghosting it's complicated but it happens. Well you know it's funny 'cause when I got invitation to be a bridesmaid in the mail all I said it wasn't there is no return address on and there's no like. Handwritten personalized note. And when I message journals like Patrick callers should enhance our message or with a picture of it and said hey is this Romeo. And here farmer front month and that's when I was like hey Tony is this for you for that would be a bridesmaid. Maybe she was like dodging that text because she didn't mean to send it to him I don't know and I am a question all kinds of Jessica. In Atlanta welcomed the. Hey Al oh cool spell my friend. How the current I would not the earth in the athletic girl not come RB. Bachelorette now and every let happen to change everything they wanted to go to like spell it. The article plucked away. He broke out critic can aggregate the bite me at that African I'd like stretch you know then I really don't know why you know I had. You'd probably not letting any more and and literally they had that huge argument of her tank not all of us and I'm Dirk like. The week's activity it letting anybody get your education I don't believe what you are all part then I'll. I'm huge heart there and I thought that I'd may jazz and great all I pitched if you are not and the lighting aren't so bad and eat it or are these. Or can fighting each and all the back of that picture and. You are flat earth am I target batter. Because all the girls they're like out that stop altogether. She's now getting married to Carla K got to let a girl travel I think we're back. I don't know where they are out and out but he called all of the girl that he got in her bridesmaid but at least. And my fat I'd like left out and it was pretty Hoyer expect she'd like I mean you know what I kicked me I heard it. But she's still lacy got kicked out and then Mike and sort of herself back into. You know like we gave maybe they'll upload a lighting ad and the like. I'm not even during the pilot Jared now. Well it's funny as Jessica plan how summing up I learned this weekend as a bridesmaid. There's an order that the bride puts you and and I have it there's twelve bridesmaids and the wedding which is ridiculous anyway but this girl's amazing access seizes an all twelve of the girls at our and I went including myself were amazing is that so we don't always have a great group of girlfriends. And she's like yeah I have the pairings green eyes of other guys are walking my. And they always are seeing order and I can middle side do you think of it and then when girls who is dead last label lol why am I laughs. And that's that we are your pregnant so I pay US then can I thought I was kind of sweet she has no. Everybody knows that your least favorite prizes paid his last and I have never heard apple are. Able. That's insane he. And in an early sexual acts of the last I didn't know anything about it. How. I'm Sarah and alana. Gay. Saw it a goal turned out pretty yes it totally on out there on I don't know I'm blue red hair and I has you're ready I'll. Yeah you know I heard is that Sarah doesn't carry and has asked. Oh but oh well all about. Gay Republican dinner or something at a friend's house and Sheila Bair let her husband she's reading I would not end PS. She really had no intention that okay great accurately to be a brightly. Thank. OK in my I didn't I would have never ever changing her bright kid I ever. And that because she backers everything just we're not that hole and I had a group of girls. Guys could be my diet company decided I would much much closer to and so she really like only inserted herself into it in like. She would go on my interest lurid and my act like oh I really like backtracked all I really looking at the key to using its record I won't look at it. Lipped it out. Oh lock your insurance I try to be like dot deduction up to basically. Thank. Kick her out of her and then you had I can't brightly beauties. You basically had their fire her from a job that she never really an airport right. It off my interest. Doughnut yet she still showed up that day at the letting all the bright made my mom never showed up at. I bridal suite in Atlanta where we are creating a generation that the like 8 o'clock that morning she found out and she showed up to. You're the only cute actors in the entire day it should use one of the bathroom like walked in close the door behind her locked it. Because she can't like Indy and we actual rightly tried to do it can't really need to go ahead. Get my sorry to test or did I make up or whatever it Cilic I don't know what I need to get I need to look at it hurt you know the letting me make it look. A little more. Deadly things. Happen respiratory disease. And all Serra. That raiders next level. Is crazy. Aren't we saw a couple more of these phone calls to let's. The trap of these struggles are welcome back we'll do the fund scam I'm Melanie in Cobb county and then sunny and Griffin you'll be the last two Melanie your first. Reggie got a solid this morning now fallen as your replacement right. Okay I'm sorry seven habits need it right and different girl my age yet and we're all globe trotting having great time celebrating her. And then suddenly I realized. What are called dropped out three months before the wedding I called me up and said hey will you be a bride in and my name's that would MR Locke asks. I thought trips to the time to get everything together. I show up. From having a great time everybody is not much like Reynolds like what happened Q talent so. And everybody to escape need to look at stack as such you don't understand. Your her replacement. OK here we really giving you so much to look foreign is new because I don't get married in October and just. These things I would never think about the million years are replacement brides made it out of out sunny and Griffin you commute Alaska now. Eat. One and I tried it and I think Mary did you Georgia I am I have been laid up on our air or letting. And she called me up an average guy who gave like the big arc and they're like how to put the cart and then she got married an inch. They've each other again they got near eight should end to end like I cry. Can I ask her. Well in the end the lady like what do I need to do Ali you're did not need. And additional cost nearly all her got a talked to her that it. Got married an art one day and how to track earned being I had I want it all and I cannot. So you were asked to be a bridesmaid Danny went ahead and got married and then and then only when you call after that tonight our Gary Anthony messed it. I knew I think and so Kelly hopefully we've given you some stuff to think about I'm really looking toward this conversation later I'm not going to be a lot of tomorrow's going to be a really interesting conversation on all us. It right Charlie's son when you get to work and get and so consider road every hour. Funds starting now before blind.