Update on Jeff's Blackmailer

Tuesday, May 17th


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It's. Really Tucson is not now. It's yeah. Here's a little bit about of what we're gonna hear. Partly to support a war hero. In our. You're going to be arrested shortly thereafter so if I disappear that's where I am you guys furiously. This guy out of control since I leave the other bathroom and don't come back. Look for me and the hoops now you're golf cart thumped his car. So if you're listening at this time yesterday. I was in a golf cart I pulled into a parking spot I stopped in the golf cart stepped out of it rolled forward. Let wasn't running just rolled for a because I was died and put the emergency brake and rolled forward maybe two feet pumped into the current front. As Annie you know kind of Karla and me at all to Mars on Tuesday said man we're talking a Ferrari right. You inhibit crazy car personality in 1957 Chevy with you know real bright rain you know whenever so fully restored Jesus and and so I looked at where it hit with delight I'm my own. And then I left I wrote a note and I put a note I don't view them bumped a car that with a golf cart and I'm sorry oops maybe if there's any damage. Hit me up I think it's toll and the unity totally and a city I left the note. Just in case somebody's tried happen or there's a camera in the parking lot of something that's always and I would balance and there's really no damage. I mean I know there was no no that makes me that person and I really don't think I would have. So continuing its civic duty calls me back in he says he calls and a party as hey here's the deal I wanna have a car inspected so common it. It is I wanna charge either 350 bucks to have it inspected and then you can pay for any damages they find. Or you can just write me a check for a thousand bucks in the and a couple ridiculous and so I column back can I explain. Hey dude. I wasn't really driving the golf cart a hundred miles an hour. I just it was parked in a rolled. 24 Rangers thirty inches bumped your car body misunderstood. He didn't he still held out for that 350 bucks for the inspection for a thousand dollars many said they committed a crime is leaving the scene of the accident. So ridiculous so we. We heard from Jeff and and show listeners yesterday overhead. He doesn't have a leg to stand on diet worry about it tell me an attorney and go ahead call the cops if you want which is exactly what I did that really this saga. That happened yesterday. All via voicemail. Because I want him to leave me messages and he never answers as well he once you leave messages Susan he can. Hello Jennifer evidence he's compiling Hannity I'm piling up in Canada and the same thing to each other I'm good. Pile in a radio bit he's compiling a case. So I left him a message based on the suggestion of what ever college yesterday and said hey. I've got a lawyer and the lawyers gonna be dealing with that's so so. My Larry can deal with with your lawyer if you're on a semi that person's information but not gonna pay any money in the in this is his response to that. You are the only person over the ability to hire a lawyer can hire a lawyer to that are back. Our headquarters working on this already plural and there are very refused to enter in the rubble is lucky clinging. As a good luck I'm not proper use 350 dollar repairs or. 1000 dollars in settlements. Ordered in all eyes water park in the. US trade flat day all he rides responsive and when he forest ridiculous so I called them back and I said. I am willing to negotiate I will offer you everything I have in my wallet right now. Which is eleven dollars and a pop accounts to. You said that five dollar gift card partners has spoken Payer now well come on I mean he's got lawyers. Plural. Like at this point I'm a 100% certain he's a joke again to be getting I thought he was a joke pennies I guy's pretty much joke and I I'd. Probably got fifty messages. On either FaceBook email or that somehow. People fifty people all somehow connected to law enforcement legal like this is extortion the guys committing extortion and you deprive press charges against. Him if you wanted to. He had he give him for harassment writes yeah. So I come back I hey got eleven bucks in my party unified their object coupon or whatever I say and then he responsiveness. Okay. You're jokes here obviously there's we have done. I've notified the police and they're gonna have a warrant for your arrest in the hour and and you're going to be arrested shortly thereafter. You know. I target gentleman that you're clearly criminal and the world will staple review our history. Seriously it grows going to be seat would let him mysteries that and and me and my golf curse from well you are here today. Yeah you didn't get arrested the dagger and not in jail. Any cops come storming at your door now. And when a well informed to appear on ropes outsider studio window like. You know swat teams now. So then I just did you sign members of these Sandy Springs police department right have a few better things to take your third and I just I just in response I was just in Atlantic could clearly murdered now now on it's I was overly. So then fast forward about three hours and I did this. I. Regret I wanna make sure that you got my earlier this illegal war under wraps these. Call me that you have you received. So that I could that I called and I got a place out and I said hey. I got your last message but I didn't hear the whole thing can you please own army's fifth men's top pick in and he responded to us. I explained in my earlier message that the authorities are prepared to rescue. Board of the violations for change in that situation. Our Saturday night. And I mean look the only way to stop it. It came at 350 dollars or investigation earth you can. Settle for a thousand dollars now please let me know which one you want to do. One year of law school and he thinks are like I got a whole semester he's trying to use all right or any any binge watched CSI. Savannah I call them back immediately. Liked grinder they went it was a voicemail again I call mag a moment when the boys don't. I left that was my call automatic three master or my god do I just got your message but it kind of middle. Okay at both days. These police or took her to a rescue. Workers what you did on Saturday night so. Is there any 350 dollars. Let. Public record or a thousand questionable to settle much. Completely so let me know which he decides. Call them back immediately say that I do I'm so sorry but I don't like the first ten words a that was kind of jumbled when you cut out all together just one more time for clarification. On our. Ran for. Ron you didn't like or that's fun. So if you go to that now they're sending a check for 300 billion dollar loss for possible and Sudanese. Order. Were up thousand dollars as he loved you also. Are legal way let me know. Thank you. I would then I got busy again relied really have no life you know stuff to you then I just called back and all I said was. Hey Greg its Jeff can you call me back in the mean you got this message. And then hung up I did say any thing else could still fled and address any thing previous nothing here and just calling regularly and I got this presence. I received your messages. Okay. Thank you but that's. Over the. I've played around like I'm just gonna come on I got its messages but call me back and let me know keep people today in just cut out. All my daughter have a comment please write to me I don't like cut out your own case. And yeah. Or is right and ever amen Oliva messaging yeah I what I have a conversation review was thinking about your settlement and to prop up if it. FedEx. Police. Let me know yeah. My greatest idea you've ever had. Odds are seeing ads where it's welcome to the Japanese anngelle. MR AM yeah I haven't theory. And I had a writer and Lauren. And Lee thank you hate or and with that money kitty and it. And a variety heart thinking right neat that's total motivation how patients see how long wait. What would decrypt what if I then what if I start hit him up for damage to my golf cart. Yeah what if I'm like Peabody the golf cart the guy who owns a golf cart thome is there are some of your pain and if you had a better paying jobs. That pay when it wants to easily. Last may Brooke welcomed the jet engine shop. I'm not not I'm dying this is the best idea ever happened on US. They not me just stop Ian and that play you fixtures. I need Xperia play out that not agree or anything out I'm. Doubt that there have been I that the reason he's obviously Google even now aren't you work. Met and rob rob Barr and she's right. I think that's that's all right I got Tony Marino and contrast in between the front army me and Andy. Now. Starting 841.