UPDATE How Many Marriages are Too Many?

Thursday, June 7th


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Star in 941. Iso if you get married a whole bunch of different times we got questions because I was explaining to the aisle yesterday that. Which the nail salon to sit next to this woman where chit chatting and she was talk not want green kids that should happen yet. Because her daughter refuses to get married nick she says to me but it's probably my fault because I've been married six times and I. Elect oh. Cool a little Ann and I did that little polite thing Regis go. Oh roughly in the new don't continue it's so hot but did afterwards it was driving myself crazy glum how did not ask for so many more questions about are things like if you've been married six times do you change your name almost. Every single time you get your new last name just hi can make wine after the other after the other after the other as we have one of the six that you thought now this is the one like this is really the what was their front runner of all of those. I'd did you keep an album of photos from each everyone do you Wear new dress in so many questions that I have surrounding these multiple men ages like how does. Well Janney you are in luck because we had a bunch of people reach out tasks and say that day I've been married to multiple time or their family member has or they know the answers that question because of their grandma so do you still have. The list of questions in you know. Oh yeah I. Al the questions and even more I say hello Natalie. Welcome to the jet engines show I'd tell us what you mean how's that makes you an expert in this area. OK I might expect because my mom who lived 48 had been married and boy seven current and actually engaged so lucky mr. These same Natalie eighth time is it charm. So oh. I can you hang and engines have prepare her questions and all we want you to do is answered she's gonna rattle mopping users answer them to the best of your ability based on your mom's experience with eighty engagements and seven marriage. And young star ready for a one. You know it's only this once in your life has. I don't know I don't let your twice met three times poll if heads then seven. I would god Natalie. Joining in DeVon -- show this morning to explain. The insert is so many questions we have reviewed and Mary do tons of times because her mom has been married set and is engaged still lucky number 810. He says James dreams don't come true because yeah. Natalie is now going answer every question you had for the one who got away in which is shocking is that woman you're the only person ever got. I know I said I still under the nail salon had been married six times and I froze up and I didn't ask all the questions I wanted to ask so now we're gonna help us that these OK okay all right so do you Wear a new dress every time you get is your mom Wear seven different wedding counts. How she definitely use some of the. Seriously you use. OK can I ask our lives yes of course created any of the guys that she reuse those stresses wins know that they are previously used out. And again okay what are her last name how many times did she change her name. Why and then gave up. Punching it. Okay only two times and then she just was like no I'm keeping my own name I am woman hear me or our offense that really solid it. All the paperwork problems. As it is it's safer and heard your name. Us all as a huge pain okay. Natalie did she keep waiting all loans from each of these seven marriages. Actually she dated she ballpark and ultimately to about it. Almost like hey I'm like a library shelf whereas a set of encyclopedias you know that whole. I think super old school before Google when you have like a true BET. And then bags or BI BM or whatever iron and a whole shots. We aren't really Reynolds at high now dating ads are now very. Okay and do you know about how much she spent on divorce this urges you used the same divorce lawyer every time. I'm my uncle Democrat lawyer that he used in every time we did. Uncle GM and uncles jam as like just shaking his head she knocks on stories like or go let me give out a copy the last time on misery get it do you then. Hey isn't he yeah. Certainly came ahead. His uncle do you think uncle Jim regrets. Ever letting her get a deal like the first couple times he did you know because you vise dowdy media coming out and get one divorcing your life and the sec has a. Well. And he didn't sign up and then. I Natalie and then I had similar questions for you did. And so on is did any of the husbands know each other. Why don't bully all Ali again a follow up to that's. Where she meet them play. Aids is a lot of Mandy come from different social circles so so is she active but when she goes out and prisoners are back out there is Shiite I got to join a club and I got to join this new whatever club Woodward terms of clubs are you online dating now aren't that you have Brett had to go to the neighborhood watch meetings where I'm Diane. I think like you find them in different people out there about why didn't they don't look at it's been. A break in this Carson is because of her daughter does she expect you to get excited every single time she gets engaged. I think he's mpeg certain rang and it. Program party being excited. He does but there is no way I can handle that I also gave up at their number thirty. She did she expect gifted she registered as you want get skew people's Leonard just fishing get congratulatory. Tire so simple. Bad but I felt like there extremely old backpack back she does get them so badly they try to be supported by everyone happy and doing the same card the same message. The highlight that's distressing news still is a good personal. There is a guy that mr. Tommy I. Has found what about bridesmaids you ask the same women of beer bride's night. Yeah and. Yeah. So it doesn't you Brad Pitt I think they got away let that happen at the same people. Did she doesn't have time for female friends because he's until a single man. Okay and then that I I have one last question that might cutting robberies or you're done either and I think I keep thinking of more a guy. My last question is are there any guys choosing gauge Cuban didn't get married too like we know it's eight engagements seven marriages are we know that she's currently engaged you're number eight to her eight what will reread hasn't been there any engagement that didn't go through. Now they all went their way and hoping that one doesn't quite go there but they went there. If that she did she keep any of the rings are all of the rings. Did climbed some of them but she does have quite yet. How she should make him into one of those I begin when they come pandora bracelets. Yeah right now we're all those times she's beautiful bracelet and had GG break. Rattling down policy can go through any airport begins. Just consider a dog. Around longer fascinating thank you Natalie heard coming down with as Eric Berry again and tell your mama she tell if she sends us a wedding announced we will be excited for her because we didn't now went through salmon sitting us. You know eighth times charmed. Again thanks Natalie. Die before Lyon thanks for waking up when Japanese yen.