UPDATE: How Did Sarah's Holiday With The Ex-In-Laws Go

Thursday, January 5th


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In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one noticed companies thought enhancing discovery of the championship show star Nady for a one I was like a week or two before Christmas break and we get a phone call from Sarah. Yeah she is the woman who told us that she needed advice from all of you. Because she was gonna go have Christmas with her ex mother and she and ex husband divorced of them last year no kids involved by. He was going to Hawaii for vacation to get out of town for Christmas. So his mom invited her to come so far. And she tells it she was gonna go oh. With her new boyfriend who happens to be the old high school best brand of ex husband Brett makes cents you know we never asked if the worst they're coming out of an album like this comic even sense. Pace Erica we ask how old you are. Yeah are they because I'm I'm asking I'm assuming your current boyfriend is that a similar ages you are. So if they were best friends in high school that was only late and a fifteen years ago. Like fifty. Why change a lot and Kenneth Kenya particularly. High school. And we're carry. I'm just saying. Yeah I don't know I guess I guess actually it doesn't matter if there apparently matters are rights that. So we're anxiously awaiting an update did you indeed go to Christmas Day that your ex mother in law's house we've accomplished. I went to the party. Passed. And I threatened the anybody have a problem with you being. You know lack. Well I am training gave me that I waited look on her got her. Blacked out at the Cadillac and a proud of that into and I really didn't care. And neither did they had a great time and they are saying you know pictures and special me. They act and you know any Barrett and they go on holiday game. I I really had a great time I'd hear like how. Good news but. And they abide by then. All the social media from Hawaii where Larry. And I was there and that I was with my boys and and seen Jack. Parted texting ball and I'll. Me and my boyfriend. And then he was saying all these mean things to me why a you know the right imports do you are not being in New York. That's a bad heart and you can have my garment Stanley and on the other now and now aha. And then and not only that kind of went to unilaterally by. Including and added are the people that eat out let. While we were married with us in now. That was nice to find out about in the middle of a party didn't. I have no regrets and I even turn makes Arnold's. With all these pop up things and me they hit a committee about me and about his handling and I showed. This whole family include he has fester and let me try it she changed her parents real. We county and bad things about the pick and about a mom and does absolutely inappropriate. And the a mother called him. Hawaii and bad. This behavior is a lot and act like me and and Al I would like. They had my back and it. We had a great time and they even invited me back next year. Now a home. Drama. And what was the most dramatic thing that happened and your Christmas Day. Like this I'd in coming out at the same time it entered it. Ice now I splashed some red wine and friends wait Ella ego that was it. Drama but luckily they had some soda water came. My ass so has she come back from Hawaii yet I mean have you heard from him since he's back. Alec and radio silent I'm not anticipating and I'm going to let it happen. There and and sound bad but I don't rape and have a good crime and I can't worry about it I am Obama ally because obviously. Based on some of the stuff that came out so I'm an actress and that's bad you know I I made the right decision I got it right then that that was not the arc and our. Well man who'd feel more. Like that it was for them feel bad for Andy when on the scene as his. Own time as. I'm. The thing that's cheating on me. At line. Like that Britain's. Well how bad rubble. I won't thank you Sarah for letting us Carolina and his journey. Angle thanks Davis the call before users something that should be a glass. Here's to a better 27 or eight big idea that could. Happy new year. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.