UPDATE: Hampton Inn Girl

Friday, November 3rd

UPDATE: We got back in touch with Hampton Inn Girl, and we know why she's so mad at Jeff!

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Okay Terna Nande. Justin Jan shelf all. This is Jeff and -- show and so on any for a line and Jaffray conference a long time but I really love to makings alarm I don't know if that's the definition of friendship I got a piano acidity I don't know if that's a friendship works well you squirming and being Auburn is just a whole lot of fun because it doesn't happen often -- so listen I know which ends about it play you'd freer here so enjoy way it's. Jan tell him what this is. Is do not answer girl basically just kind of numbers agent has found under do not answer and I made him call it when she answered and talked to our. He could not remember her or why she was even in his own snell. And an earlier and what the random referenced the Hampton in wise yeah I. A little bit earlier this morning she agreed to join us on the show and awkward continues I just want you hear us. So ask. Kept talking about how amazing that lake house is going to beads I it just so happened that I somehow had to settle. Began before when they're so they were gonna get there I have that ought and they liked birds we cannot and I was. So excited actually be able to you sound then. On he kept talking about it and go after them I don't buy it out and let me at ten. They can say icon and he doesn't wasn't appropriate for me to say. We Stanley at the lake house and they made like a day at the hands than men in this town like twenty minutes away. This ringing a bell. Well if I am a gay Soviets it's I I would have to go back and look at the years by. Like if it was one of the first years. After I got divorced or leg while I was going through that is I incidents did you day. I notice you just CEO Mike I'm so important right now. Remember the pain is real well I hope I could do can I ask how we met. He said. We met that mine I like ally or member Alice and we met at. My sister has wrecked on bail and Buckhead and I would go to her political and we Matt purple. Was I living at the kinda. I love living at the kind. Yeah a guy that. I do you remember you I don't know her well well well well. I'd say here that okay now here's my question. Earlier you said that words heating. But I don't think I was really did eating anyway and during that periods ago. We were going on a series of gate slow which you call it. And like I knew we are in a relationship but like. The profits of multiple days what would you call it. Okay I'm. Anyways semantics. Yeah so I can literally nothing and I knew who she is now. What my name. So worries there you go to the teeth and hand. Oh. You can't chat at you need it tell me you need me to tell you what my name is. I would I'm I'm trying to protect her anonymity. And I don't have I'm not ashamed of my actions I didn't wanna make sure you know who I am able. So I don't I. So how does Hampton in time all of this. She had that answer right there yeah I know writers and I. It would non current I'm appalled and like I booked and then the second I've looked. It's wrote Powell and I told yet okay. And I'd look AM and then you go to Sydney before I didn't recruiting lies you're introduced to concepts. Well I I'm guessing that I probably suggested that Hampton saying because it was not appropriate. Like it during those years the first couple he let out that was going island that was. Stressful you know and now. Just on a couple of dates you know energy Samie European exactly I think are probably just being polite and I didn't actually expect you to book that Hampton inn. But then why did the job then it. Because I have a hard time with confrontation. And all things. European rate and a succumbing compress them do we know know your name we use it with. 30 oh yeah under box and none of all. And if that was a few wanna hear the whole awkward beautiful thing and you can less than ads are 941 LA NN dot com it's posted now. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.