Update on Dumpster Fire Dana

Tuesday, March 14th

Dana's back to tell us how her weekend went! 


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And she gave us kind of a short version of her story new member Kelly. Yeah she heard her little sister's been dating guys for five years that her little sister's kind of man freeloading off of him because I guess he's loaded. And did not break up let them buy that he was going to have herb has. So rather then breaking up with him which would be the right thing to do she pawn it off on our dad in hopes that heard dad. Would tell and no you don't. Have my permission to propose to my daughter says she could put off the break ups it is featured on certain fire in his aids through dumpster in Gaza and this is not happening in Atlanta. But it was summer driving distance has Dana's add on gonna drive. Due to witness. My sister go down in flames they Dana welcome back to show. I diet so did you make a road trip and did something happen was very Dempster fired into. Oh airline and an editor. Current and now half for anybody is listening right now for the first first timer doesn't know with the phrase dumpster fire means that basically means. A huge mass C. Trashy. Army chief of and unclean apple balls in France and since that terrible situation. What happens. Over the weekends back in your hometown. Should show I got out there and my sister and my parents were like having this. Plan sent out about how my dot gonna say no and you know being strong badly dull. Don't believe what I'm very like okay Mitch. And dad and Jane. You're dead when a 100% alarming okay. Touch he would like not happy about it but he was like a gaelic is here she was really dramatic MEU as we can get as serious and I'll I'll help you. So you create. And at that we all have dinner and got my knee and my sister's boyfriend lake look really nice and he result overdraft. Dinner at our house. Now I hadn't known. Yeah and so about Titanic goes on and he didn't do anything I thought maybe you what man. Like you to kind of vibe about it back then the moment came. And he has played I. They can Blake go pocket live living around she and me and my mom my sisters sort of hated in the kitchen and liquid. And waited and then we heard him. Like Artest. Sob it's basically you all now you would bawling her eyes you flakes escalating and there was. Horrible and then we all came options and eat my dad said that he was just like now. Oh like I have to do there are believed require you saying used begging him at all all. No end. And just like I my dad caved so. I'm gonna allow all the Q school she doesn't wanna be with you anymore and she didn't know what else to do much so. She actually help the light tell you that bad she doesn't wanna get married. That he got lake angry is like war. YE like you all knew about as like you Greg what are you doing over there on the kitchen like what you come out here and tell me at my age and all that you really mad at that point oh yeah and yeah I mean I feel really bad for the guy like I just didn't even know what to do and I didn't say any pain and my sister were like cash. She didn't shed a year she was totally arledge and Blake sorry united LL do like edit I'm overhead and he got his staff and he lashed. And that's it's in their broken up now. Well she stayed at my parents out there at the weekend like I think she'd figure out like how to get her status from herb I'm now explain print outs and she's my parent my mom like you gotta get a job hugged and she Blake out figured out like what ever but she's also burn and has no we're scratch but he was devastated. And that did and Hilliard what about your dad or does he feel bad at all or are. Oh yeah people who really bad and he would really matter like soccer for her. Boyfriend last like he really you know why did you make me do that that was so late I didn't need to be involved in this at all until we all have like a huge fight about it. I mean I don't disagree with them. Yes I do us. Neither I thought it would be maybe like just kind of chaotic and funny but it was so much drama. Yeah yeah it was funny to me up until he showed up your parents has dressed up. Clay Bennett became manner. I will thank you Dana for sharing as a dumps or prayer story that we might and never be able to top. I. And you guessed it. NC I'll still are ready for our.