UPDATE Confess Your Crush With Bonnie and Perry

Tuesday, November 7th

UPDATE: It just keeps going! Perry called today, but it sounds a whole lot like it wasn't his idea...


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Okay Terna Nande. Justin gen shelf full well can your crash it's. Weird this week is it just keeps going back to the little engine that could have radio segments and review the bonus day catch word. After we talk to Perry because we don't want him to hang out. OK so JP you're on your honeymoon you didn't get to hear confession crash last week but it was a woman named Bonnie. Calling have to say I have had a crash on my co worker Perry for quite a bit of time okay. Then it we call Perry and say are you single and he goes yeah I'm single I'm really do you wanna know. Who has a crash or near any as yeah and then Kelly makes an opera weathered dumb question about. Yeah they get is how well he guesses Bonnie. He also guesses his ex girlfriend. Karen. And admits at that time that they've kind of been on again off again and so Bonnie is a kind of lukewarm on this but because we're awesome. We brokering a deal where there are gonna go out and headache airing free zone and they're gonna have a date over the weekend. And Bonnie comes out when this yesterday. To tell us about the Karen freeze down and about the date and how it went really well. And they're gonna have another day was just brunch. But they're gonna have another date coming up and were like cool. No physical. It was like a man date night and she seemed excited about it now a couple of minutes later the phone rings. And it's caring Hough. Turns out Kerry not interest I didn't care entry about. Well you should ask her. Heard that figure out where to carry back locked right word press the key test art and I wanna say I don't really wanted you to raise your game. I think it's actually particulate. I just think she should know that ad. Is not that you didn't care if present. While I dropped. Is there any way that you can prove the air you. I will blow you away at the very is wearing to work this morning. He wearing dark jeans. White button down shirt. And he's wearing his confidence because he didn't have a acts or contact on that the house. Cool. Earned. All on the details on this is not so how. Says that was it yesterday while she's I don't wanna please radio games but I don't know. So I now we have Perry. Who his halted to join the show hopefully the shed some light on this. Hold never ending situation. Terry welcome welcome to the show and the floor Perry is yours. I mean yeah I just called. And to just I don't know get rid of any kind of confusion. Yes. Me in but I did have brunch but it was really just be being polite registered more have maker pure battery changed. But I yes Meehan. Secured cards together we're strong and urgent change Gregory okay. And and oh. You sharing our act together. That we were never not to get a yes yes we are together. Yeah I had no not true because we ask you and Friday. If you and Karen were gathering news tonight on again off again and then I think Kelly's. McCain asked you in if Bonnie being interested you was a good thing and and you said yes. I was just being nice. A league where we you know we were and we are on and off again but we are working. To be better and that's what we urge. You arming nicer a lot air. You're bald faced lie and having nice you'll you'll lied even when she bunnies and like I would demand try I said you would. Back and then you just be yourself you a liar nice out here are you. Greg and so I was just trying to. Not hurt feelings. Being chairman are together everything's fine. Can I ask you a question can you be honest about this question did did you won't after Karen is on the radio with us. Yesterday. Monday morning. Did she. Ask you to Colleen now. So and you know. No this is this is me. That his lack well. Not all. No I am I'm calling Cabrera and this is this is time. We are together and everything so I'm really working on it and I'm sorry if I misled anyone that we are. We are signs. If you misled anyway. It's Atlanta and we are going to go find the audio Iran now aren't you on Friday and there's no misleading. Like you blatantly said. I mean. I'm sorry and prior to thank you so we're working on trust and you know earlier until we're done working on just this in the role we're doing. OK so he's your status changed. San Siro on this last week. Yes OK okay. So. So over the week and what Aron decided it wasn't going to be Karen free zone she was gonna dig in the clause. And that happened. These murders certain we are working amongst us. Sealy any merit exam with a cue cards right now I hanged as an item prompting him what his his thing I'm saying we are fine. I have a good lets you guys I got gamble has fairy godspeed. I. And she I'll star. For. Confess your pressure continues for the fourth day how proud the Evans and show because. Perry just calm and but I'm sure that he called. Because he wanted to see of pace it's had against this is what a scared man sounds. Like yeah I just called. Introduced I don't know get rid of any kind of confusions. Yes. Me and I did have brunch but it was really just me being light registered more have maker she'll battering saying. But yes Meehan. Secured cards together we're strong and urgent and speak or okay. And Lorena Paula. See you Caron our act together. We were never not to the other guests yet we are together. Three in Atlanta. Yes the guy is a lying sack of crap yeah. Launched say you don't Kelly Jeanne can you tell you say yeah. You wanna be with some mileage on the white girl tranche reliant tech grad at that typically lets you anybody you know we don't have a crush on eight. I used to tell. Heard three words re let me presents you exhibit a are you available ten dates. Not mean RR Kelly accords and that's a the gist of eight or general would you consider yourself a single man. Yeah. He asked about Melissa and Smyrna. On my dad taking and Gillick now I can't do it now aren't candidates here and I hit by the ball. I found it really I don't contract. Saying thank you beat hair and three time and he. Out on a contract. Mat and out. Situations. My aunt and this morning yeah me. A Melissa you don't know this man do not let him ruin your day yeah. I. Yeah I'm without right now I mean I'm making. I hear. I'm very prove my theory that exes are dangerous again buyer because. They always go back he promised he wouldn't go back you excited about what I they would Bonnie. But she either heard about it are figured out and snuck her way back again x.s are and the wolves as well here's exhibit B major lower inches sit and hang out with Bonnie as more than friends. Honestly I didn't really know that that was his thing and so I'm kind of worry more interested in that. PM nine NASA Ames may have the last scholarly and move on. I'm I get that he got magic when that same experience at such a Psycho and at that he made about a contract Kirk got rebounds. I'm hot it's. Cool I like to share that conversation. He continues with jet engine on FaceBook.