UPDATE; Confess Your Crush with Bonnie and Perry

Monday, November 6th

You'll never guess who called!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell out all the now. Did you confess your crash update we got some money on polls to find out about how the weekend. It's Weaver calling Zakaria on her behalf. Bonnie and Terry works together this happened on Fridays shall. Bonnie impairing your work together but Kerry four years ahead a rocky relationship with a woman named. Caring so as confess your fresh confessed you're crush goes. We tell him that somebody has a crash Pannemon Alan Kelly cheese makes and gas who it might be. So he didn't guess funny. But then he also. He guesses acts parent and Aaron. Air yeah Texas and then we got into V it promising it was going to be Caron free zone right I agree actually went out together yet. So here's a taste if I'm Bonnie reacting to have to Perry. About oats caring. I'd whim we when we connected the two of them so. Bonnie has now said hey Terry I have it's me I have a crush on you and we bring up the fact that he Yasuo selected his acts. Particularly I think their whole Canada and I don't think you know I felt bad parent the Platte. You know. Flurry of you know interests can you what about the contract that seemingly fine. Led by her flower at one appliance like. I propane. I'm certain he. We did explore that a little bit in his it's true. That Karin made him sign a contract that once a month he would send term arrangement of flowers. And he did say that contributed to the downfall of a relationship. So we let them talk it out from an and then we managed to broker. I dates this past weekend. With one specific cabby out. Especially Kerry because you know Carol probably call a radio show and haven't already house and talk to me I mean. She's a little intense like that. Major lower inches sit and hang out with Bonnie. As more than friends. Honestly and I didn't really know that that was just saying and so I'm kind of way more interesting and then. You know sign another contract. So Bonnie does the fact that he gassed caring and. May is this that deal breaker now or are we so that. Not a jail break her and him really appalling and I had would you be willing to go out. With Perry this weekend it's who is a care and trees around. The KFC I. Yeah that's a funny mystery person and a I am in very inter lake here in treating now a little less and Perry can you can you commit to creating the stage space. For Bonnie you explore one another. In the 200. That person down. So that was from Friday's show and that Bonnie is on hold to give us an update. Hey Donnie I ate and. I'm doing great today I'm telling you that I. Time itself from Intel and Illinois how the day this weekend it was hairy you. Apps sol I. And we didn't link realize I'm. How busy we were going to be and and we ended up to having like how China like informally buying it and she came. Okay. Rumors that was at all is that Sunday. What can. Our name. And you wish and link it can't all our area again that I am. In corporate parent that I. On query and night where and then now that they're good friend thanks and Canon may. I. Latin America and and then it managed to hold. Certainly is that carrying true Alan little. Shalit back Brian. Alan I think and. I know where I Eric blurred really was there any hand holding was there anything more physical. And ever before. I really narrow it. Email us. It was I don't know where you level indefinitely. A lot on the L I mean I think we get like exploring night. And every major effect at all on my. Act and like Latin guys need to tackle me. We did I it and act to get something more like normally world billion pounds in the next country. I guess congratulations. And good luck and the continued. Fracturing. Of the caring net Perry. Relationship. Are you very much the application being attacked. I think it was a can add. Very successful. Investor currents. Get them being brave enough occasionally. Awesome thank you Bonnie it's. A by a lot. The won only one feeling like she's that mentally it's not gonna work. Because of butterflies. When. Feel like there's more butterflies on her part and his yeah Houston is hang out all weekend Manning a branch on Sunday and the remaining cancer yeah yeah there was a Smith Susan remain like I wanted it. Heard a B I can't we totally you know. Maine out went from friends alike away the mat and it wasn't it seems like. She wanted to be more than he does. Well we have an opening on him pressure crash report this week so if you would like to come on the radio this and then. Have a hang up when you and judge your relationship yeah. Just head over to start 9410 at that time you can find out very email address just reach out to one of us. That bridge edgy bears of the FM dial. Up but when now when your on behalf. And she I'll star. We just got an update from Bonnie I'm confess your crush that everything went great this weekend with term pair even had a bad French state. Kind debating on whether or not I you know is she enjoys he intuit does seem a little lukewarm to you Kelly she's it was like I images and good yeah I think he's within ten their road too busy to hang around in the they're Brian stay in the evenings has earned kind of like. Team feel a little little engineers are can. And now it fomented right momentum from. Karen the of care and free his own team is ominous. 8:2 morning carrying. Hey good morning. I didn't I didn't have a date for you and her body she looked. It. Turns out Kerry not interested in the carry trade aren't. So you should ask you heard. That traveled to that figure out where Perry sat locked. Right trust that he took part and so. I wanna say I don't really wanna play each radio game I think it's absolutely particulate. I just think she should know that. He's not particularly cared present. While it might drop. Its. Is there any way that you can prove the air you. I'm not out I mean you can't sit there hilarious but I'll give you are now. I had I would blow you away at Perry is wearing who worked at Florida State town so everybody eat them today were stereotype they have something I can't see it or something like that. He wearing dark Jeanne. White button down shirt. And he's wearing his got a bit because he didn't have a acts or contact from the house. A fool me earned. All on the details on this is not. The tests. That include a commitment and you guys that Matt. It's the matter because period and it didn't unlock my technique so take out. Okay thank you act to ask one question yeah bring it. Was really on Saturday night to. Can't answer any questions certainly don't. I wait to ask when aren't there yet did you really make him sign a contract is any flowers are. Trying to crack car. Proud and special temporary and I have a wonderful that it means is this month. I don't feel like edges. Got sent to the principal's office and Clinton in my hand together so I am I pregnant singer I'm trying to get inside a relic issue better when nobody listened to yeah. Hi. Never had any file vocals of us every day. Learned that everybody loses it makes it's a squirming little. And here. And less he works at the gap machine now his workout at half past half. Of all like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.