UPDATE Can JP Get In For Free?

Tuesday, January 9th


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan show all the now so much can change in just a short 24 hours. And warnings sounded like Nancy. And this morning sounds like them. If I mean it honestly I'm not a sports fan. I. Heard you can't help. Being in this out. And feeling and the passion and that dad's. Everybody in Atlanta has for a third team whatever yeah. And it's thirteen so when I woke up this morning after going to sleep at the end of the third quarter. Saw. That Georgia lost in overtime. I felt it in my heart Matt did you but for all of you. It's physical pain. And singer's stomach like you've gotten wind that knocked out of you explain reject as you said this morning. Thank god it was in my team because I don't know if I'd be able to do a fund showed today you know I hear. Sir would not I probably would have called in sick you're actually I would have if that had been. I Florida State Seminoles I would have called in sick today and I'll be doing the show without me I would be under the covers it would you have favorite big stage isn't break up. You go from denial. To devastation. And anguish and nonstop crying then comes the junk food eating then comes the anger. Then comes that though real living at the moment and scrolling back through all the text messages of what it could have been and I really. It's it it was it's going to be a really emotional day but yesterday you had this genius idea I did. Ford JP to get inside the kid what was your simple yet brilliant idea. Bid anybody really could go down to Mercedes-Benz stadium and hold a sign up that says may I please have one free ticket. And JP volunteered his tribute he said I will do that on behalf of Asia. Al document the experience. I mean instead grams so sure enough yesterday around dinnertime. Up on my speed pops and JP. Where this time it's Brad. Have one free agent please. And you were all dressed up in Georgia gear and hit a volatility sank yet. Yeah and they said that it was going to be light rain for the day I learned about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. It was like tiny frozen water was punching my body you know. I direction it was so terrible. If your diehard fan doesn't matter Uga you just push right through that whether you have some fun and you got a few gifts along the way while you were asking for the free ticket right did I got some free beer might not need George of foam helmet it's. Does this disarray can't like you can't gathering using exist saddest line is they sell you had to land near to hang around your neck with one of the stick approach is in my almighty god. All I did not want any holds an apnea is somebody gave me anti ticket out of I'll I'll I'll I was optimistic that it would be filled with a ticket eventually at some point. Before 35 came along how many hours were you out there. 66. Hours so about 3 PM to about 9 PM yup all right so the question any news. At 915. Last night. Where you Ing year car. Driving back to samarra. Or you gain the warm confines. Of Mercedes van stadium please. I was eating chicken wings and then went home. Now closed ma. Am no lack. Ari mr. Blair. And I did yeah. And you know why that's what matters JP. We are ahead time you don't need to win game in our loser. Having national championship for him. National championships to be happy. You don't have to win one game every 37 while now 38 years maybe all caught in order to win you need to have fine did you have fun have their kids. Eventually should be asking our Georgia Bulldogs did you guys have a good time I think that's quite know giving exists because he can win any gimmick corn hole you do when an even bigger pond and still go wrong order. Q can you lie yeah. Your pep talk is so now working for. I'm sorry Ed says we tried it's going to be a sad day you're innocent women wearing try to cheer everybody out we're gonna try to take your mind off a bit. Winning or losing Jan doesn't matter. By the score on the scoreboard it's what year are. I do feel like this is a break every now and just like that silly optimistic premise and a and I don't have but he wasn't the one for you if so kaine putting it on the day. It is OK. Okay and did you see that she will be OK and hurt sick hedged doesn't matter deed they have fine. That's what matters. Did they. They Harden. This is the saddest songs yeah ever read it also happens. Ice steam and I really sad movie this. And years as most companies wet hands yes OK let these honestly never show anyone. To call my mom. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion out on star not before one.