UPDATE: Battle of The Bens

Monday, March 5th

UPDATE: The saga continues... All Ben's are not created equal, so which one did Emily like best?

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And Jeff and she Ngo and still are not before blind. I think it is okay. Get everything of the competition on the depth and you can show. Jen has set up our single girl I am only teacher she gets a second date isn't the only first date a girl. Ever again. You will never band left in the dust again. I was not content and. I really how have you back and but what. Pardon kudos. To the three weekend then official. I. I don't know what they really are you sign of a different planet does somebody call from wired into your drums I know lied. Can you hear. A lot better it's a little matter are and I have a primary backers in a weird connection. But I found it Aaron hit number I just didn't just a threat of doing that god does sound God's. Sakes I don't. Family first Amelie tell us about JP's Kaz in band number line. Cousin it really nice we had a good time. That we went and I'll indicator I had apps to prolong their work so I like school is down there and you know whatever but I. I'm at a good time I feel like I'm a little bit too light extra effort band now he was like really quiet and sweet I think I'm disliked. To my site do you looks guacamole at QL. Don't know brilliant 200 guacamole compared to his luck a bullet extra you know late. It may be Emily I had a long day image it was a little unfocused Davy the first words she said was nice low. Dugard people I've met and not know yet yeah I've got girls cars ready is he does not race at all that means she's just. I the whole hour. As I am hanging on him is that is it. Is that why he learned is that repair a key words to this thing I learn. I mean maybe I. I couldn't warm media not you know like I feel like I did I don't know might not be. I am Ali and I you know how many finally. He has not it's he's nice and snag your name. Now I need your audience sensibly here. It does he remind you of your brother yeah. Throw that went in man in his mind that it doesn't it. 600 yeah probably if I had a brother he could just be like Gina says yeah and can. That's. And all right hey I didn't healing literally grew up like late night. Tiger out which is funny back. I know bill. And I'm okay. OK and then bang number two why is Kelly's strained it band a hard and go with Carey's friend Ben. So Kelly his friend and that Larry the hard paying it out all weekend for the big Leo it's a soccer guy I got. Look at the boot. Up a great what happened. And so I was you know playing second fiddle to the dude that. Well OK here's the thing I did well rollout as saying did he blow you off. No you didn't blow me up no doubt like we didn't know how hung over like crappy you'd be hearing by Sunday so we just decided. Maybe try to sleep. I think all the and it did come out I don't know I was worried because I didn't want him to feel nervous about to hit is thirtieth birthday Marines I didn't know I let him to be a little like party and have a good time this. Like this sounds like a lot of excuses and it sure is I design Eminem via what do you know throw down and I told them only holes like luck may be medium and now why it wouldn't be the best site. And yeah so you have not gone now with him yet. I have not gone I'll let them know we have been talking sell it in the works I. And they had no I agree I think it now I don't think I would have been in any shape to meet anyone and I dirty diaper bag itself obviously that that. So Jeff your band could still be in competition. Well I now feel safe putting the family hanging out here and here my band okay. I'm able I'm gonna have Greg Blue done it's gonna be like a quadruple basis. Well that'll say OK well we use say this a message after you go out with Kelly's friend band. And let us know if there's anything narrative there is we could follow up with the new. Party never. Tens about it and and yes it your own thing. Hey I really only and then narrow the. I act like you've been here before and I. Games or play in our ten games LA is the fifth. Thanks guys appreciate their ire triggers will then will that will keep. Arm. Arms and your out of this thing here. Star in 941.