UPDATE: Battle of The Bens

Friday, March 2nd

UPDAT: Did Jeff nail hid choice for emily's date this weekend?

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Czar not before one. Bobo local veterans homeless children Jones show. It's three as an. It was seven pounds six hit really hit. I just said then that the absolute worst match maker on the planet up until now. But he believes he has the right and to win this speaking battle of ends that we have going on on the jet engine to a matter single girl M calling eight. Try to set her up on rumble and it failed so. We don't give up. JP says he's got a cousin men who is awesome. Yeah he's got a date with family tonight I didn't wanna over ask are you serious there rather get together tonight so I don't wanna be like if you're. Rest too many questions I was gonna go you can have fun nice now Kelly cheesy also offered a band were the gallon I don't know item when asked many questions. You have an event that's supplemental center here then inner slowly lie on the table last year banner Australia they. What he did there on Saturday. Anyway I am my best friend ban is the Mercedes-Benz of all men and yes he's great former air force guy you Jay grad Arnold why I'm so mad right now. Like an ultimate because my Ben's got this Friday Dayton years has been. That update and. And Jeff yeah got a band to enter this competition you think is really gonna win and only time. Yeah my friend is my new friend band and yet the united still learning a lot about him I've never actually spoken to him. But arm. What I did is because my bangs that my my friend's friend bands were all. They have banned in a relationship. So I didn't have a band but I did not wanna give up so I put an ad on Craigslist. And I ally asks. If you're name is banned and that I soberly sold Amelie downing cute she is in fine and funny and and enthusiastic and all that and I put an ad on Craigslist. So I got a bunch responses and the ones that didn't hurt my eyeballs. I. Rolled back to and I found abandoned. And I asked him to call the show are you at seven to twenty yesterday. Have you been betting this Ben. Well I was going to at 720 yesterday but he did not call can't he called today. It's and he's a real person hey man. I hit it and then. Just working on. Yeah. A hard this event prompted a millionaire in the studio. She's not but I'm sure she's listening right now. Would you like to introduce yourself to her and everybody else. I am way that doesn't. I have actually haven't progressed. And I think you know I'm a date particularly early on but I didn't realize that you're gonna have a date with all the other people to. Well it's called battle of the bands and she actually didn't pose on Craigslist and explain him yeah I hide out there are pros and on her behalf the desert let bygones so what would board may well of all the bands and what makes you the best band. What I mean gay community dorm. Colleges wine at first. As well to possess and how dates work. But they had had multiple date because she's never been on a second date well. You're right he did that that it had tested. Nominally. And the editor then you read the paper everything can. Yes well just gonna pay for right al-Qaeda members to date I roller. Do you have some plans like he had already have connections aren't likely to plant something. Well I know you have today at white I was hoping is the reason I was open your colleague and would be to. Sell yourself and why you're the best ban. OK so let what's awesome about. I have a job and I I like dog that a cool dog. Along and I am. So nice guy. I'm very aren't my current unemployment and funny quirky. And I don't know I don't know what else. Literally typically find you on a Saturday night. I mean I draw in the movies. What we think like I'm sometimes a little cars but they're very loud. Now I'm doing things like in public people quieter saying. And Ahmet where would you like to take family out on your first date. Are you gonna pay for everything the act where Sam. Are you paying for everything. Well what's your game man. Okay thanks. They bring you except. Our eight. Well it's creepy. Or. What I don't know if that right popular element out. She's on him out from being creepy you want to close on Craigslist came here you. Are a year. Trying to help them are right so band where would you take Emily on Hannity what would be a good date to go. Are you gonna pay crap I asked that earlier he's gonna pay for everything we're glad that. Paper and your opinion backed. That might make it depends on the answer I was get a emerges heavy keep your receipts or whatever and that I would. Whatever the band Miller what do I mean I like to do indoor skydiving. Okay. That's call let's call went what did you do the last day here on the girl leverage ago. It's been awhile. How long is why hasn't. Maybe six months we're. Okay. Well you went to the movies and then had dinner and it hit him Leonardo Islam but it literally go much further after that. I think is I was asked my first say a question of I don't know them and it's not a fun question. If you empty your pockets right now well only time. Mean nothing come that early in the morning weren't pajamas. I don't have anything more pocket. On mount on Alaska back we'll just ask there's all of they're looking did you this year where there's a a lot about a tie. It to the word to jam it says a lot about a guy. What did you amateurs wouldn't be we just glad he's got on the dynamic just don't give any reasons not to let my bag I don't. Sane Ashley I don't know this conversation. Oh my god that Gephardt did not is that scrapie. Saying if we love family even the slightest bit we cannot let her go out with this band. A bad housing near an email and we'll figure out okay. You'll you wanna do it how silly talking about. This weekend. Because she's got aids at a date tonight with JP's ban a date Saturday with Kelly's them and then it'll have to be Saturday or Sunday gas due out media Sunday. Yet you have my email address. Idea of the union may give it to you. Now I have it on the Ellis county Aaron and I and haven if you need a recommendation on our restaurant lobster bar is shot Rayon. Yeah I think this is her Saber again should we eat as a fan of the jets I think it. It up let's say oh yeah cat all right while you should not you shouldn't eat such rich fruit rate before ego indoor skydiving. Is that it's yeah stores so OK I Ben Ali yeah. I'm in good holes and they find a that's a good idea I. I was big family if you're listening thank you. If you really appreciate it. I and I wasn't his day. I you. Jimmy it's me out to her and she wants to gals. You can jump. Still are ready for a one.