Unpopular Opinions

Thursday, June 15th

What's with all the Beyonce hype anyway?


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Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and. You know they say about opinions. Everybody is now it's people love to share their opinions. On the Internet it's. So I posted. A simple request in my face and says this and share your unpopular opinion this is straight simple. I thought I get of entries vines is to be funny be good for a chuckle in the first 24 hours over 15100. People. Weighed in with their unpopular opinion. And they are beautiful. It really funny if you until hours at work today. I'd closer MPs were and instead ran just start reading down comments and I started with this I'm like. And this hurts a lot of people but I personally. I don't get trade. Yeah I swear to god when I first heard hotline delaying and saw the video I thought it was a joke really yes and you still don't get it is I don't give me. Am. I loved the song maps. Jana has a musical. One yeah I exit I don't get Eminem. Monsoon means a one trick pony it makes it all is exact same pain it's. I don't I don't yeah that's right unpopular opinion. I. Hundreds of people thumbs up this comments. I think beyoncé is the most annoying person on this planet. I'm just young men and that's that's good. As some other musical ones Adam Levine's voice is the worst sound ever produced fake you. I would rather listen to make stage of my grant as far as just. I am writing you down. I don't this month found team have beanie I don't think vice atlas should be able. Should be allowed to drive on roadways with cars right on the silver comet trail. I Kim rose a bad Justin Bieber Zach Galifianakis Miley Cyrus Wenzhou on a Britney Spears all smell like a combination of musty basement Iraq's hard boiled eggs. And edit it. Or who's. K Lee Simmons says I hate the wizard of modest. It's such a weird thing today says you can Snooki I. Unpopular opinions I Jennifer Bailey being a wife is harder than being a mom. Being lunar and is not the hardest job on earth. That delirious and moves have been seen here all the assistants my popular opinion is traveling out of the country is overrated. Oh yet some popular huh. I love really. Do you know save your money here I don't understand why did 5000 dollars they would drink the pinnacle on and put my toes in the senate to do that here for winless. That's so hurt in any case. The country but you know as time nowlin that adds I think and guns and he and that's I hate to pull. Cindy I mean I have been there like three times yeah did they get they stood there and there we know what ever it is an extra thin and like it's. How much race and I it's I'm. Actually I didn't quite himself. And it sure IA IA I knowledge of Poland because you cancer breeders' announcers are she's there. And once. Why it's. Lunch Ali Agca they're unaudited so women and it's so then. Ali as in the guacamole charging extra. Laura blank and never believed in Taylor source good girl act she is using go away she's dedicated her life to a shelter for cats. Easy on the guys will not be her. The last things they wanna be wither her arm with her and her cash take experts he. Nina. Okay Mitch Fowler says newborn babies are precious but frequently not cute. All my savings look like squishy little aliens and that is the truth. Tennis is her as well the ones coming out. The way they're supposed to come out here looks remotely all of my little old people are aliens passes so that's the honey C section Davies argued there because their head didn't have to go through do you think it smush into smush them. So I lol people hope I didn't I believe it is actually that it I looked disturbingly. All the I would rather French kiss Bernie Sanders and attend any one of my school's curriculum night fish. Back. It is now on its own all of the third olive garden bread sticks in the worst. Move. Since it may Bagwell says bacon and sweet tea are over rated food on a comparative. Okay how did you feel this way Elliott she's a similar one that she posed semi against a Graham and I read it and I'm oh. I'm follow IV aids tendencies so Boehner I made it pay better how line. I haven't made as I mean better on my client has done quite a taste of latter any right now. Really what I have O'Leary's an answer as I have so. I can't around and it what I felt like nothing grand flavor I hate that you like it was a fake scarier one amounts slowly and animals and let Mandy night Cadbury Easter eggs are terrible ass and don't well. Is there. That's because it was sort of the key because I hate all of this stupid colors and I can't stand these. This uncertainty AD George no one thinks your dog or your kids are as cute as you think they. So make sure they're both well behaved until they follow me on instead. All I learned all share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.