Uncomfortable Parental Incident Part 2

Friday, November 4th


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I. Did you change and to get you move in this morning. Finally for a while still remember the guy creepy teacher from earlier this street from those things as well as well refresher for. Community now. And there seems to be what they they go you know. I he would Jacobs just. Mr. Jacobs who was the high schoolteacher to Angelina a decade ago she had a huge crush on him and wanted to ghost and then we did. Used holy creepy weird completely certain she would have no interest in talking with and and well Iraq she wanted to connect and we're gonna follow up with her American and minutes and find out if she actually did call him. It. Yeah. That's another match and it's right now we're talking about uncomfortable. A rental incidents. 8 AM right UPI UPI jazz. This is when you don't expect coming. Let your city movie. And here you know your parents or you're watching some van. And all the sudden eight hits. Just that romantic town that over Lee you know. Good to be romance like I think for girls it's more of the romance and the passion for always. Hoop. Comfortable and that and that masons. When that appears 404 as a liberal nanny 400 Heather and so whiny. It UPI. That the. He is there a movie when it. When he met Ali. The diner scene. It was badly that I. Could watch that. Mom and and we were in the theater. There's no escaping that he can't like in a half thousand nice to rental Haiti. And a. If you're not familiar with the with the diner scene in that movie involves. Was in mag. Brian Meg Ryan. Reenacting. Showing that that that should that not all women are lead in them what that demonstrate that women are actresses. All women have been actresses from time to time and she does very good job. And that's the famous on have seized and yes theft act. Hey Heidi. When it's your uncomfortable parent moment. Watching look who's talking in the movie theater with my mom is that he didn't seem that when the sperm. It's not. And who. My. A lot of it is very scientific. Yeah yeah yeah. I get about it I guess I just want to let you know that I think hearing that word this early in the war stuff. He is the equivalent of spraying mace rate in mind yeah. And I hollow area Heidi. I would probably seven or eight and I remember my mom looked at me and asked me if I knew what I was. And I was so uncomfortable because I didn't know and I did not at my hat really back waiting for that ink and. And I think I'm right we don't have to have. The birds and conversation Jeremy I learned that in biology don't know what it is but I know that it makes me wanna be or inches tall and move into the couple. I Kate had an uncomfortable parental incidents. In my sixteen year old daughter condensed term theory. Old fashioned grandfather to take her to see that pool in the theater. And there are also many incidents there pulling people be. She said he almost Putin. They didn't know. That there. It's the most traumatic incident Graham light and he's staying ahead he's lived in little more. Yeah. I thank you may. And we seen it yet. Is there weight and it's in the ring. Not really OK yeah. One of violence that. You've got to be it comic movie. And then they get there in these blow. It. Kelly cheese this app and yeah it did we actually having this conversation yesterday about these awkward times and in the same day I told everybody I'm gonna date with my dad on day at all times shows and it's very concerts and he bought me tickets is he cabaret which I never seen before I just knew I was like oh Liza Minnelli minivan. I literally had never even heard anything about other guitar sing a staged thing I think it yet to Broadway and play and the it's. At one it is fantastic. You. And then yeah then and do day again. Yeah down. When it's built some mention is that you've all seen in this play or know something about it and you know it's not prostitution. I I am I don't know anything about it is musical levees that I. And next my dad these dancers are in these stretches and half half half life. Well that's a tough I'm not they've seen any alarm and I can still make you uncomfortable that. If anything did you guys who sit there awkwardly quietly and not look at each other what happened in the heat. Eyes straight ahead. He buys straight. I want an easy that was next accountants. Wall thing. And side is kept company could nudge single or night and I think it might hitters coming to push and I have my arms I like. And later did you guys ever acknowledge each other well outdoors is excellent evening about because it is I mean and it's. See all kinds of stuff like. And say to add it was the best player I've ever seen about prostitution. I mean it's that Maryland to do with so it's just like parties and there's a scene with a guy and two girls and they're dozens of have a man I was is that. Houses wells and find out. It's definitely topped and have stage productions I. Only top three with a related matter indeed yeah. Right humor look look at cable equipment jurists. Came right back to Ireland also. And I figured if there's something about Mary and Libby is. How hot hot hot. Equities it's about what about when he how things stand alone knew what it was uncomfortable. Cauldron to again. I wouldn't sixth grade a little are important but. And Sierra you give you the last when he got. And I got there why pull out they wanna pretty. At. You can't beat us eight the F word and that's enough I'm not how will Mary. They are seats that how there were you at the time to Yemen are probably well okay. And you come from. Profanity family Aaron and Andy and and and in that movie they ruined you know this isn't over night and Sierra. By. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. The search starring 941 Atlanta.