Uncomfortable Parental Incident Part 1

Friday, November 4th


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This was his own. Maybe they're wearing an all over eighteen yeah. A little Arlen yeah jet engines show all the stuff I know people look at. I don't remember how we drive on this topic by. We all realize. That we. I've had the experience. Of sitting in the living room with mom and dad within a movie theater with mom and dad and year. Eight and 101112 years old Adam whatever that you knew young. Oversee accounting can't predict this moment about how you're watching a movie. All of a sudden. Something very inappropriate. Happens on the screen for review to see your age but mom and better in the room you're old enough to realize you are not supposed to be teeing it. In your household and after a process like I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing I. And I guess that's why is it and it I turn my head is it more obvious that I is that right and I just disappeared. I. I tell you my first rumors the very first then National Lampoon European vacation and personal is Wally world that goes European vacation OK and a girl. A German girl a major averages on the leader isn't. She decides which show rusty is vulgar word urban. And I'm staying in the moment when Aaron. And I remember they were behind me. I'm all I was doing that's kind of look at now. Yeah. No I'm I'm. Do I just pretend like I don't get it. You're all have to get it they know you're on that yet at that you could just pretend like it went right of your had a. Jan I don't know how much you know about it by now (%expletive) up. But it's hard for 812 year old boy shot and I. Hang the German parliament and leader yeah out and herb doesn't go unnoticed. Then he and stick pretzels and here I am. And the worst. Katie Logan into shallow and act and. I'm on that. Our own. Rebuking the theater. No. And how he's not here. I mean you know. I'm okay. And that it really into it would be a lot and the rule of. Oh yeah. It. Yeah now you watch that are to a with your mom how old Maria. He important Lou. That's when Katie lied about it. Ha ha AI I love that this air line up please racism greats pounds worth and or 04741. There's music and or 04741. And 9400 that's the phone number if you like they were calling them UPI is. Our uncomfortable parental incidents. It UPI. What was used and my is at top ten. Oh yeah we're in the theater. The biggest movie ever. And it's. I think it scene where they they get on and motorcycle they're riding motorcycles and they go back. Somewhere it's all kind of foggy today but I just remember being in the movie theater with my parents yeah. Wind is sexy scene comes if it. This line you remember. I'm crews get passionate and I wanted to throw up. A backpack. Because I couldn't. Arm away fast enough and it was on the big screen T I just remembered being right in our face and say hey I don't think. And or 47419400. Jed what was your movie. And why they buried under it with my bad. Rehired in what was the scene I've never seen 300 so I'm not. Greenwich right here I goes into the. Guillotine or how to tackle and there's a lack nick eager. And like all over you don't you're happy. It will old school L a mandate into. How old are you. Actually not afraid that I'd added. To that end of the hole really awkward. It traumatized or dead more than dramatize yeah. Oh yeah ain't. What it 500%. And it's. For ice cream that's. We're all 474 linemen and 400 more of your phone calls after the man's arms. He's your drive minnows a Trout out true. No national duty of ball. Why you're. On starry night before blind.