Two Truths and a Lie: Jeff & Jenn Style

Thursday, March 8th

Did Jeff not know what nail clippers were till COLLEGE?

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And she I'll star. Jen pointed out that her and I have been friends for over a decade and a half. And because of what we do for a living we know. Everything. About each other too much BS is the fifth of so bad. And kind of triggered a thought like could I hate being. All of a list of things. That Jiang doesn't know about mean could she do this same. And that is now developed in citi's. Radio game. It's two truths and ally Kelly cheese. It's gonna read off three stories who's going first this time Kelly whose stories yoga Ers and just trying yes urgent okay sewed. Kelly she's about to read three stay in you can play along. But at home because of it regardless of whether or not you've listened to dish out. EU. You'll hear three stories two of them are truths that bid Jan saint Dick Kelley. One of them is a lie that Kelly made out. They Jana will be hearing for the first time it has to go along with. Until this round is. Oh OK we'll see below. So I don't Prado and is cracking up about it. You can kind of put on my poker face air BA camp lap down time. There's there's there's there's no matter very rare earth are you ready for your two truths and allies I'm a relative to introduce an. She's. Doing and executed if I get Ryan I have. OK so here's the first time in gym and partied with Peyton Manning at a wedding. In New York. Pro football player but. He's serious and just checking go ahead. Engine part of the Peyton Manning at a wedding in New York kind army agent Jimmy Payne Manning is a friend of friends. And hang and then another lineman. Jan Null once or ride a roller coaster and every state before she dies. And that the last time it Jenrette drove her car with a Ramos sticker on the back on it. And high school because one of her best friends was gang and. Again. Baron take us through this thought process. Well the patent Manning saying I'm I would not know that story I don't think because is. You wouldn't tell me a sports story. But I wouldn't know so that would reach the rainbow sticker is believable. Because you are certainly an advocate for four. The rights of every one every every group. Hi and that what was the middle unsure of zero roller coaster and every State's. An Irish say oh that's soon. Bid that could be bizarrely yes are you an adrenaline junkie I love rollercoaster totally hello. Of them beat MPA yet because Cedar Park has like this awesome Ryan no but I want to I can't wait until our girls become roller coaster age where they're into it because I'm just sprang I have one daughter isn't as into it as Siam. We're gonna do like. You know. What is it Griswold family trips to. Approximately Jen how many roller coasters have you written into how many different states I'm at about. Seven right now. I figure I could be like the grainy. Who's like still ride roller coasters and retirement you know and USANA and trying Kim Manilow dot com blog about it like do the reviews and every night. Here's the line I am ready to get my answer can and I would like dramatic music again please. Think this. I don't think jam and a rainbow sticker on her car. In high school and this is why. I don't think Jane would put a sticker on her car. I think she is too alleged she did put a sticker. There have to be an exact shape and size sticker on the other side so there's a symmetrical sticker display. So the only thing that and they got that is the same shape of like a rainbow. It's like a cartoon Dodd of you know him moving his cat and a half or something like yeah Vienna this show I don't think there would be a and stick around both sides I just don't see is a sticker bumper sticker girl I don't think they'll have them. My kids in the out our club I don't think you'll have little stick figures people like hey you know little. Menu for kidnappers on the on any of that. Okay. Finally science my final answer. Molly united Jen has partied with Peyton Manning. And I'm from. Before that oftentimes but yet he is high school friends with one of my friends presence. So I you went to her wedding and a guy she married had Peyton Manning is aggression or was there. Omaha Omaha. And a half bath. Right outside your city I think. Half of those Gannett. And I'll I'll go let you know that Janet did that drive and a link to a Ramos sent her on her car in his GA idea that. Yeah I was so excited to have a car and I put all kinds stickers on edge here. Does your floor on mayor I think three maybe was the most at one time the one Obama was every domestic or because. One of my best friends in high school came out it was really hard for her and I was like in solidarity and I had a rain mystic and Mike are always well nothing says I support illegal sticker on the back of that K car you know Leila was. Others are Liz I'm my dad's old Chevy blazer her article so well as perfect as softball practice through all those girls are Pat's and sent them back and awesome and yeah and the relative to think it's wholly made up while did you have Kelly. And I know reversing it and we'll do it you'll have to guess mind. Star in 941. See if you can stop take with the jet engines show are planned two truths and allied. Stems from the fact that Jeff and I have been friends for over fifteen years and we know too much each other yourself. And we figure out which one of these three things is a lie now Kelly cheese is made up ally. And the person is a lie about doesn't know about it until she says it still got to defend all of them as if they aren't true you radio Jeff dollar. Yes so if you notice for a long time you get to play along by trying to figure out which one is the lie. And if you haven't noticed for a long time to get to play along and hear how good a two week in BS our way through his story. Truly hearing for the first time since Kelly has. Three stories about me two of these I gave her one and she completely made up. I'm a little nervous cue the dramatic music. Our engine clear number one and when Jeff was a kid he was of assessed with gossip papers like national enquirer and star. He read them regularly eat the could a Jew. For years and just clipped his fingernails using scissors. Carlos and set and toenail clippers or fingernail clippers. I'm sorry fingernails and toenails using scissors is scissors scissors up until college. I bet he just didn't know any better. I could never carried. Jeb as OCD and had to guess see someone about it tapping. Tendency that he had any urge you only do every time you walked interim as a child. What is he tapped the side of indoor air. Really four times the ever tell you much into the ram Orlando or four times more out. And what's up with the scissors why the scissors rather than toenail clippers. Mainly because I grew up in metro New York so I'm lucky and just in sand them down with a belt Sander. I don't really know what that means it's just as simple Thailand is simple times and yeah I just didn't know that fingernail clippers existed. How many times with the scissors did you botch and hurt yourself well I would never hurt myself. You never did scissors air here now and kills your toes go Britons are in retrospect. Like that but I and they were there are a little daggers like they're almost like. He's you know played out clip. His or her yeah have reserved Earl scissors like. Straight across the Israeli hands a little talents and and the gossip magazines what was your favorite one which one nationally by error. But which article did you saved. There's an advice column that I always reversed. Do you ever get inning can I taste like had a clip your toenails. 'cause I thought. OK these are all different because I can see them all being true but the one I think for sure is true is that tapping. On the door I think that's definitely entries because you dude do unlike. Cubs OCD like sort of like picking Spain on your finger. And like. Leave me alone Cali. And sorry flash. Well I think that that's so hard adds atypical. If something that is just wired and you and so I would say that's true. I can see the gossip magazine because. Yeah I'll nobody loves a piece of gossip as much as Jeff Ballard does that hey maybe maybe I'm a good source heard us up here. Know likes to be in the know first at bat every sane man. If you're seeing grades as I go determine your secret to be true we secretly I if you are important if you're knocked out buying into anybody about that. I get your news to share but is it some else but if yours if I gave you tell me years the united terming it like not immune and other drivers around then and com I'm rulings on the on our. Just I don't. Such an inward and on terrorism and just. Only get a good juicy gossip going on so I think it balanced through an I think that this is there's on your toenails are faults. I think that's a lie. And that's your final answer chili cheese that is my final answer Jeff did not clip his toenails or scissors I can gently you know this. Jackson was obsessive gossip papers. Yes my grandma there in my mom's side. Lived an hour away from us and we would go visit her about once a month. Every time we would go she would give me. All of the gas a paper she read. I would read them obsessively. He did tonight as it's okay. I do not know that the Florida's the national inquirer on car. Such young carefully here us weekly since Gibson's agent again India I didn't have any advice columnist called ask Maggie. A 100% I think that's what it was called. As ends only picks a Family Guy and I can see that. REJ and I can also let you know that for years Jeff did it clipped his knee out. And with scissors. I asked rose I as my freshman year college roommate what those things where you're seeing me. What do you say hey yeah I went things. Like. The are doing with your fingers. It will be really is what is that I got I got those things that you're could be your trails in the as the figure out clippers much get what error that. Where you get them. A couple of areas and we're talking about my home. So does this email your mom and dad also used sisters further us and they're probably still. Siri will both get up at my dad doesn't really cut his townhouse so late. Bear for Jim has like five Lauren lake who aren't coming up. Funny that made of this live just having audio CDs tendencies but then you started talking about the little tendencies that he does have an aisle like oh my god. May be made efforts truth I didn't know we talking about yeah as that kind of thing you're doing what you're hearing now are you pulling your nervous. Under that agreement. I just never would go to their my parents wouldn't give me an you know clippers you think this is not there yeah. And she I'll still are.