Two Truths and a Lie: Jeff and Jenn Style

Tuesday, March 6th

Has Jeff only been punched in the face once in his life? Does Jenn want to adopt a third child? 


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Star in 941. It's even for somebody for over ten years you have more secrets you know everything about them right. Well Jeff and I have been friends for a sixteen years. I made a comment Jen pointed that out the other day and I said. If we made a baby together and that day we met it would legally be able that. Ryan this. Mind blowing to me that we have each known each other and been friends longer than we've known our spouses. Really gases then what how I always say I've really been married longer. I was happy I was there that day that she met her now husband ran. And she's the reason that Cali and I moved from me and friends. Kelly finally admitting that she wanted my body I. I could texting game and we eyes are out for like a good twelve hours and she's like oozes menace mysterious and intriguing and I want him. And I'd go as a yesterday and that's something that Geoff I'm obviously not Carolinas now what you said she wanted to be a freak and oil painter and retirement. I like I would definitely see Jenn hobby do and I've never seen her draw anything. Any good at it but I really like our lessons and I was a kid and I keep telling hasn't retirement I wanna paint and here's like. That's boring to me travel and play golf and stop us with the design she's had a paint a picture you dolphin days. All that as soon. So anyway Kelly Davis and after that yeah I wanted to see if you are complaining game two truths and a lot. So he never played as can afford Jenn hobby Amy two truths about herself and one man is not the truth and Jeff gave me two truths analyze as well Henry the need to deal and you can't figure out which ones. Don't lie okay and now gaining some guidelines okay so we have to pick and choose you wanna go first I don't care who goes first I think you are matters and then I'll go August 2 in play along in the car yet have her you're driving west. If you're a long time. Jeff and Jen showed listener then you can play along and if you're new you're gonna get to learn some intimate stuff about. Because I did dig deep in like this she even knows them knows I'm really tired to come up with a had to dig way yeah. Primary are any in many many years before we took it should James is like last night Kirstie if I. I disagree that I was. RI or playing man to truth that I would Devin Jin now. Yes you know and in the I can hide in your first year Davis. I Jack has only been punched in the face once and his life. Jeff had an older game and he's a flirt with him incessantly and he was oblivious to it. Alert just almost there radio but decided to stick with it because of free pizza. Okay well I know the reason Jeff Scott answer radio is because there was a hot girl at the college radio station who is signing up freshman at the tent yeah tanks. True story but quitting radio for free but staying for free food. About one sounds like a truce on mango tree on mount a bank and then the other ones are he's only ever gonna punch in the face one's. And an older game in used to flirt with him incessantly immune oblivious to Orlando's is a true I don't wanna know for sure can't work this out loud yeah okay so that I'm just being oblivious. To rid I think changing is. So Jeff so I wanna say true. So I feel like that is another truth pit and the other one again is. That only ever I'm senate and a bass lines he used to do these nightclub gigs that adds. And I cup called vision Cong. Vision has any new RIP vision. So that yeah. Yeah. A brand. Saying it now there's not a big old highrise office building there probably as they all highrise office building on top of everything on there yeah. It's actually the site where music midtown used to be in hand counting in 1990s. Irate so. Because of that I Felix he would have been in the midst of more brawls. Is that people about 2 o'clock in the morning let's throw down and you always that the women more. Name the way more violent and fears keep him punch in the face a couple of times I just some like. John Barr ladies and you were trying to keep them from Cologne and hair out. So that is the lie. Finally answers and I'm in Larry snack okay evidence saved a punch in the face one is the lie. No. That's a lie is that he almost quit radio. Out with the. I was cue from around in my college dorm room when I went to school in Erie Pennsylvania and don't they remember the name of the guy he is a member. Buddy and who and we are just goofed around I was totally accidentally. I I lean dean while he threw a fake punch and it knocked me knock me out for a sack and like head of our summit almost went to the medical centers only time ever I'm punched in the. Really yep although there is division only time no lady ever watched two of their purse money had run from five. Okay the next so I don't. That gay man who. Flirted with you and says Cellini had no clue when I. True when I worked in Boston and I got a job helping out this dude I DJ. At events like. Our mates for days and like fifteen year old kid birthday parties and night he was kind of from. I am a mobile DJ you have but he wasn't like that wasn't a decade. Leg he had the equipment and he probably I think I guesses he did it for our friends. Five years ago it is really like a real estate agent so yeah he ended his friends he is a writer. And his own thoughts in his friend says does you should go for my cousin and then it just rolled into this thing any needed. And assisting any hired me as his assistant in in retrospect. He used to take me to lunch or arm or dinner after every game with defense and he would always have me come out and just kind of hang out and is very ornate decorated. Apartments. And he was. Yeah he was I'd definitely more feminine and masculine and he was a hug during the Jensen is talk very high. Like thirty or whatever and I was just an all bombing a Mac front about saying really pay attention to anything's have like cool but. Right through it's you've played some pharmacists shops. Complacent no doubt for the kid knows when did you realize it like ten years of the. My guy I'm telling this story you are right now people are telling you have and items and I didn't ever almost quit radioed. It. Yeah and now. It's dead. I almost thought about these hours output rose to an overnight and then I'm a girl called on their request line and offered to come to the studio. I was like I keep you around for a couple warriors had to talk and NASDAQ one years old did you nationalist heroes like and staff it's like. This combined with pizzas gonna keep me in no Ed that. So are in 9412. Truths analyze a play along with us as we try to figure these health. That's totally messed up the ones that you if you there was an agenda that's for a long time you view might be able to you might notice one asked him to be able to play align your car and if you are a new Jeff's engine show. Listener Ben you're gonna kick to learn some really intimate stuff because when you have to find something. Then a friend for a decade and a half doesn't know about you you've got to dig deep. We just cannot agenda has been punched in the face only once in his eyes and that Notre Dame manes a flirt with him incessantly and he was oblivious to it and find out what's in the easier for us to. We used to go to this little fish right place we just in his car. He gunned down the hours he dedicated to that harmony out. Learn how seriously news idea is Leo low ran Al the man got caught up in his does. Scissors apartment so ornate. I saw a little bit Michael didn't always yeah we jetliner retirement over the. Is not as young arsenal Americans. And gays and our timeouts he treats analyze about minister in a hot. AAF. I Jeffrey Wright rip the thing. Jim has seriously looked into adopting a third child and is considering it now. Jim has how I act a classic I have Olympic colors. On the coney river and solo them. Jim want to start a web site around mine Thomas comes engine dot com. So. I'm going to say an even that easiest ones for me is the middle one that's the truth. Because. She used to go to camp every summer. Sign in there in north Georgia mountains and in the mountains South Carolina where that river as I thank. And she know she CU kayaking is something that's that's knees I think number two is the truth. Adopting. And a baby up and sing Jane dot com I know Jane. She's been talking to people about. Wedge say stuff. But I just assumed it was lying. Just updating Tyco your website FaceBook stuff for whatever saying never really thought that it can be anything. Just fine up. But I am going to say that the Zain Jan is a lie in. Because I. Think that Jen is the type of person who before she even entertain that. We take and hold on to my infamous courses in studies and and do all that work for like a couple of years in and do it up. I don't think that would be on the radar which means I'd keep. Bald work. Maybe a foot putt. It has your final answer by aliens that are. Sergeant dollar. Jim wants to start a website about my plans calls engine dot com and I think it's great. It was great of an hour not having a baby while there's looking into shopping and third town and is not considering it well at least Kelly Jesus still pregnant. It started dollar. And we are so you have a baby in the family and we will. And dot com is so cool so you can are you really you know it's it's an idea that I had firm really long time and I own that I bought the domain like years ago only just started thinking about intending it that. Okay Bob digging deep discussions I mean you didn't know about OK well I'm lodgings and Jeff that come next. Yeah. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. On star not before one.