Two Truths and a Kelly Lie

Tuesday, March 27th

Can Kelly make up a lie to stump Jeff and Jenn? They've been friends for a decade and know almost everything about each other!

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And she I'll star. For teachers analyse here is how it's gonna work we have given Kelly she's two truths about ourselves. She has made up lies which then we have to defend as if they're truths to each other we try to figure out which one. Is a lot of McCain crew will you be presenting the first. Three stories to kind. I'll be presenting EU's three stories about Janet just parent are you ready I believe. We are. Jazz. Jim has written and published her own poetry. The first time Jan went surfing and she broke her collar around. Jim's first radio job was running a countdown show on an oldies station. Talk talk it out like on millionaire he. Hey here's the thing. I know her first radio job. Was in. Athens. He's going hearing into nine Alan I'm I'm good news I'm your guy delivered a good idea first radio job is in Athens and and these. This you know and why this is terrible yet or is it forces me to realize how much little attention it paid anybody myself I don't know that. I'm I'm really good at lying like really gonna may have lies about. And so I I think that time. I think the reexamine Athens and I remember. Win it somebody got a job at that he is our friend BC got a job in Athens. Asking you if it was the same radio station and you said now winners station is not an all these Asian. That when possible and pretty assuring new use the first time you went. Surfing. And you didn't means is that I was injured single year's near an all sort of diving surfing in and and and and men in and in parachuting in all this stuff right so. I would have remembered if you've broken collarbone during any things it was a rebellious times yeah it was it was a free spirited. So. It's sad to count on things. The poetry though and I announced Agassi. And you and your little ridge tops private school friends when your kids like sane men trying to look at the entry in the at all. Steve good poster poetry about your it's your seventh straight tanks. The published and sold like in the school thing. After. Him like. Ang okay Canada our top. So those trivia question yes what are some of the palms that you wrote that book as it on. And I deathly road Shanxi poems that our like throwing shade and controlling parents saying. Met and my dad is Matt ran 88. Said his he's always mad and I about it weather guy is ranked at mission. And Galen. Yeah. So they were mostly sanctity. So the amount. That I have a question for you I mean you episode of first time. That you and Serena just talking about is as an adult but did you could you grow up in Florida and adjourn on as a kid I did go surfing as a kid and. A day in Nashville we can ask questions okay and then all of the oldies station. Yeah who. Who. Sayings performs who's this I'm American I'm. Yeah I was always a long line no air the DJ who usually work the radius is on go outside and smoke a cigarette and I ask song yes you member who sang that I don't and I cop. McClain yes. An historic maybe I was a DJ Arnold these these guys that may be so yeah I used to run this countdown show on Sundays when I was in college. And I was all the oldies and I had did but NN. A CD your cart it was carts in the series and then just in my homework while the oldies countdown played. I hope I believe I am ready to present my answer. Teachers allies. Truth you are to an oldies station truth it is stupid coach about lies you've broken collarbone surfing. Your IAE. Yeah. They. Are bound do you see. Look I chatted so many fly it. Right in assuming last black alliance indigenous the president ever class and collar economic well that sounds like it can be turned you weren't sure why issues like beds that that some director asserting that early a ways and I made about why don't pageant is truth out bombing I got nervous around like you -- our bounds Ari how. There has depression how right it was guy about your poetry about. You're so right. Did on the kid's got together and hello hello and it wasn't any apparent it was during this teacher cas. In two truths. And ally. Howard's Abdullah hi Jane today you'll be receiving from Kelly achieves. Highs stories about me two of them I gave turn our actual stories that are true one of them is a lie that she has made up to try to stump you. You get to hear the three stories ask me questions about any or all of them. And then figure out which wine is bella and you have to defend ally to even yet. And you're just now hearing it for the first time Kelly Jesus goal objective in this whole thing is to make a lie. If tenable unbelievable. Announced that you reconsider their truth by silly announced that it makes me and this is all very difficult it is just and I have been friends for a long time. Under the we'd like to admit. So I'll play along as you listen to these three stories presented by Kelly she's two of them about me archer. And now and you need to ask questions about Jeff I have do you hear me is pleased over to ask questions. Jim. I'm the dramatic one really. Jim Jeff was fired from a job at a gas station or stealing. As a child. Jet slid a shot himself and closets of play and Tillie out light headed and had to step out. Jeff was kicked out of his first grade class that has his teacher could not handle them. Okay. Let's start with the first one which is getting fired from a job at a gas station for stealing I do know at some point in some job. Just stuck his mouth underneath a soda fountain and drank straight prominent. He didn't that I consider sealing down. And later please I use the code machine as my own personal fountain. I don't know though if it was at a gas station are not I feel like in my memory of that story it was actually in an ice cream shop or Elena for rodeo Placer something. It's in Q got fired sort sit and out of the soda machines that Fowler and I'm about 90% is true the disarmament gas station part. I'm okay the second one is about what again. As a child Jeff played shut himself and I clauses to play. And so he got light headed and had to step out okay Jeff this raises an only child we know that he met his half brother Dave but that was much later in lice is really raises an only child and this is such an only child thing to do. I can imagine him with his little light bright boy and there but Indiana tell us that you need birth and Indiana town siblings their your closet as I can save space. You say yourself and Mary yeah I am no ma'am I'll ask him. Dress that but I can see him doing that I can definitely see entertaining yourself with that. Did you ever actually blackout. And never actually blacked out can't. And then what happened in first grade what happened in frustration gas. Jeff was take out of his verse same grade class because his teacher could not handle them. C. The reason I think Alan is a lie is because just more like sneaky get in trouble and not like out loud get in trouble are the teacher. And I think his parents are old school I think they would awoke to his back at Rangers say if he got in trouble with the teacher. I think the dollars timid on our the type where aid you in trouble from the teacher you got in trouble way worse at home yeah might not like parents these days like to fight with the teacher and take their kids are perfect egg and having you know I know any accounting Nina right wing damage due to get depressed. Change on Jeff. I had double the punishment home. That January 1 grade teacher could you handle just as your Sudan could you handle Jaffa. OK so final and served this. The first grade story is a lot of well you are so good today. I. Have word that means your day. Right now I'm not included as well make up lies about you guys I am I so weird though how tough cliche yourself o'clock Lindsay alight and it. Eyewear today gas station now with a buddy of mine that when I lived in Boston and he had this big plan. That. Like every fifth customer who came and we wouldn't ring them up. We would just figure out with a totally is and then keep the cash to the side and then at the end of the shift. Well at the end of our shift would split it just siphon enough. Cash registers and charm and take about a week before he got caught. And you got tired too and we both have that right or both we both stealing that it was like solar wasn't a soda Mountain Lion god has totally different when I get fired that outside. Is. As such as have acted new phrase yeah. Owned cherry Coke climbing get old Jerry and we'll go to Coke cola. And resents exact source and around in my mouth. I. Then I was raised it is an only child so you have to really really usury imagination and I would who pretends bit. I imagine cause it was like a spaceship and I think ahead like on the inside of the door late stickers. And stay and as in there. And I just remember one time like being in there for a while and then opening the door and the flood of fresh air coming in this. Do you guys remember those miners that they do they've there are trapped underground in Peru. Like ten years ago and they did real down for a week to get to them. I imagine that's what they felt like once the drill came throw because it was a rush. Of cool air I was X. And then even my eight year old brain process that was dangerous. This iceman a story banner now. I know she doesn't bonus there's a school at 8 o'clock I though it does not mean gene as I'm out of the closet as a you know. And I never once got in thrown out of any class or I've read their government and ever. And are seeking in trouble ray I was again can I guess into the principal's office. Once for I'm peeing on a kids' library about that we didn't like that we found in the woods you Lockheed on somebody's library of they dropped it in the woods out even might indicate the book big kids. He peed on it. Any rain vaginal library the bug known as mom did and I'm in a plastic Croshere bag and look at this. And gets into the principal's office how they know is you that did it. I think they'd probably just an added we probably told everybody in. The new reproduce library book we did real big and he's done it a little bit too we did. You can barrels out about it. And went in my permanent record for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.