Tweety Bird Tattoo Part 2

Friday, August 12th


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Injustice and shell. Yeah OnStar in 941. We've been did you Vanessa whose sister is committed guy to get eight Tweety bird tattoo. In order to win a bet with her sugar and Vanessa is not happy about it. And we didn't think or at least I didn't think that the story was real. But I thought there is did some ideas so we just. Weird and crazy and far fetched but she checks out she does seem legit. We have. Personal information of hers that we were able to verify so. That NASA. What this guy whose whose beating the tattoo what's his story. I don't know and another guy without the talent but I know leave that in normal Q do you work and I and I got outlined you leery it. And that any kid though. I am but his wife and I think ordinary and he lived somewhere and it I heard that Atlanta. And he's right he didn't go to UGA at China. Andy's wife and he did not go to UGA and yeah. She convincing him Tweety bird on it. Knowing. That. From happening and why can't you just tell your sister this is the worst thing ever. I can't let a million times but she's very soon whining and or dad at her and she should chairman art especially not barker well. Admission that he's going to. It's insane to think this is fantastic. It's who. And we had I don't know and they don't know anything about the guy I think contact with a you guys. What we can't just that might fit the description that you have given. Oh wait did I who lives in the suburbs of Atlanta who did not go to UGA who married his Mary doing nurse and has a nine to five job is probably. 30000. People. A now I'll. Give any examining. It it has no kids do you have any idea how old is if any idea what his name is he had any idea about anything else. Now own nothing that other occupant gave me an opposition than on need finding him back. Editor I can get. Wow move. And I mean. Is there any way to track down the sugar daddy and make him take the offer off the table. Am I got no way I have no idea that staggered at issue on punt at eight about it. It. Go into the assured everything that you should Canada's brag about it like. Yeah I got this guy that I met online and he gives me a thousand dollars a month then and I documents other dudes get Tweety bird that is. Pretty much seen it in the pattern of elitists. Can't think I. Speaking a minute and let me get humane and thereby she's not in Great Britain. Well the description is out there so. Honestly the only thing that I can think is that that guy might have heard it. And like to ask everybody who knows. A dude who is in the berms. We don't have any. Plans to labored to add to that your weekend has ruined. And end the will help that Blake at at at a private practice and like it could add that I think I eat it yes. And it dining scene. Again appreciation I have lie about her name and where you are on the button but I think gauging her name is a week. And urban and it didn't need women act it. And she's twenty I and blinding green I had five boards in range eight. And see how people see the teacher which she does not a job. Okay what does she say that she teaches. She went to elementary school. Yeah. Just out of curiosity why we Ebert. Any way to try to keep an open area thinking and I get Tweety bird and then all ready group. And Trent stamp. But maybe it did they even a bunt I'll be back again. Yeah and now and I'm hoping instead of getting crazy. I worked out. Good. It's to me it is me. I don't know it to say other than thank you for this adaptive radio gold. Yeah I don't know when they. I hope I'm out there great thank you for the column. Thing. Like we think that's part that's it was we urged its. Think that's the part we are like and after a the jet engines start 941. Injustice and shelf. Stunts dollar and 841.