Tweety Bird Tattoo

Friday, August 12th


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They just didn't show. Ansari not before one. We're about to talk to a woman named him at NASA who is calling us so we can help her stop a guy. From getting a tattoo. If he's being tricked into giving. To make any sense Jen no I am not even gonna try to explain it will just pick up an asset and she can explain everything paved and it's welcome to adjust and and show how are you. And get carried it. We are well and we are here at your service you need our airwaves desperately. Ideally you need your help gain a worn out but ending bad doesn't happen this guy because of my picture. Oh okay so what's going on with your sister. And depending on the back treatment center in traps aging Celtics. And that really kind of let the greens. Okay that's just that's it sounds like anime and yeah. I don't have a great relationship. Thank you can't but see just really kind of terrible. Very nice that other people. And there's there's a dying in insurer has some sort of danger is that you're saying. And it is fairly danger when you gonna do women really stupid because they've heard. In the beginning it Tweety bird packed new front in your head hurt just speaking to groups. Exactly right it thousand Spain re. Seeing. So he wouldn't explain how we got it might as you did a sugar daddy went back and she's not fully admitting it but I'm pretty sure actually padding extra money diet. Bad sign an order. Directed and bad. So issue has been bragging about this one rich guy I mean she's dating and so you bet her if she could find you guys where now they can get a lucky in the world that. It that she didn't intend to get it had cue up sweet very direct I would hate her boob job. All right so there's a guy way I'm heard dating web site. Who. He has offered her money are made a bet winner. And the payoff is money for a boob job but she has sickened means a completely different guy. To get it Tweety bird tattoo. Yeah my little. And those are things and so would that there light. Drunk in funny bets. It's turned Nouri Al. Basically yeah and really meant that in the I have no idea that my sister aren't we didn't hear about it. And idiots we need protect you. So she found a guy so there's a guy who's going to do it. Yeah association Interbank at a bar. And if I had taken its toll on love with Perry she's like. We're learning the hard court with a little lead really she gave the girl you that the best trade ever Mac. And it would lead this weekend you gonna get between Greg peck is gonna hack. I. And I do think Tony human bragging about it. She thought I had a good job of packaging shrinking its total accurate and getting back into action without ever. So will once he gets attached to she has to show it to the sugardaddies somehow and in the sugardaddies gonna pay for her boob job. Yeah I think we gonna take a picture of it make it you know I don't see that things acrobatic talent between now and hasn't actually blowing you. And the picture to the rich guy to the sugar daddy to interpret the. Coal mine come -- this isn't sick twisted play again. We're seeing active user. You know you're gonna happen. The security UG. I ask you lend but see on out until another part. Okay. Now what about the guy do you know I am before anything poem before we get into that Jen I just for Vanessa on hold. Because. I wanted to check out her story and some of all I'm confused like I whine I I wanna find out if she's Rio and if her sister's real and I'd try to make sure that we're not getting X node OK so he welcomes. Crazy yes so we'll have her back on if everything checks and will will do if everything checks out will have her back on here like three minutes. Telus. About the guy in any of the details that she has vote world and I've just got to make sure she's legit first snow will be back hopefully with an asset. Injustice and shells. On starring Eddie for a long.