A Trick-Or-Treating Age Limit?

Tuesday, September 26th

Should this be a thing? Jeff thinks so, but our caller Jill definitely disagrees...

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. It's over a month away that you got us are thinking about your costume. It says gigabyte claims. Already in the story can go to target without seeing piles and piles of candy corn and miniature chocolate and Halloween decorations. You gotta decide are you going to be the house and hands out. A fun science or the regular side this a he garnered a couple years ago I decided to be the guy you handed out in full sized antivirus oh yeah so I went in bought like. Forty dollars what that's like forty full size bars right. Two kids showed up and I asked a home the second one got like eight full sized Snickers and behind his kids about the late night. You never going marriage and what is wrong. Right into questions were asked him this morning now. Is is that town that banned trick or treating for kids over the age of sixteen. Making the right call you can actually get up buying a ticket loan. For 202 and a city lives. If you're contradict treating over the age of sixteen Jennifer says that's ridiculous. It counted and kick officiating is all wrong. I do not think it should be banned and why is. Well I have a speaking out about actually issued limitation seventy okay I wouldn't I. I would rather know what that scene out with her friend. You know going to count how different and then you'd Halloween at an excuse. So kind and being. For lack of a better word miss it and I think it's an opportunity for them to hold until little bit of their childhood. But I can't. OK so. You're afraid that if they are not allowed to go out in trick or treat at age sixteen and they're getting into a bigger more problems. I'm not allowed to do it I did I just feel lake to Symbian we. Absolutely should definitely not illegal means to be every kid to try and hit against. And the door to eat. Decade include think it's a lot of fun I mean. I don't think you'd Clinton can impose sort of day. I'm looking into phone calls my in the minority here yes to think seriously think oh my gosh yes. Until you can drink you can go out like 21 to mediate I'll put it outside twenty year old goes trick or treating and and you've got a great awesome and you knocked on my door I don't really care all you right I would DVD and it's a dedication to the holiday that should be celebrated. Exactly let's see in Kennesaw. OK. I I luckily there's. I escorted by Italy years if not good how. Yeah it keeps drinking all the parties gain college Halloween party her about her and slowly and generally wait till I. Telling. The little kid they are. Does anyone else share the philosophy that one share able to earn. Money to buy your own candy that's when the trick or treating trips. One sure legally allowed to drive from house to house and it's. I mean I see where you're coming from lying maybe you're too old to do that though to put that age restriction on some money and say you can't do this anymore and make someone to do it. That much more written so and then go like that look like Jennifer said she's got a seventeen year old now she'd much rather have harsh you know just like. Dylan around the neighborhood and let all of her friends and cute little Clausen verses. Going in some lower house party and a high school learn to celebrate Halloween now go in front and they were NBA can't. I Andean jams create what's out. This cold really mad like I have always conjure cheating my own hide your light. And I swear I quit my console him that each hair on me I don't blame the cotton and got a little net that I. I couldn't get tickets you don't I would be so now. My friends the real meat. And we. Went out bought one. How old are you having. Such. Set and you have your driver's license yet. I do I eat at school project and all that. She's so upset this is going to be this is what's got a fired up okay but listen Evian this point now you have a car do you have a job any chance. And the school. My attitude that it's coming I. How obvious is okay how do you have a question your first retinol any unity for Halloween they see her. You know. Lock I disconnect actually I'm a student or a little and my. So Kathy thank Sammy I I I love your passion I appreciate that. And I we did finally have somebody who agrees with me I would take out from Ghana. And that she will over time my mom and mom's. Why did you agree with me now. Star in 941. Kelly she's a Smart people are starting to Colin Powell. And her. Town newsstands trick or treating for people over the age of sixteen. And Donna a a 100% agrees and may I say if you have a driver's license that he had brilliant gem by your own game beat you should not be trick or treating. Donna and your very Smart to. Yeah it I agreed because. Every here and there aren't entails. So I keep unless it's big on their fate they're rested her body and engine isn't right I'm saying yeah sandy. And some candy and NE CM a root out there in the sand. I push well that's because they comfort too much candy yeah I didn't push you and it can be. Show me journal and then there's a little and there's like a little six year old make a little first grader there right. Annual shareholder shall bring out the doorstep. Jeff and held a little germanic case you look at grange thank you down I appreciate it Canadian logos growth. I agree I. I'm a sixteen year old and her last year secretary England last year I don't really was dressed up and we walked the neighborhood a little. He got to the door into. Do you make your child's dress up and then make all our him walk around and neighbors say and then not allowed to go. Bringing genie that is the. Extremely likely alternate. I understand it it took Katrina turned merge it not be here it. She she can drag me to restoring girl yeah it might just. I teach. If Edwards is gonna make you do everything yanks had love lives in the dark greens are available Jalen Kennesaw welcome to the show. Oh my gosh I think everybody actually get into our week Kent Conrad and they take that parents are allowing kids to act and to work on our games and parents expect the rewards that and then my door to and kind. To a group which courage on hate and playing. And they want to be a bad. Mean I think that's true interact got glitter hair sparkle even the blind and it I had everything. And he wants it to being a man leaned yeah I mean and that's reportedly been nice to do wrong around the country you leave here and increasingly. Seeing and you should give. To include movement who works I don't care if you're seventeen or whatever it's got a creek park in. India to be critical mind nor. And you maintain heart into it ink and acts on Everett our current and it's. So. And until you've got to go bullets at zero holding candy corn for I know lazy cause stands and then you've got a bold like full sized candy bars for life. The thought out costumes. And I got a Dollar General pops straight and lady and I can't comment your work and I just I. There and they are not working they're not earning and paying eight and like let's and it's. You're in league leader at your right knee injury and ink and worked increased drinking include records how America works. Borrowing and a lot less impact there's a lot of Jews are American so what you're saying in jail no matter the age of the traitor traitor. Three year old thirteen year old seventeen year old if they put effort into their costume. Then you'll give them more candy but if it's just some kid who rose up to earn a plastic bag man masculine gay get off my student. No I don't want my daughter last year and in total to encourage Americans to come to the extreme. That's pretty green asking knocking on my door trying to be too out. It was a child eat so. We're going to celebrate any minute while trouble learning and semi and try to eat sleep a little about. How they're. They're wider network went yeah. Thirty intensely green just determined to keep you know resentment but to go to work everyday sort of each week you get your reward tickets you're putting something into it. Extension of the game. OK I'm so what does it say a little four year old girl five year old who just has like an eye patch nine. And he's like I'm umpire car if he can't. But like that statement so he obviously has no control like he's now Rolen and a party city picking up the cost him. And a little girl in the party idioms and he went around thinking I attached to explain. Knotted at about a nineteen DK. I'm owed to grab her Indiana and trying to enter in your hand it in a week old parent Internet because they are you can touch the bottom to make him look around the bottom of how you're either. In your creativity and eat. Go to our needs financial all time money into it on high tension. And while I'm retired I'm trying to create an alliance construction and it's. The. I had there that are currently on. There seemed to take a Portland and continuing equal to ordinary college in theory that's all. They're very independent intricate sinkers to teach kids to go out in a while I am. Okay thank you joked. Oh. And I an happy Halloween. And as. Not really sure where to go after that oh we. Felon and I have these calls are gone now. Jeff tell irony no age limit. A yes limit in that I know age when there are no limits. I'm really rattled victim. That senate bill. Jones and here. Finally heading. And unleash your return next joke and the settlement in great. Or 04263094. When I guess we can surely did an intentional. And something else or did she go cry alone could. Oh yeah. Star in 941. Hey Jennifer welcome to the jet engine shafts. You know cancer after Rihanna got insulted by jail every dog until he had to. Yeah it's a girl you regret starting conversation I had a RDE. Will light up that the how early. It is our kids. Not a big deal. She's the person like she's the mom did they do if you're in the back in the classroom a Rodin Halloween week. You were parents and I'll come stand in the back of the classroom like you would have. You lean over her and god almighty god does that correlate so adorable she's come Al's son. And Joseph goes that's the worst else I'd never seen that shoots I ate well she's her parents could be listening to it I've never seen an. Why don't hit it. Thank you Jenner. Monet and so money. Don't think she and turned impeached. Some Al Kidd a light let parents that the parent can you give them a straight into IndyCar how that. It's not every parent is that interest mom so they were not creative. Rework our current leader. Beyond. Tiffany and Lawrence of Halloween everybody should just be about little tiny bites you buy Snickers came Matt let's get back. Yet I bet Joseph gives out raisins. Learns I. And we weren't in. My eye on it and you know our Halloween at the end. I heard lord you know very core and I had done when they're growing up and my mom was very create X are caught and I'm going to get well and it. Like why it costs inch and a southern Belle. And I am and get the traitor. To my door. I don't know why. Only an idea that someone has played some America wanted to celebrate a holiday college. Hey there's our culture. Is there. Eloquent and pour it. You know we didn't ask Joba what can you imagine if two people. Roll out to kids rollout to Joe's house and one of them fully decked out that saves JP and Kelly right. And JP's I trust as a police officer got a tiny new uniform I'll look a little bell would look at Benning in the iron and laid a little badge and everything and I tell you she's just rolls up like a sheet over. Her and at two holes cut out your leg up on the dose. Do you think and you're both fine. Do you think Jill frozen bagel handful of like chocolates in JP's bag and then just drops like one Hershey kiss and Yaris a for sure. It is Sheikh judging people into. He doesn't like slowly. To be I wanted us until he gets for creativity. And not only that she goes you know next year if you gonna be negotiation but some LED lights underneath your little pill case there are now old jazz things up but maybe you'll get some entertaining match here so we just got killed nine. That's an image or trolling. OK last costs every anger from. Thinking oh my bet against children every morning and she's like. I I grew and IO. After I got it without an Internet like. Until. Yeah still a tank a that we can that we get and that that I'd tell staff thank you Stephanie. If you worm if you miss the phone call that came in what like less than ten minutes ago. Won't put it on line but we were just talking about this town that banned Halloween for people over the age of sixteen in jail calls out and talks about how she judges. Every kid who rolls and which is a costume and determines how much came either gonna gave. Depending how good the task to ms. Even like the four Urals yeah. Based on creativity she handles handfuls of candy or not because when you're thirty years old and you're in your office and you're just slave in a way for the man. And you need to know what it's like to get rewarded for doing your job well done while I was joked okay. Cool I like to share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook.