Travis Still Wants Help

Friday, April 22nd


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It samples. And Jessie. I'm 840 Travis is still on the phone and we have to get back to that discussion. And the burning question that we all have for Travis is. Travis you have a fiancee right yeah Purdue. So what's going on with that so you're engaged to be married to somebody else likely plane OM. And then you see this picture of a different woman need to wait that's the one that's supposed to be my life. Well put everyday particularly if the bullet it more complicated and that sort all that bad here for what you like I. I'm very much in love with my fiance okay we we've been dating on and off for eight years older. The call to get it it shifts here quite a threat. So. Rick we we know each other. In a way that you know articulate not a lot of people can understand it criminal syndicate married her knowing each other for two months which unite. Really looked like from the friendship that we had what what I am feeling you know with confederate not. It's not like it divided into it sounds like something from a you know crazy eighties John Hughes. Or would keep fighting everywhere but obviously the person that I always spot. You know and and like bedroom circumstance but it's not that it was a great. Something in what a piece of me that which finally the realize sort I'm not I don't wanna leave my fiance to. Good to be where Kabila if amber is just more of the realization like state the admission of owning up to the faculty. What what pisses and then like what it but it released what it would it mean in terms of Blake. Making that connection with her very much do not want to jeopardize things were mired. But my fiance or public any you know actually the betrayal or anything riveted. Are you there are now hold on and you say acts as a betrayal I'm assuming your fiance does not know the unit sent these emails. No. It but what I'm trying to do it's it's just like history just says figure out what it means. To me employed so I don't want to. I don't wanna complicate it or how firm that understands what it but it's going up because it's not I'm not looking to get out of the wedding and you know. Just when you are you know pre wedding jitters. Than ever you're putting yourself lately and you realize. Jan. I was gonna say if you word to reach out and get a hold of this Cassandra would you then tell your fiance that you did it. Or would you tell her with four irk you made a phone call. We did Snyder about one. I think that they're they're great question what you're asking very very good question I and I want to I want to have a better understanding of it. Myself just. Individually before. I include. I heard so it I'm not that frustrating her or making her think that something but it it horror. And so you know it just. I don't know what but I saw that picture I just it was like everything and we just wanted to do. Good to reach out spirit ballot access proper you know hopefully reach out to Cassandra my. Yeah that would permit I had him. I wanted you to be seen. I don't know. I wanted you to be such a creepy and make this so easy and you are actually somewhat logical even though I think your crappy fiance Purdue and that's. It's. What the words you're saying. Makes sense I don't well. I don't think that you've done anything wrong. Necessarily up until this point because you just sort of like it meeting we've had these feelings. About seeing this woman Cassandra but I think at this point if you don't tell your fiance. About the email that you sense you're definitely jeopardizing that relationship. Maybe actually even going as far as him going to email Alex without telling her you're jeopardizing. With a crowd is out on that how. Heartbroken at your fiance be you know the you do that. I would like to think that we know each other well enough issue would understand that I am. I'm more. I'm more concerned with the idea figuring out that the peak of my life. Then that haven't heard it treated it like me being in love with another one but that it. And I thought about well we did she does friends. Like you say has nannies of their eight years if she really is your best friend maybe should be open TU exploring this but I think you keeping a firmer is a big red flag. I mean does that add quickly that I haven't. I haven't told my family had either or my other colleagues or anybody work but it felt like. Everybody knows that I'm not telling my fiance linkages it it it's been a very. Personal thing for me but farther than reaching out Alex. All right. We're gonna share what you said and Alex and that and when it was an intelligent and third great thank you very much and advocate for our judgment. Well not a lot when Edward united now but once you hang out here. We don't have to because everybody listening can do that Obama in that area to get a phone number up at 404741. 9400. So we just heard from Travis. Who is the man who reached out to Alex about her friend Cassandra and Alex you've got to hear that entire conversation. Thought he was in creepy isn't. Age. I mean there's county you. Could. I mean I I don't think what eighteen chant it and I. Look at the target fiance. But what else or think that if she gets a hand. You know at our events that she got that. She'd probably need even a little bit out this funny in the pac man you're right we probably thought he Mary standard needed it. I don't think should I don't think a little. So what are the next steps Alex what do we do what do you do well I'll. Actually. And I let me you can't talk to him. Like if you can do. Or to quote tantrum. Yes. Yeah yeah. So we take you out of it. Begin you know then it's not like this friend frank calling her which. It's a doubt that's how weird to have their radio show right foot and then just say no you're wrong about that party is we ordered battery is now. But if you wanted to give us her number we do we would do it yeah. Show. I bet good feeling that it. This will be better you have heard. You have her number or can you get easily considered out of time today ruled Monday. I will put you on hold. I think we have your information that will give you David. You can text him and see you Jim and number animals and implement. You know you came I am also. In the meantime do not forward that email to her. Yes let us see the ones that are not good point the travesty now don'ts don't send along it just let it sit there are nice in your inbox right on. I don't think you.