Travis Speaks Out

Friday, April 22nd


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Are making this wedge to the justice shall. Are made Aurora. Yesterday I don't we got an email from Alex that said I gotta talk to you guys because I get an email from a guy named Travis Travis was reaching out to Alex because he wanted to get in touch with her friend. Cassandra who he'd just seen a picture of and Alex mr. Graham feed and he said that's the woman I've been dreaming about my entire life agreement storming back could be. My future wife. The second email Alex got from him was that Travis was engaged. So we were trying to figure out. Is this creepy should she she just needed advice should she get involved should she connects them should she not. The whole entire thing is. An we have Allen time rate rate that guns out of the hole and pick the whole thing it's incredibly fascinating. Because there is so many later this year I mean it's it's exciting because it seems like it's very beautiful romantic thing. But if he's engaged to somebody else elect calm. So weekend. With the idea that we're going to get Travis. On the phone. And ease him into I'll talk on the anti as I'm scared now Alice you do you wanna listening to this call. All right put your phone and mute. Will pick up Travis and that welcome back to you afterwards I. Thought here you're welcome thank you. Hey Travis. Say hey Todd thank you for coming out with a how are you. Dirt orders. Good we know it's a little bit earlier in Oklahoma City and they are getting at certain. I still listen week it's a phone call from from Alex is our new best friend and she and she shared that's the emails you send. About her friend Cassandra. And if presented an interesting. Debate on our show. And before. Jan and I and our our listeners. Can make a fully informed decision and we thought it would be fair to hear from year. This letter. I mean Travis this letter that you wrote to Alex this first email is just beautiful I mean that you change your whole life about marrying. And a woman named Cassandra in this vision that you had in your mind your whole life looks exactly like her for its. Yeah right and operated that it is an integrated story. But it's so I am glad that you're usually if it was a beautiful circuit something great just. From a very very early age. You know it it'd be that the image as a it would mean people always say lectured quite. You're going to marry this woman named defender just haven't got the Buick that's running. Came in my life and so what I just happened to be. Looking through a friend or friends. It's a cramped seat in front of firms like the another slick stuff like that does not how and Germany and the that would happen to me even though. You know like every minute I had been thinking about the quick in my adolescents and and we need to Wear what so it's just crazy like right now at this time in my life would that all these other things. Going on that that she just appeared you can look at it like magic. You mean the other things going am I planning a wedding. Yeah we're gonna get to that in a second but I want know the moment that your scrolling your instant and just looking at people's pictures. And this woman appears in the feet I wanna know what it felt like to you when you saw her image. It's like I think my drives still on the floor about it it would just like it was an expected it would cents. It is just like something. It was just like something hit me that was like totally sold. Warm and from the British public so. I don't know like something that was just and so but it had almost been stated what can. I mean she's. She's the beautiful admitted it if it's it's more than that I think it's quicker this warm in this radiant they're just competitive way that I feel like. I know where immediately I don't know hardly believe them. And how far different but it just simply we knew who. Each other what you would like just that instant. Connection million just a although you have an and I know that it. I'm not a creepy occurred flatly denied. You know again I would not be the kind of guy clicked follows somebody. Down the street or pine over somebody that you like we're totally. Unattainable but this just so play. So. I don't know public can prevent or or or freighter coming in I just knew that I had to. I had to at least reach out of it per cent in and see if it was just me that that felt the connection. I'd sign a question. Did you visualize. Because I think the way I read your letter is that this woman this Cassandra looks like someone that you have imagined. I think 8888 exactly. Cool cat imagine what. At the same height in this same pair in the same lean into it as sort of the something about the but the eyes especially that they were just. They've all been shaped bar on it and finding. It bureau hopefully delegate lead is just something that you know it's so crazy when you've been pictured something in your mind for so long he would. Represented in really put I just really. I its telecast and the wind knocked out of me. And it just a war is over would adjust and it would put her in my mind or her you know and the picture makes phone. An appetite at all. But I just I feel like I'm doing myself with the service. If I don't. Make a connection somehow and and that that way or subvert the amount. I hang out 12 we're gonna come. Back review because we have to talk about the fact that you are engaged. Cells or worse yet that's the thing I mean that we're just this letter and he just wanted to meet a stranger and you had no relationship going and Billy yeah. Are but you've got a serious relationship going on someone asking about we'll come right an Arab and sure.