Trashed or Toddler

Monday, August 14th

Play along as we try to guess whether they're describing a drunk adult, or a typical toddler.

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. As storage that if you tell the difference between the safe kids see adults or a typical three year old. I wouldn't claim it marrying game here in just 12 this is a challenging game I mean much other than my thanks to. I didn't marry and can't welcome to the show. Joining me are you ready apply. I. Crazy question is you have more experience with toddlers or trashed and else. Who probably had not okay. I marrying they can't now hundred dollar gift card to Dunkin' Donuts is a programs. All you have to do is identify whether or not these people are trashed. I adults or toddlers you get to play against the wind member of the Jeff's engine chip except from tainted he's gonna put this together who would you like to play against. She turned you wanna play it if I. Way they can enthusiasts. I married was the first time and a place I Jen you run the whole thing about this in here and be married to. Okay round why and it comes from Nicole in Marietta. So they. Says she got really big running stars left in the air and just eat on the ground sprained ankle and banged up earnings. Nicole talking about agent adult or a typical toddler. They don't live journal adult tracks. And stress test outcast. I just think it's an advance an out strong backing and no it was a yell you just an. I'm also gonna say trash because they're on the USA bid it. When Billy. Italian about a three year old right and can I Ramsey concerns right. We were playing basketball and he decided that oh you don't want I'm just gonna proof in the driveway he just decided that using dogs work. Mary. A toddler and can't ask I. I'm gonna say Tyler Islamic there was. And today. Round three comes from a racial in Kennesaw eat your left in their sleep got an island their hair always says saying that they needed help. Shall I am. England broke out and they kept on telling us in the shower and. Mary you once you got. I'll just say hey it's that. Came out of this depression. Now I ask you mean I don't know hook by just wanted to know when kids are beating themselves this is interchangeable. Women and a four year old take a shower yes really or less OK I herself. No I mean you have to be right there. But yes they take showers related she super sub pop and everything yeah. I'm gonna go a toddler and K because I think that was I instantly to honorable ways rituals and and restraint yeah. Well fast line. So if a four year old three or four year old can take a shower then I'm going without okay now so tired comes from Jamie and Mac Donald. He was a walking around a restaurant and they don't themselves. In three different places three different times Smith this. We would outlet which. Tends to ask bad guys sounds like he has a friend who just turned 21. I'm gonna go trash your eye and say okay and our final round for this week comes from a deep sat in that Jackson she says cats eating chicken bones and had them in the bottom drawer and entertainment centers. I thank them for later. Suit well. I'm glad I backed you up one and because and go it trashed and. Sewage runs her saying this I do a drug person and food is currency. Definitely remember. Nice surge that chickens now for a week. I'm gonna go way that toddler because. Here's my science behind it she said in the bottom her of the entertainment center and that slate. A drunk person would not attempt to navigate that. Events that I think census toddler. I will be back here end. Just three minutes and we'll tally of the total hundred dollars to Dunkin' Donuts. Mary if you successfully. Guess to more word trashed or toddlers than I did we'll find out next. And everything if. I'd be president transmontaigne made. Young adults are eight technical. I was just playing against Mary airs. She answers more correctly then I usually gets 100 dollars and Dunkin' Donuts Mary how you feel about your choices you wanna switch any enemy Philip JD film's strong. I'm. Pretty valid at all that could Palin is sort of toddlers. The group both India and got the diet low Edward Tammany. You can now play along and the guests with Mary and Jesse if you are right as well okay. Nicole in Marietta said this so they've really gonna be about Irina says she got really big running start left in the air and just eat on the ground sprained ankle and banged up turning. Mary and Jeff both against trashed and here's the answer let me and I was trashing. Am I blind or did. Here our eggs around sue came from for a true said the. So we were playing basketball and he decided that oh you know what I'm just gonna group. In the driveway. He just decided that fusion bombs work I marry and Jeff both against toddler on that one let's see who's right that was my brother and he was a top. Being. Great job okay. Mount three game for them race so intense stock. Eighth through left in their sleep. I'm on their hair daily sensation that they needed help to shower and he gets thrown about and then kept on telling us in the shower and blue. Mary said trance Jen said toddler. The answer is. I mean I'm a little. And it's where. All is where you go out. Current score is three since you. And they don't have answered differently on these classy around the streets here in favor of whom in favor do you fear mr. Hughes went out. Since specific. I think we all know. The only child who's today's. Ensuring that we are out today. Anti Iraq. Ford came to us from Jamie and Mack Donna he was a walking around at a restaurant and I don't himself. In three different places three different times. OK Mary said toddler jabs and trash here. Is your answer. They were absolutely trashed Jack. He's so wrong that is tearing me that's the game unholy army the win earned the clerics. These little buzzer away. Wanna find out who was right in round five yeah you have to add it as a matter of merit I would have tonight. I'll come here am I. I'd pizza in Jackson said this she said Cathy she combatants and have them in the bottom drawer and entertainment center to save them for later. Mary said trash Jess and toddler years the answer and she was a toddler. Yeah. Time for our. Own. Oh on right I. Next week somebody's gonna take you on and challenge GM through their aid thanks for coming on the show and Suzanne. Hey hey and the lion will finds a mediocre drives they give you may exist in kitty. This and have a little something. Though. Hands on and yet those starters enjoyed. Also my hundred dollar gift card run down into. The issue now. This Helena island is only child do this Siena. Kids have to learn how to win respectfully and losers actually had just paid Alger and now. And that is how you sweep the game of. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.