Trashed or Toddler

Wednesday, June 6th

Who said it: A trashed adult or a toddler? 

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On the second gen Schaub. You tell the difference between the behavior having typical eight year old all right completely drunk adults we make it a game trash or toddler and on the line. Is passion Maclin are concert tickets. Let's say hello to Katie and Atlanta welcome to the show Gainey. Connell I I would cheer area of expertise. Are getting drunk or you know look kids. And known have a drink or Q yeah. Well you wanna compete against Kelly she's she also. Known damage anchored him. And Jimmy this should be a good and healthy competition I've. She didn't even support era here. Pool party ideas well. Gisenyi Christians by and then when she said they managed that it really would be trying to get out of there early it was just lonely moment typically party the images and tequila ice Les Miles I'd love. I clear number one comes Sinclair Madonna so we're at a party and usher for two seconds. I come back and she was soaking wet wearing a sombrero of us sending out when I see that's how I want change party did you not so yeah. The back could be really either so we're at a party and I share for two seconds. I come back and she was soaking wet wearing a sombrero I'd guys who I KD is that a timid about marriage rationale. Yeah. I'm gonna have to go trashed adult. Strategies. And sound regularly trash adult 'cause I think I did this on seeing that in my house on his. I'm gonna go toddler just because I've I think it's gonna trick me in gut says Tyler players answer a thousand court mean. She got showered in champagne on her birthday. Is just trashed. Wearing dating. Happens in the band is playing with ordinary and they took a. Let's me. At Shea yeah. I'm marrying Kenton he started crying because that is cease to get us some Laffy taffy and body was a piece of her time with the. Com home. Well. And good solid. And. I know you've been to some festivals were people take his stuff. C'mon hours and answers harassment. My very gullible friends on easy she was trashed it now. He's one Kelly geez thank you for any sense to be. Katie and fortunately I. Rom for years has had a says she got excited when she found out that allowed Susan that sayings are restaurants get boiled and eaten. Which fingers Massey accident and not so nice of them to have all these little prestige and mass capacity and so cute. When he had pressured Tom Lehrer Katie. And she's atop other irons weren't. Thank you. Kelly in Alpharetta and says she said if I talk Max gets to go to the bathroom in the house I did to go to the bathroom in the house to build. While these are is not the kind of round. As when he got to go you gotta go you can tie you have Katie Greg getting this in right. This person things that have matched the Doggett can go body and house they should be an ideal body and house. Drunk logic are toddler wisdom. I'm literally on a toddler Kelly season. I'm Tennessee's Tyler resume aid to vote for either the answer error that was my niece Lauren and she's a toddler. Aren't you are up by one and gas leak. Which means this is a must get question for you Katie on the line to cash it in Mac Lamar eradicating. Seeing it in Buckhead with the final core I love those sales and now you're eating chicken nuggets. Did inaudible. The fact yeah. I think it in the doubles the question you. Katie trash or Tyler. I'm gonna and hot water. I Kelly if you also say toddler it's a guaranteed win a crappy way to do it if you say yeah. Breath. Gave Katie the apathy that high you wanna be an awful person in USA trash on music tracks anyway can I had a remain who. Freeman's in his every time. The crew when our time I log on the stairs Intel's you're eating chicken nuggets. A little bit dog bowl and the answer from game day gain about head as my children she stood. And I and four. Any history went four for five. Maybe it was a good average haven't beaten and seeing Mac and advanced. I can hang on the line they'll find you know find some thousand foray thank you for listening and thanks for playing OK I think got to study up on your impressionist and your time that. Pagan Exley guy. I'm dead. He's running Dennis L in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Strip come and overlook knocks. Justin.