Trashed or Toddler

Tuesday, August 8th

Are these listeners describing a drunk person or a toddler? Play along with us!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. And surprisingly different holds a game show you have to determine is this is not adults or is this if temper tantrum from. Little person. Jessica and cutting and is listening to several rounds of traffic travelers like Michelle I can win this easily welcome to the shares at camp. There morning who would you like to play against your options are JP Kelly geez Jenn hobby or myself. Terms JC I'd change me all. Of state. The line today is a Dunkin' Donuts 100 dollar gift card. I just got our interviews get more answers right in JP and you are a winner. OK Andre OK here we go from life in. Ta ISO I don't necessarily and it's just a team. And a lot of us aren't she apparently decided pancakes for the best idea I want to. Photos and I thought it was pancake batter everywhere and everywhere. I is that trashed adult or a toddler JP what do you think. Judging by the boys I'm in this okay. Toddler. Toddler and just got. National. Trash trash adults Simone. Who is visiting from Kentucky after this glow. Well so she was mad because we wasn't on the Waffle House and we have a public issues this takes enhanced sound we see her abandoned. And city apparently don't exactly does not take me to Waffle House fellow Tommy is a bathroom. Did he trash talk her naked butts and block whole good butter or jelly I'm gonna dress at all. Shall at all allow it out okay. I awesome we've got Christie's in low and bill's story she threw a complete sale because she won in chocolate chip cookies so I came in as soon. And getting all this stuff ballot including in on the calendar I looked over and she was passed out in the corner snow could. Trash. TV says trash Jessica. I'm learn. Sam in Atlanta offers this clue this guy acts are angry is plenty excited DOC. Yelled into the wall. So heartless but did it right. Move. Or trash and see my remains do that before. Nash yeah. And energized and well that's pretty arts. At K and around five comes front ends on key element here because the streets and very experienced Tillman threw a pass at you need a freaking awful. JJV let's free and while. Hi Diego Tom there are now on a black comedians as a guy. Who are now. And I. I we won't be back there saying it three and a half minutes. And tally up the score just get 100 dollars million dollars if you DJ gay in this week's edition. Keep track. Can jump still are ready for a one. In addition. I. If she got more right than he gave it then she gets a hundred bucks to spend at Dunkin' Donuts. The first clue came up from lower I in Atlanta so. Necessary. Some just their team. I was gone she apparently decided pancakes for the best idea I want to. Photos and I thought it was pancake batter everywhere and everywhere JP said toddler and just doesn't trashed. This is a little sister as a toddler who they let me to get us. You really. Now one point JT two number two comes from Simone the visiting Atlanta from Kentucky. So she was mad because we wasn't on the Waffle House and we found publications just takes a fan zone we see her abandoned him. And CT and lead on what will he does not take me to mollify house fellow Tommy is a bathroom. Fast. Food safety said tracks and so did Jessica is the answer. It was my tape and she was trash. As you no doubt about and write snag our round please Christie and Logan bell she threw a complete sick because she won in chocolate chip cookie. So I came in. Done getting all this stuff ballot including an on the counter I looked over and she was passed out in the corner snow. Did he said trash and just as a toddler it was my toddler just last. And we got ourselves I tie you. Okay experienced guy acts are angry at his friend he acts video is that he yelled into the well. So heartless but yeah I. Innocent trashed. This is my friend and it was so I happen to our yen as some point you know he's so that your uncle radar ranking ever been Debian and the final round he yelled and many of the street ten minutes installments through deep ascent ED freaking awful. That's and javy most of toddler not. Did you get that on long it is they tied game three. Congratulations to ask them. Thank you guys are a few in the same I hear about it I think the eighth. So I thought it could look any. I mean to divert average. Higher she gave you good she gave you some of the wisdom of this. Totally egg bad and you're used gave you the wisdom for the other half again. I guess it's fair to keep taking guys thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star now before want to.