Trashed or Toddler

Thursday, April 26th

"So, she took a sharpie and drew cat whiskers on her friend's face!"

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Of. Oh my name. And assassins and the south. Start before one it is typical that the difference between a trashy dull aren't typical dollars a week valued client that someone describing behavior and you'd decide. I think describing a typical three. Or eight totally all wasted grown adults. Up for grabs parity it's just the way I'm Matt Nathanson and at the Roxy on August 1. Catherine do you have an area of expertise would you consider yourself an expert in all things trash an expert in how things toddler. Either okay well I'm that's Jan obviously I was. She's got a couple of from running around our house our favorite question asked is how much sleep did you get last night. Because they're both doing the coming to mommy and daddy's in the Middle East. I totally that if you're there with mean last it was a follow. And it probably five and a half hours let's get them for you right right around half I'm half maybe six. We get lucky. So who would you like to play against Kelly she's expert panel thinks trash or Jenn hobby. Expert and I think father but sleep deprived. It. I'm gonna go it. I January ready to pound cat and rose and Carol Mann has the number one says she took a shark mean. And troop cat whiskers on her friend's face. Through rate these via trash person did it. I. Trashed and going argument Nadler the answer is it was my friend Caylee and she was trashed by. I stat cap enters Brandenburg as the Catharine. GP doctor Laura and analysts who gave this clue. So Aston why is the dog elect. And he said oh because they heat on him and the fact. How. They are not there and. Just curious JP was this a friend of yours are strangers hit the of course and one OK that I know my answer okay what he's saying I'm going to ask. Laura and Dallas who had a wet dog that camped out and that is a very knotty toddler that is nine neighbor's kid. Another point for cats and has lowered here. Jessica and favor though with the number train. So he's sonic Janet singing alone on TV he said. He doesn't have any friends Desi. Is any track as. And then worker at a moment and I can see it drunk person getting so I'm oh. Split so emotional over that. And that there. There are more time yes ma'am so he saw it Janice singing alone on TV he said he doesn't have any friends Desi. I ago toddler. Yeah it yeah eight. You stand drafts or use our agenda and Katherine says trash chances Stadler the answer from dusk and they have oil is. That was my sisters did and he's a doctor. And. I am on the board as to why an advantage by Katherine in in flowery branch with the number four. Says she asked me when I was holding my. Aesthetic calculator and she said no. That's that house and now. And how. It's not account you later they can't you now. Academies they trashed and I. I got to address to you're bouncing and trash Amy says. Top wow. I. And I the only option here is for you to get it wrong and tend to get it right Tammy and I game as meego. Include number five JP talked to Max in Smyrna is that a player with smokers should. She lifted her dress over written and jump off the vision of I think that parachute press overhead jumped out big man bench it could be a sorority girl. Could be three world. To our UNC Tyler. Cats and I trashed. And aid and stays alive if the answer is trashed. As much rest friend material. Moon. We didn't a game away and I game. The prize does go to the family member of that team captain and try to shall. Also mean an Iron Man it is an act that Roxy. And you can brag to all of your friends that you're really and it trashing toddler did and I definitely. Thanks for making this alleged indigestion yeah OnStar not before one.