Trashed or Toddler

Wednesday, March 28th

What really is the dofference between a drunk adult and a tumultuous toddler? Not much. So we made a game out of it! Let us know how you did!

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And young still aren't ready for a one. Yeah. My name. It's just and send Schaub starting before one. It is hard to tell your friends but if you can do it today you've got some at Lenny united soccer ticket instead zoom Mercedes then stadium April 7. Likes them Einstein's take on the LA football club if you nab vendor in Milan united game. It's a lending hand you gotta go early got to go labels haven't is that game we got tickets and Hulu could win the M Jeff dollar. Melissa I'm listening in stone mountain welcome to the Japanese and show and I am I molest said the game is so easier we heard it played before. Yet OK perverts who do you want to play against Kelly geez who is an expert in most things trashed because weekends. Or Czech economy who's an expert in most things toddler. Because. Two year old and four year old. I'm actually don't think that he and. Okay thanks a panel until let's do this I Melissa ears either way it works for anybody who has not heard the game before our. I JP goes all over Atlanta and asked people to describe the behaviors. Either somebody they now that is trashed and has obviously grown up. All our Tyler. It is shockingly difficult viewed. I've figure out which one is which out of context whoever gets the most out of five is the winner and if you win. Melissa Atlanta united tickets are you variety. I sure am Simone indicator starts this ops. She got her head stuck in their real lean on the second floor hotel balcony message hey. I'm sags and bags I can and that's the Kate out on the balcony where mom just like we yelled runs in that turned the TV offers aren't tramp. Fire department's comments I'm so drunk on spring break. Melissa Richard yes. I'm so it. Has trashed let's do that against. Yes what are attack. I go with toddler care. This is fresh air Ryan Jenkins reason this matters of all jammed up and are rare rally Reese got her legs stuck in her cramped. So you know I had this whole different story about I'm gonna go toddler on this night Simone indicator gave this clue she got her head stuck. In every Elaine on the second floor hotel balcony and Simone is describing. That was neat to announce a three year old toddler Todd Lara. Nine Motorola went out. How can do that they will their heads in places it should be. Becky aim at Marietta is gonna describe the number two so she hung the Perry earrings. On a roll of toilet paper and I got back and forth on this 1 but I I am gonna say it's tough today my vote would be. What say you Melissa. Not met. Toddler is a good guess because I told Emeril is right they're height they are obsessive jewelry. But I'm also thinking and then it trashed person's going to be pretty close the told never quite a bit detail. And Kelly pointed notes that if you have dangling earrings and year not feel unwell after Tommy's look up that and you might wanna keep them dangle he's out of the totem pole that's jungle contracts act trashed it is James guess the answer from Becky. Does it ever subtler. I learned. Who went from Melissa in Atlanta with clear number three she fairy is on the cats because she wanted to see her fly. I think that our producer urgent need. And that's totally yet at. Not a random teaching them. Who this is tough at Wal-Mart time Kate in Atlanta after she got this theory is on the cat because she wanted to see her flag. Melissa had trashed adults are typical job. The duck blind I. Though popular. You see Tyler Jan what do you. I am going and trash. And not with alcohol and half kind of a crash. It was my very drunk friend Samantha she was stressed crashed. It I want to. And Melissa. Let's stay alive where is Heather in Norcross. She stole an orange traffic cones and brought it in the house to Nazi. It's such a drunk kid move up but it toddler. It is toddlers playing in the yard rate in this construction cone did you guys know fraternity guys who would like snuck him up in the for turning out. Not any good what are ever comes in here why is cool right this is funny to pick I think I did Daryn. Every fraternity has that's a stop sign in the basement and Asher and some random street time and I street name and town. Asia may rule that when you still stop sign in everytime somebody gets he ground at an intersection because you're stupid move Mariana rape the name of the Doctor Who treated their broken arm. A half an activist I had kind of hash tag. Outside. There's clear number four she still an orange traffic cones and brought into the council Melissa trash or toddler. And it right and drag her brother Jan. You could not just that each time analysts that pressure go up here I think I think you're actually right mad. Just be different ominously top and I Jan if you get this right you are the winner. Airs. I don't feel bad I want I want OM I almost got any interest Melissa wave Melissa isn't afraid she stays alive. Stealing an hour traffic down and that was my trashed roommates from college now. As well yeah. United can stand this wind that day whoever gets this done right is the winner. So she sought animated movie wreck it Ralph in theaters and yell at Maine can't get out. It's all movie because a day danger that Ralph was it. Yeah a reckon rough is it's not your right hands down it's actually called I got daughters able Carlyle can see just roll through the house reckon everything. Now let me do not as crowded theater three grabbed Beers. And here with your kids. Why shall I really this is a trick question because talking about a kids' movies he immediately wanna go kid to. But it could be. Hammered college kids him I'm Melissa hammered a college kid enjoying wreck it Ralph or a typical toddler. I'm gonna go away it. Toddler toddler. The rules is right. I'm just the opposite again and trashed it. You didn't the importance and nice these are competitive and mean would go for the clock to hang out slant is guaranteeing morn of that to review wins this. How does homeless tonight Alex Newsome and. So she's sobbing animated movie wreck it Ralph in theaters and yelled that the main character in a what's. Oh all movie because a big danger that Ralph was in an Alexandria says that is my very trash friend Amy and I no longer see movies. And well what she's. Can't feel so terrible G and the way you. Talk to rob that front. Biggest concern and I know. Downs participation trophy you know is gonna take 1990 as someone behind it's undertaken a drummer dominant now. The room right and we get them if you're going you're taking me yeah. That's weird look the Melissa we will give you a really awesome consolation prize are right. Okay ain't there a play Melissa. And she I'll still are.