Trashed or Toddler

Wednesday, February 28th

Some adults get so drunk, it is hard to tell whether they are full grown people or toddlers throwing a tantrum! Sad... but it makes a good game show!

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And she I'll still are far. Her answer I've learned is Audrey and coming out of the show are great. Much more challenging than you might think to tell the difference between me and behavior. The typical toddlers a war. Through rash don't. I do you have any experience in either trash and LT double the others. Did you. Actually. Well who would you like to play against our toddler expert in the room is Jenn hobby we've. Two little ones and keeping her on her toes when he force that and former party here now mom. And the current party here and mob before the end of the year Kelly yeah. Now. I'm gonna go is Kelly about the same as. It. Yes Carol. I'd say so either way it works news. Will play your five clues the person who gets the most right is the winner. We got a very cool prize up for grabs yes you're gonna go to an Oscar party at preachy which is of very awesome cool fancy restaurant and back head. They are getting to be a table for two at their twentieth annual Academy Awards telecast viewing party. Well yeah red carpet hit menu photo taken with. The celebrities on their green screens can be awesome I'd say oh clear number one in our jury comes from Jackie in Atlanta. She cried because it duck took too long underwater. Link building her food and she was scared. Is that a typical tiger trash about. Toddler archaeology is toddler or adults. I wanna say toddler. It's a toddler the end sir Jackie. That was my friend Tara you rid Ager is trashed. I give out of date hearing on the Sunday end. He says it's. Edge of the times crying. He has aggressively trying Brennan them and a I Sarah and that mad Donna with clear number two. It was her birthday. And she started crying. Because she couldn't Wear ten issues with her dress. Rule frying up because she couldn't rests in the way she wanted to. Drunk. Person truck adult or typical top. Lou I just. Gotta go attracts it's incumbent and I. He says that's trash about allergies. I need a toddler to the feeling this design my niece and definitely you eight serie a and met Donna what's the answer. In it was me that was trashed. I'm terrible at have. First point nine aboard goes RG clear number three Christie and Logan bail. She threw a complete say because she won in chocolate chip cookies so I gave it. As soon as I was done getting all this stuff out and putting in on the counter and looked over and she was passed out in the corner snow and. Among them so I let pat. Roll. I'm a PayPal right. Toddler Caylee cheese. I'm gonna say trash Larry mates have baker only get home she loves the cookies in the oven off like he. Since it. And you have to sleep while he and I've chatted on an account to. And I doubt Harden says the chart your cup series requires that ending their day nap in the corners that either Kelly she says that the trash adult. It was my toddler's just last week. You are at this game you may soon. Really are is really the and I you know Asia and I bailed. I don't soggy and alana. Our role. I hate comes from Heather and Marietta. So you're not going to believe this day she took that with all his clothes on claiming that he drew just dancing you Linus just leave them there. Who approved it sounds like a boy and I made it one time. Don't trash. I get a broad fact contestants say. Taking a bath with your clothes and that gave B if you go to France is a trash adult Heather and Marietta the answer. It was my college boyfriends roommate he was sure ash. I that was clue number four are unfortunately. Kelly that was a win situation for Audrey you can come back. Audrey is the winner. Guys I'm sorry that you got a table for two ads treat she's 28 annual Academy Awards telecast viewing party. She can Wear red carpet it's my hair and dying men feel like an a Lister yourself okay. You know the only time there's going to be resent Aaron and if you're an adult it numerous that you can get trashed in graduation time. And she I'll still are far.