Trashed or Toddler

Monday, July 31st

Your favorite radio game is back! Can you guess these listeners' descriptions correctly?


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Star in 941. This game and trashed her toddler. Bro if you can tell the difference between us and Bryan Gonzales. And as simple three. Actually much more challenging venue might change it sounds challenging. Glad to page and Douglas bell fame she's up for the challenge vacate the area. And Harry and and AM. Excited to play trash your time. Could have and I are you excited of what are you ready for this ready for the county. What do you do this morning. I'm. Grab you around I'm not I'm not good Ol. Is the first thing. He freak day on Monday and I are art and. I paged are Iran. I'm ready I Ed page who would you like to play against. You can play against either Jan or JP. Day. Always think of some low hanging fruit to your body. I bring assistant. Crude number one and it from Samantha in Atlanta. This person had just watched a movie was tired of it and that night they kept only singing really loudly making up their own versions of pirate songs and then they demanded that we just a song and give them scores as a fellow weird we're also pirates. All right JP is that a drug adults aura that's out there. Who drug adults. You say trash out page shrunken dollar order a toddler. I remember Tim Crist in Athens while Endesa this person decided to run through and Jack until after it. And it smacked themselves. With a door. This person. On the Bledsoe and lastly and perhaps. Right explicitly and and things JP trashed adult or typical toddler toddler a large age what do you say. Yeah adult. It. The ad in Marietta. This person decided okay you jump off of hard treehouse on your trampoline. And then they miss and Brad Kassell now. It was great. I JP trash and elder typical toddler true Hounsou trampoline jump move is almost always attracts adults and can and paid trash or Sadler. At. Heidi and Smyrna over the next group. Thirty seconds after her food arrived she threw out. In my chicken fingers I'm. I've got. This guy as transient. Pages as practiced. Tyler. I had. Nice to talk and you both like trash and final clue from Melissa inviting all the. You don't blame me. Invited me. No miracle that is one bad toddler right there chase. Grant aid which again it's not tied learn. Family. It was who got more right JP herb page page views beat us JP we've got a jet engine share price actually. RAI. And the line that trash or toddler answers Arnett. And young star ready for a one. There's champagne. Here you go out. Instant JP. And this week's round of trashed or toddlers surprisingly challenging game show where you have to identify. This describes behavior as a drug adult or you whiny child's time for the results page age and enterprise back. Up for grabs if you get more right answers and JP and we started with cement them in Atlanta I'm just present had just watched a movie with pirates and it and that night they kept unlike the singing really loudly making up their own versions of pirate songs and then they demanded that he just a song and give then scores doesn't earlier we're also pirates. JP said you trashed Paige say the toddler. And Samantha and Elena says oh we're absolutely stressed that my friends and for his birthday party is the best part of the night completely. Point four JP. Right pesos dvd better this time always Chrissie and that won't Endesa this person decided to run drink Jack until after it. And it smack themselves. With a door I'm. This person still undeclared senators laughing and perhaps. I JP said that was a toddler page say no way that's trashed adults so does my friend. Who it was claimed as a voter drinking. Her pay. Is it okay so we had Italian game I around three came from Aggie in Marietta as. Person decided. To jump off a large tree house on your trampoline. And then they miss and broke her elbow. It was a great. Before before I. Obama bad can we just talk about what a horrifying injury that sounds like terrible. Wrote making album broken elbow they think of how it feels when you look at your funny bone. You are just add a recipe for injury and make you happy for giving us the story but she's so it was great yeah. I pray and it was JP and page you both said. That daddy's friend who has trashed scratches on the page. And Abby yeah yeah I think this is my kid has. King Beth I've learned. That's Alan Murray is still a tie game when we go to Heidi and Smyrna who is she describing some need trash or a toddler. Thirty seconds after her food arrived she threw out in my chicken fingers yeah. Adding that could go either way really tagged James fingers are such acute food JPM page growth in NASA's budget protrude. Through. JP and page both said trashed. And Heidi says that this is that she ran at a local diner she was trashed and their. Thing is weeks away from that. I have both of them got that so it's not. The aim is time I'm glad it wasn't like these these antipathy both games toddler form Melissa you might. Down in the. You wake me. Invited me. Pay sit com or JP said toddler. A one year all of them. A pair Elena can get night. Tie goes to the listener paging editor at NATO brass yeah. Oh. Pleasant. Heard a one year old asking you in the face me a break here and but. I don't. Paid him liable to share information makes you get priced at twelve point oh thank you so much for playing dress your toddler. Atlanta's news and it most plan to raise your game. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James got one star not before one and it.