Trashed or Toddler

Tuesday, November 21st

Can you tell the difference?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Trashed or toddler is on deck here we are going to see if you tell the difference between eight tipsy built for a typical three year old her getting our contestant on the line now. Fer 100 dollars add Santana is Tiffany are you ready to play trashed all our toddler. Yes pro am it's so easy all you gotta do is frankly that apply you which one of these people are describing a typical toddler and which ones are describing eighth. Trashed adults per usual you get to take guy and one member of the damage Sanchez who would you like to play against us. I am act act opera I made it now Jeff you want and the last couple of rounds and crash your child better. It doesn't matter. Well. And it is our right symphony where are you more of an expert in trash adults or to buckle toddlers. Oh golf I am a mother of three toddlers. There's so you try to go out food and trashed I don't know him. You can still you can slowly got. And I like your card at Santana is fantastic sports bars and go check out all the great football gone on this Thanksgiving holiday and a run tied it. OK so let's see if you can be Jeff our first round starts with Julie in May Bolton. She looked up and started sobbing over some friend I had lecture but I was the only person I was with her all day long. Trash adult or typical talk. Iowa Sissy trash adults trashed trashed and the answer is. That was my toddler and her friend was a cartoon character that had left her in her tree and fun. The big Tuesday on round one. You than her hold on what was she looked into started sobbing over some friend I had bluster but I was the only person I was with her all day long bar or. OK I rounds you let's see if you guys do any better Tiffany are you ready. The red round two comes from Angela in Atlanta. He has made since 9 PM it's pretty in any cat trying to buy dot tail and any kept coming up. And got a what are. How many. What does say that that is a trash her saying that based on an environment sounds sound like they're I festival or something. Okay and the answer is. As my neck yeah. I. And they went out and now we have for the record Angela did not clarify whether or not her nephew was Ameren dot. I think. Possible. It sure ice or other now worried because Suez from Elizabeth Enron's well. She asked me to go to the bathroom with her she ask you hold her hand losses on the toilet because she couldn't sit up straight in she is all over the toilet the tour was disgusting she did seem to care. Tiffany. When I had trashed at all. Thrashed adult and just as they say I say the same mistake that trashed trashed and the answer from Elizabeth in Roswell this. The person I'm talking about is a four year old little girl. The other side. I really did kind of suggests I just like to remind you at this point you've gotten zero correct yeah and I want to Tiffany get comfortable in this league. At Canada and Tiffany has gotten one Iraq is competitive yes. Cheshire Tyler round Ford comes to us from Samantha and Atlanta. So he picked up the so frank leaving did to me immediately screamed yeah well. Pin it down. About like nothing happened. Then answer has a dollar typical toddler. Toddler. Learn. I can't say I'm gonna say trash adult trash adult and the answer is and now's my very proud toddler. Heads a bit. India it's not king. I mean she just just by the way you have guessed trash trash trash in trash. Don't get to. This day I've heard I'm not happy about this this is my furs like you just yeah. Okay she won do you guys who play around five anyway you are okay and by around five from him in Jefferson is this. I know sometimes you win on AM crews went I am playing and and AM proceeded to ghost like a little bar her dancing area and no one and then. Throughout the day ended up yeah. On any bar in DNC. And then the trash adult it's trendy bombard kids trash can and at all. Hanna in Jefferson says it was her two year old toddler I. Nice work it Tiffany it to ten nothing just you. Literally got not one of those I again. So lie and I. Off my game Tiffany congratulations. You a hundred dollars it Santana is is yours which can hold its share info so we can get that India hands. Okay congratulations. Desiree well I oh and that I'll need to practice over the next. Couple weeks next time somebody challenges me it will not go that way. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one.