Trashed or Toddler

Tuesday, November 7th

Can you tell the difference between the actions of a trashed adult and a typical toddler?


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell all now. Well now it is time to see if you tell the difference between eighth. Seems also forays to the fold hike. Mainly about candor while damage to the Japanese game show and welcome to transfer time there. Well today news. Where would you say area of expertise is toddlers or trash people that's different. Well I payment feature but I also think trashy. At I Hannity and whale oil honestly work. Are you have you heard this David birdie now works. Yes they I got Vegas didn't get to ST okay on the line Korea haley's. Who would you like to play against Georgia to play against. Me I'd Janet Kelly cheese or JP who is fresh cracked as any motive might still be drug. You know bang it's always embarrassing when this happens is that the sense of so humiliated. Guy that GM MAC the host of this week's edition of trash her toddler hey I gotta find. We're starting with Danielle and then mayor at that. Is she talking about a trash adult or a typical toddler really close just a reluctant let's go lawful house. I'm not kidding this person ate every single thing in the rough house. Everything. Haley what's your guests. I honestly trash to you I mean come. Okay you both say trashed. And into those references trashed by. One point aids and the day to all stars time. They give you cheese and Texas chose to bring to government and again because and can be an awful for the table and. Did she comes system and hence their first serving you're the only one at the table the and a I think he started passing Zogby just math on the street and begin to tear up and cry about house coffee was soft. I'm oft com home well either hey hey Lou what would your guests. And again. I am gonna go time at K and the answer she was a toddler beds. I it's very daily news. I think if you. We're no three comes just from match. And Atlanta. You went out on the back porch and through fell over the edge and then wander around the front and not to be let back in. It's it's it's well. Trash patent. And yes. Saying that coomer time please yes he went out on the back porch through fell over the edge then wander around the front and not to be let back in. A guy here's my logic I'm gonna go in toddler because it transfers and when asked to be let back in the house. But would instead decide that the front seat of the neighbor's cars where and captioning the US and Spain so how many years ago by the time there and gave an answer that was my friend and October fest and he was trash. Nice nice are right now we've got a size gore Hayley do and Jesse to look. Go in and around for who comes to us from. Sarah in midtown they locked himself in the bathroom and by the time I got inside they had covered themselves in my makeup and we're yelling that they Wear princess. I may eighth at JP and I blame it on us Todd Lara and Jeff what do you say. On the and the insert the suicide letter nice alert for both. OK three to three this tiebreaker and from Taylor in Marietta you ready Haley is. Ready. We were on a flight back from Miami. And this person was darting back and Forrest down I am all and finally Romeo and today's falsely. It. I dare to Arab. I had a Miami is a an important part of that collision I didn't. Yeah it's not a Orlando right. I'd have to say straddles. I am gonna have to say. Toddler because it trashed person would totally get air marshals. Okay. For the tiebreaker the answer is this a wizard my two year old sister and what are the. Hayley I'm so sorry. It is going to be eighth and you Haley it's going to be embarrassing creole word today because everybody has heard you lose live on the radio. I hope. I deficit to pleasant winner buddy. I want you to really because I know this is it's gonna make it difficult to go on but I want you to realize. And if this helps. You have been defeated by the best radio personnel. Hi area down in Atlanta so that's an only child. And yeah. Congratulations Haley. Thanks daily downpours we are going to gets you plan be proud as I've. They gained and read into anything else. We don't need a backup prize. What are you doing have got escalated quickly. Because of funding for making this wedge. It's just congestion. One start now before want to.