Trashed or Toddler

Tuesday, October 31st

Can you tell the difference between a tipsy adult and a typical toddler?


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Okay Terna Nande. Justin Jan shell hole yeah. Cash hoard toddler on the jet engine Joseph we are about to play our contestants got a hundred bucks at the antennas on the line did tell the difference between. Eight to see adults or a typical. City every your world that's what we do weekly trash problem. From Lawrenceville Georgia please welcome to the trash or tablets. Age. Pay me. I believe happy Halloween okay. Do you have a costume Ford today. I hit you know whatever he heard Carol. When the line with a group. The net and that hurts I'm being all. Terrible about it ninety's. And now where you are you a person wearing a testament to work. I can't even cooler that they bring. Their technically perfect okay so you've got toddler expertise. Who who would you like to play against in this round transcript there. Shout at each. Are rallying her home. Yeah she knows something about being into it will. Hey you know about dollars and it's going to be good competition is actually hard to tell the difference. Then you might think. I know what it we have got out of five contestants and around five players. And if if you get more than Kelly chief right in the EU and the winner of 100 dollar and and it's it's an aggregate. Are you ready. Our first clue comes from Scott in Atlanta. And thank in the front and the DJ yeah take several I had asked. They're break dancing in the front and the. Haley is that a toddler Horry trash and out. Which tracks all technologies. I'm gonna have to is saying. Once they toddler that was contrast you're both saying trash you know the answer is that was a toddler. And it's a tan. Didn't units issued and permanent. And I am that would that brings us we never do this missing a little bit of very excited and thread a livery their friendship. Well it happens you know happens when you're trapped Adams junior. Yeah. I'm they get their. Energies on loan toddler. Italy is my mom and they were there cash half. And not have the ability trashed not. Edit. And at one point nearly this is definitely. Try that thanks again to their restraint. They're trying to. Are and yeah. Where a a job. I heated and have some odd. Eating. I'm a bit but not let pressure. I can achieve sound like me on Saturday and another. Jets at the time that would extend. The restraining and the answers this on their tracks. Now I got its high school or one point Haley one point Kelly I could ever for a comes from Matt and by OK and he. Gary is excited inserted chasing someone around and then he ran so fast that he slipped on a carpet and flew headfirst into law. Rule. The L. And injuries Mac and cheese and toddlers and and that's crew got really excited inserted chasing someone around the and then he ran so fast that he slipped on the carpet and flew headfirst into law news as toddlers he says trash. Friend and is a toddler at opposite. He's a toddler Caylee is dead now yeah. As my friend and as a toddler you know I she. I hear you the best you know for a tirade here and quickly from Asian tan. How bombing at a country club. And a little. Non international. Postage. At a country club and we're not talking. That bogey there isn't crap move counties you've just blocked. You are that you're the fourth chip and connect or rate you just block. In infamy with a Wayne Arnold rule in the composition you ruling. Could. Secluded and how on the at a country club is the answer. I personally is absolutely John. And. Yeah. Bailey thank you for playing out of that 100 arrogant and gives it that it unfortunately Kelly cheese wine but will still find something Johnson ran right. Well thank you so much and keep studying you're you're drafts in your toddlers. Should have been the pattern that. I have by Pelé. Sort of make this list its essence yes on stone not before one.