Trashed or Toddler

Monday, October 2nd

Can you tell the difference? Play along with us!

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. The name of the game. Trashed or time there and Katie came AdWords is going to meet our contestants and say hey Katie how are you don't. And how good read it now are you well versed in either being trashed or toddlers. Definitely both I have three children plummet into the tie it and I and trash probably. Want to I'm not a big chunk of them. Battle. Yeah I do this added you. I Katie you get to play against anyone in the room except for Janine says JP Kelly sees me or Jan who would you like to take down in trash or tap. Thought out and I Katie let's do this we got a hundred dollar gift cards you mart Lowe's tavern on the line for a I right Jane and Katie listen out to. Is this Levi in ML master. All of a sudden this person decided that. Safe there shirts and there. And a walker. Is that being trashed adults or a toddler Katie go first tee. The ash. I will say I experienced this yesterday. With car for old time went out and he can. They said on to their native is oh yeah. That there's a timer we sent him any pictures here girls and she's right now and then I compose to. Katie fields beyond that Kelly and Sonos. If you're saying don't. Okay is that a trash adults. Come on late night but frozen pizza and the evidence. I Netflix and paranoia or. Is it a toddler. It. I want six toddlers and that's why I'm gonna go trash. Chris in Smyrna singing along to reality TV the voice dancing when you. Who can take. Trash at pieces trashed and having. I am and I agree with Katie on the Santa Monica trash because of the reality TV show. Only reference his kids would be they'd be watched some animated or some of this probably does he sign it or whatever it takes off from act where if this is Michelle. Todd. I can. What else you know and how does. All they. Know occasionally. And they won't. You take a month late they're late late chocolate chips or something and his. Engine and an amendment. It was the. Jeff actually go trash on this one because I would imagine. Much like Katie would jerked her son out of the aunt. That this would be a trash person you know somebody is beyond coffee and like to answer going to be their friend. And then there like I'm just in line with nature and speakers and you're just hammered enough to let ants. You might imminence to go to the hospital you guys are so hard working and I appreciate. Totally man. There and Phelan. The tunnels the digger metaphor from my life right or not be enough to be like these are my pets. It was on my. Inside. This is that we should was a cliche in Woodstock. Terrier how can she wanted to sit down. Oh ice showed her where bull was Iraq yourself around this and this is a great shared. And a wrap yourself around a bowl and use in this chair. Tyler. Trash. I came to go talk. And I Jen says toddler. To your answers and have been noted in the truth will be revealed. Right after shot Mendez and star. Star in 941. The name of the game is trash short time there KD has challenged Jane Lynch. To adapt prior wed heard these people being described her trash about sort of little toddlers. Trashed or it's not Larry Katie as register answers Jane is registered her answers a hundred dollars. And Marleau is up for grabs are we ready to find out who the winner is there ready kitty pilgrim apex. I think I can't that I leave I am Al Bassam is on first and described this person all the sudden this person decided that. Safe there shirts and there are ten saw. And a walker. That way they can dream Katy said trashed Jen said other based on experience in the past 24 hour. And the answer is this person was beyond Strauss. And Katie. It Kelly in Smyrna describe this person. It's saying don't. Was that a little Netflix and wasted or was that any time at a luncheon at this Vietnam I Katie said toddler James said trash doll early in Smyrna gives us the answer. Isn't tired. I you guys both sandy christened Smyrna here is describing you trashed person singing along to reality TV. I'm always. It's. And the answer is. That's real contrast. At a point also. Wait for both India and missed any further AJ is. Jane you have to win out if he had both of these around her to be that winner. Amish John hackworth I. Am certainly. I a Katie said Tyler Jan you said trashed if you got this right you are the winner. I yeah yeah. We had young men and I get pricing Marlins yeah. However in Haiti and found great thinking from my plaza bragging rights to all your friends that you can tell. I'd turn attention to. But don't tell them I'm just curious what was the last round. It's the last time was a cliche scene that would start and then she said this I carrier out and she wanted to sit down. Snow ice so durable. And the answer is favorite track. Asp trash Katie I. You can find out sometimes not amazing. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start in 941 and.