Trashed or Toddler

Monday, July 17th

Our surprisingly hard and always hilarious radio game is back! How many can YOU guess right?


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Student Justin Shenzhen. The name of the game is trash her toddler the premise is simple. Replay audio. In some ways describing the antics of a human person. You have to guess a bad human person is an adult under the influence. Or a three year olds exactly three simple clothes that I get and it's a surprise my heart Kate land and kitten are you ready to play trash or traveler. I also read all awesome night. You I get to take kindly either JP or carry jeetz casinos the answers. Yeah. On ERG. I Kelly season vs K lane. Will tell you five please whoever gets the most straight as the winner and Caitlin you meet Kelly she's she will give you enterprise from her giant prize. You're not proud. I am already looking at it what's intently cheese is surprised by this your financial. I gleaned in Atlanta with clear number one indulged a little too much since in the holiday cheer for their annual family Christmas party. And ended up sinking all downstairs Bannister. Our rights is that me trashed adult tunnel or a toddler. It's true. Though it. And I'm really goes adult. And he there. I clue at number two and we will go through all five of these and then we come back and we'll have we'll give the answers. This is needed. We've remember tickle we were in the car out there singing really poorly they're crawling over the backseat as well and the whole lifetime and they say out loud. This content and structure. Okay yeah. Is that a group of drug adults are groups toddlers. Soledad. And and on this Honda thing I go with top or. Old I think the word and ends now when he said crawling sound and only. I tell you piano and Sunnis trash she's uttered on the crawl of trash. I've myself and probably guilty of crawling around and you learn something that's truly itraxx. Oh you don't actually got to forget this. And who has missed some things in video games shown how. I'd have to be who is your neighbor and didn't even here's. These Clinton. And gets lost in the woods now mind you the woods are only about ten feet wide and forty feet long. I will mark time until they catch up after the beginning years the glue. Get lost in the bedroom in any event. In the corner. On the long. Outside and gets lost in the woods now mind you the legs. Her only about ten feet wide and Tony feet long and he's that person trashed or town. Yeah oh. Call it trashed. And Kelly she is I wanna say contrast because I definitely Joyce is talking about her husband that night and put it let's go Tom learning and. Include number four Steve and also in Camden. Well. It's time we tried to leave a friend's house she put her shoes on the wrong feet. She had an. Whenever they urgent TV series that taken off and let's change US paso on the couch which. God there orasure hash. I'm an Atlanta. Yeah you and I am insane on Osama Hamadan Connor okay that's for Tyler and the final why and is Ashley in Smallville. Ran out the front door hidden behind and looser hands and follows close on. The guy who ran out the front. Those Serb hands and follows close off. Hi we need to know is that person trashed or a toddler. Oh gosh I'm Angela trash fast. And Atlanta saying hmmm doesn't say I'm gonna say since transfers and for sure. We're gonna come back me. Three minutes and we'll find out Kate and who takes the three trashed into toddlers. Kelly in good faith to trash to reach out there. We'll find out who was victorious. In this week's round. Of trash or town. Atlanta's newest and most fun radioed in Tampa and the right lately iron and very low enough and I came and ray Bentley hit a terrible I had seasons aren't. The Japanese game show every. We're gonna get into any issue in Philly cheese is relationships. Coming up here a few minutes. Dating someone or are you allowed to make a significant physical change here appearance. Without losing that it. I JD I don't know what circumstance where you worry your leg you decided they you're gonna just go bald yeah. But if you were similar attack in which she'll have to do I have talked to her about shaving your head before you actually did it. That's the question. Does that happen Kelly tees and yes it is you're gonna shave your head Kelly yeah. Ask them the fellows can IT date a girl long managing chops off oh boy yeah I can initiate. I we're gonna have that conversation come out right after we wrap up trashed or toddler. Pressure Tyler I'm at the jet engines show and Kate lane. This is where you find out if you get to reach into Kelly's box and pull out of the. I can then. In Abilene. Maybe you have about surprises and a big fund box of rises ahead. All right we're about that when asked I include number one has glean in Atlanta until salute to my actions in the holiday cheer at our annual family Christmas party. And ended up sinking it all down the stairway banister Caitlin you said that was a toddler Kelly you said that person was trashed. He was a toddler he actually ended up eating way too many oysters at the age of 40 and he'll. As Greenway. I. And my son Taylor. Clearly can't remember to his neck. We were in the car around they're singing really poorly they're crawling over in the backseat as well and the whole lifetime and they say out loud why do I have. Have this talent and this chalk it. Kate then you say then that person was trashed Kelly you said that person was a toddler here's the answer. Those check my college remain very high. And another point I'm not getting and is paying the iron which is shocking. They could get a lot of experience. I cast the name that kansans say this. Lost in the bedroom. Any and that would be in the corner. On the lot. He goes outside and gets lost in the woods now mind you the woods are only about ten feet wide and forty feet long. Didn't say that trash Kelly says the toddler. Kathy gives us the answer is totally a drug person alone loom. Re ready bring around that Heatley in the winner he can't come back Kevin. Really. It's still find out who. Steven M Ashley describes. Last time we tried to leave a friend's house she put her shoes on the wrong I mean she had an. One of her favorite tech TV series that you know and let's change US paso on the couch which. I'm not that it matters the cable says Tyler Kelly say in time learn. This would be my two year old daughter bloom and he's Illini need any way I Caitlin. You're going for a sweep here Richard BI in and record I actually. Say that this ran out. Door he. Don't serve and it follows close on Caitlin and Kelly both said trashed. Their chests. Actually done Palin negatively Avery and I thrive Bosnia gravel and every. Yeah. I've congratulations caveman days work. Hey you know you're very welcome back. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion Shenzhen one star not before one and.