Trashed or Toddler

Monday, July 10th

Simple rules, but still SO difficult! Are they describing a drunk adult or a toddler?

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41. Her leg and. Play trashed or toddler. It's surprise really hard to play and we play with the EU. So we are about to Africa but contested here and you think yes and whether the person is describing someone it was a drunk adults. I toddler. Surprisingly similar the first treated they was gonna tomorrow at this time on the jet engine jet. Darius and Molly the very first confess your virtually started at all. All of the Atlanta fell in love in various. Monster but he was dating somebody else. What is rooting for Molly. When he was unavailable to our. We got an update that said that they are both now single EU and they reached out to us last week instead. We'd like to come talk to you next week we've got an update so Darius in Mali. I'm the show this time tomorrow. You show always just say sure I wish to. Learn. Actually fifth did you hear it in my head. I've played on my head. I years' time there have played out and could you game. Lorraine and they say it's important to. Maybe OK and then the next one of my sneakers out for a big banner night when where hammers we have to go today sure. No it'll be like a guy who is trying. I'm brash let's. I thought I'd Jody Indian and welcome to the DeVon and shell. I won't do Atlanta's new favorite radio game let's talk trash your time there are you ready to play. Out. Oh yeah okay here's how it's gonna work today convert where I tweaking it here in the air to make it. To make it fun for also Jody you're actually get any competing against one member of the Jeff and change out. Our logo go ahead and paid to who you want your competition today. All right. You have to get more rights then that Jiang simple as that will play five of them you each give your gas enamel combat can give the answers are you reading. I generally let's first meet glee may be odds be ever in your face off. Let's first meeting delaying the N Atlanta. Snuffed out scientifically no parents were around two in the bag into a pin drop it in the pool. And I. Jody do you think that is a trash person or a toddler. I hate toddler. Okay and Zhang trash version or toddler. I'm gonna go trashed. A Chan says trashed charity says Tyler I am I number two. Seamen around naked at my house and my husband found her for being in my bathroom floor yes. Let's let's do that almost. And so seamen around naked at my house and my husband found her pumping in my bathroom floor at peace took aim at Decatur. Who are saying her name right and tang Judy is that a toddler or trash. I'm really habit it's not like I'm Obama cannot. I can. Tell us. Since the fifth. Kathleen. In Atlanta Kathleen in Atlanta. It was her birthday and just make crying. Because she couldn't Wear tennis shoes with her dress. Tony was saying. I'm thinking. OK I am gonna go toddler. And. Guys have been here and complete opposites he's old cars in the end of my entire town you don't want to compete I Jenny and Dunwoody. He had a big bucket of popcorn I'm in one piece. One piece on the ground. She was crying so hard on because she miss. That piece of my finances so. Is a tough 1%. Of the time these ego either way I'm. I Jody trash your toddler. I'm sure. Today and I am definitely on toddler on Mallon. I and the last two we'll get the answers here and just a second the game name of the game is. Trash or toddler we'd play at a clipped. Of a jet engine should listener describing someone and you have to decide whether or not they're describing a a an adult human who is trashed. Or child. Ought. Alley and McDonna this carpet two different issues time. Cause yourself in the bathroom and fell asleep at the time or eating a banana. Iowa went down this carpet two different issues time. Close yourself in the bathroom and fell asleep at a time or eating a banana I hate. Jodi treasured Sadler. And I trash and jammed this so we agree on I'm going to trash trash I. Back here and it's three minutes. And we will do that tell me Jody if you got more greatly Jenn hobby that you can go home and this week's championship since the actor how. Pretty close sensitive. Our program send out. A hundred dollars and Amare lows. It's gonna go into your hands if you injury. Is trash or Tyler and you just have to identify whether or not. Person is describing a full grown human adults who have to be trashed. Or a three era this. I think we challenging. Jody in noon and it just played against Jenn hobby and we now find out who the winner is. Jody. Our first yet description that was by delaying in Atlanta snapped outside. When no parents were around took in the bad. And so you can draft a good in the school of thought Jodi says that was a toddler Janice said that was a trash person answer. He was trashed this is my friend Fletcher do conspired with our other friend Paul who's had pledged and it's community pool. Salt content closed the community pulled down early and not have to go into work the next morning all I'm. Card trick and begs to weigh on guys that's malaria wow. I need six indicator was the second clothes she men around naked at my house and my husband found her opening in my bedroom floor. How. The that verdict from Jody was toddler Jan you said scratched. He's sick says this is my daughter Elise she is a toddler Susan the middle of potty training and you let it loose on her bedroom carpeted floor. Nowadays art I gotta tie game go on in zoo are number three Kathleen. It was her birthday and just make crying. Because she couldn't Wear tennis shoes with her dress Kathleen says trashed and around say dirty says trashed Jen you said toddler. The answer. It was trashed. It was me and I was 29. I Jody you're up two to buy and sell me. I Jenny and John woody had this nice description. Of a toddler or a trash person. A big bucket of popcorn I'm in one piece one piece on the grounds as you're getting into the car. She was crying so hard on because she miss. That he's. I Jennie Stearns or Jerry you said trashed. And Jan you said toddler yeah. Here's the answer from Jenny and her. Does my toddler is having enough. We gotta tie game no matter wide because you guys both say that. At least friend was trashed this carpet two different issues time cause yourself in the bathroom and fell asleep at a time or eating a banana. Alley is going to tell us the dampers and this follows a toddler is. Well like you gave rating guess in your home. Oh and they are the winner said Jodi. You got a tie goes to the red. Any other day yeah found that you can thank three year olds and drunks. Graduate since. Jerry had and I will get your information so we can forget that hundred dollar Marlins gift card right. They don't hate us your client jedi. Does this every Monday I went out and so I mean seriously and you figured. So it's okay. Star in 941.