Total Honesty

Friday, September 7th


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So are in 941. We're asking our jet engines show friendly to come together and make a rule on nest when. So accident only embarrassing themselves like they don't know what they're doing it do you have to point it out to them or is that even more embarrassing. What's your what's your feeling on gen we don't need a Fran we ruling I've got the concrete carved in stone perfect chance there OK so summit got food second their teen got our book learning now GAAP are even their fly down the toilet paper on the shoes like. It is you have to tell orgy just let him go here is the carved in stone put it and it tablet called it like that rule. It depends. On one how well you know the person. Okay why he why this side. Well because we worked with this last night at at the event to wit the bishop curry who's in town some royal wedding stories again in May carry out that Prince Harry and Megan mark all. And was in my last night too I deliver a really cool a sermon and topped with and a really fancy group of people. Ponds. What gen meant to say is she it was given the honor to code and seen in events. With somebody from channel to rights and yet from the Disney radio for days B radio guy who was that Chris Chandler Chris Chandler from Devi has been radio. Iconic radio station here in Atlanta Jenn hobby. The mayor bishop curry who officiated the royal wedding three or four other really important people I can't remember a member of Martin Luther King's. Family any daughter his daughter salaries Jackson. This. Widow of Maynard Jackson Hartsfield Jackson. Park. OK so you try to make sure that yeah housing problem and went out of his UK so when Jen is because he has an event last night with them the Charlotte back. She was that the of veins. And she was asked to MCA it waves were big time people in the audience are anyways Kerry and a budget little event. Okay say you tell me if we did the right thing or did the wrong thing. Because. At some point we're sitting with bishop curry at his table and enjoying a lovely lovely meal and and then Chris and I keep standing up and down and up and down and doing and you know introductions and and different you know emcee duties throughout sharp. I wouldn't point my husband notices. That bishops Curry's full time is now. And he's like. Although now willow and Annan Annan now. He's about to get up in front of all of these people who have. You know it's been a lot of money is a big fund raiser for four and as a Christian organizations so he's going. All these needless penalties but this money he's traveled so far what do I do what and he might issue a limb or not. And he's there and he's the man who officiated the royal wedding so he's he's got some celebrity and some stature like yeah a photograph of him. We fly down is slate so maybe even DMZ worthy. Hi my husband's going to disagrees that OK we're going on stage speaking from all these people I think I'd rather be bears by one person telling me yes then in front of everybody. But he's like I don't knowing how well. He's like I just Manningham is this you know he's the bishop of the episcopal church that doesn't matter if you're at a Tehran. Yeah he's like the head not. I read it I would be shocked if there are any dissenting opinions. But 404263094. Wine. If you just gotta sit at the what do you do but I think I think unanimously. Yeah you know it's. Spinach and his team is you can be like bishop curry thinking panels salad like second thoughts on that embarrassing now. A Booker would be worse right when Boehner but if his full I think he's doing well right Powell is apparently just mail. Because your yeah. Here in a few minutes. Because you're actually doing two things measured I mean that you knew that the courtesy of which are also basically saying. Bishop I looked that your private. Well isn't it I mean look out of adjust that to which is always a weird thing if you actually catch somebody like. Pullman fly out and I in the bathroom at my Eads was gone there a little at an Iowa. And be a member of the church and adjusting your flying public these days and I mean there's a lot of stuff on the news. So prince like what do why he's got his internal debate going on I'm not sitting next to him to be any sort of counseled as I'm standing over the podium. Jogged out to introduce. Like being the bishop dean who's going to present him with the board the Atlantic City Council member who's gonna present him with proclamations. From the the city of Atlanta did they bestow upon a very important people. You just have to say to missing in a fancy way why don't stick around. That you'll fly AA is big threat. They're real why why your zip. Approximate that of the old eats what. If that's divide up. Well candy Douglas went got a talent right. You're partially on the barbaric illegal. On the planet that they are not going to change yeah wouldn't that accurate think that he does not. I've added friendships because I would leave a large and get home and trying to battered bagel Pisa Collard greens I expect government teeth and I'm like our eight college two hours ago yeah I know I told me ever rallies we'll talk enemy. Nobody's on the Morgan in Duluth. They act typically less than sixty seconds to take the mean out of all of that I didn't tell the right you know this and I I don't have been sorry embarrassing. I I go by the rules WW Ph.D. Was that what would Prince Harry is their friends right bishop curry married Prince Harry and mega mart on Prince Harry would definitely adds. They've come Avaya global all right so please if I only hope is then you don't want to show you all nonsense to. Arnold only made the wrong decision has been things you say you. And god my god are you serious you're the worst human being on the planet right now. I think the good news is he went for a bathroom break before the sermon. So he was able to discover and figure it out on his sound Kelly. If she's not gonna tell him in that situation. What is she in Atlanta as you could. You could walk into a meeting here with your boob hanging actually and so word house. Don't worry about a problem but if I OK I can walk into a meeting around here are my boob action. How can one say one word. My dad who will continue to be failure of totaling complete honesty we are not honest last night. And somebody else and mr. and has not been not see her. She says this about your relationship. Hurts her 100% honesty no way that snow has leader. Yet Kelly she's had some homework to do we're gonna find out if she actually did it easy has built her boyfriend about the Texas shirt is VMware and a good. And the mission keep it secret have been against dominant next judges and has done any violent. For goodness let's. It's just it's. On star now before I want total. And 100%. Honesty in a relationship is the best way to go right Kelly cheese yes 100% or about to find out if you did your how are down 100% total I see any car really since heavier and does the second then and an hour from right now confess your crew rushed. Which is Kearin who's ready to confess to a guy. That she you still work well. You know when we're getting the other guys I didn't wanna get and should do cash. And he popular drama are anything like that now and seeing. And now she's at all and ready to confessed her presence one hour from right now on the Jeff contention out. I tell you she's you said this we're debating relationships and 100% honesty Jeff you maintained. No way well I just don't think it a 100% on. I think you need to be. And didn't and you don't need to be. I of the revenues say you don't need to be honest. If you are not asked right so light. If you asked a question you always answered honestly T especially two years in every night it's your partner 100% of the time you answer the question honestly. What you don't need to do in this is where I disagree Cali is like Kelly was like. Well if I was at work and they hired somebody who silver attractive. I would have to come home and tell Captain Crunch that they hired somebody super attractive and that there's super attractive person and I'll be working made every day. And like. I did a little more creatively and out and last year who. Thought there is a chance that he needs to they've crimes needs to keep you in check as you may step out. No know who does he think that could be hurtful but Kelly you're saying if you are just on this 100. Time. There's nothing to worry about they have nothing to fear brain activities at Hauser family had his name got any meat sitting out week later he's like we Intel is practically a supermodel. You know it's like we've heard his name our Hilo and good name is that Pat White is our crisis that we are around me. I guess yeah. Yet how this yesterday because it Kelly Osce inner. Told us she has a release sweetener vine teacher is my birth. They've ran their buying T shirt came from an ex Coca Zia. Xoom came home to her apartment with her now boyfriend captain prince the other day who was. Wearing. Said that nerve on a teacher isn't an hour. It's like team spirited smells like Linux and how. But if 100% honesty is your thinking I'm here are you told him right away hey you don't wanna Wear that that's from an exit the divine. Nobody in one of those about face turn around like well. I think there's a problem as I heard that they reserve so we actually yesterday to do exactly what everybody on instant Graham said to do around him or not talent you know so what's the results of our answer Graham Paul. And have to zone com fine. I promise you are you sure but we didn't we use as said you've had. Put it up on the start any flow wanna answer Rampage and not only do we put it there. We've been on the jet's engine show answer Rampage you can lower the percentages. All the time 55%. On 45%. Ted really I'm saying you know I don't worry about it it's jones' there now you don't have low behave or proxy statement knuckle. Oh I'm going to be honest with you I write I gotta be honest and I'm following you guys asked me to do I can't betrayed if only I bad. That's up a second think you're 100 I NC girl you're the ones thinking. In your relationship and that's the best way to beat. Probably craft it's so close that OJ and well in our relationship here with the scrambling they had they asked me not to do it so you know I homelessness and the family it's 54 to 46%. It's so close. It doesn't matter he has had what they told me to do is what I had to do and I can't believe that he told you not to tell. Him I'm like some older some of I don't. I'm so disappointed are friendly where you are really count and you guys to make it radio great again. You blew it. Obviously the you're never gonna down he's going to be able to Wear the shirt whenever you want I mean that I'm making me feel that it's not feel like I should talent. Okay this weekend and recorded I wanna hear that's not okay. How about this night hang which they share down. I did promise we. And young star ready for a one.