Tori & Nick In-Studio

Wednesday, September 13th

Tori & Nick Joins the Jeff & Jenn Show In-Studio after their big day. 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Losing the air and Friday in hurricane government could not stop him. Yes she track and he canceled this wedding for Torre and naked body fat. It was not going to be possible because it's time any form one Japanese and show family of listeners. That came together and said no no no. Americans under their wedding day we're gonna just relocated to Atlanta. If you were listening at this time on Friday you heard guys announced that. We successfully. Gathered up all of the items necessary to create a perfect wedding for Torre and then we might that have heard. How the whole thing began. And how nervous I was as it started. And toy maker in studio with us and then getting to hear how it all came together for the very first time Carcillo say Todd you guys know man. Congratulations. Thank you know you're Johnson there all. I let's let's go back to Friday and remember why it sounded like as we started. Putting together a wedding with a goal of of making it happen over the weekend. But the only time we had was the time on our share of trying to find yeah. Friday morning. 701 AM. Chips and a huge idea maybe the biggest idea in the history of the jet engines show. And was incredibly. Nervous about. I don't like its sale I don't like these kids. Humbling. Feeling failing my. Fragile ego I'd like to strut around here let me crap don't stink when I failed. It hurts me and it ruins me okay. I believe. We can call the Sox. We discovered a couple Torre and men who have roots right here at University of West Georgia at Smart and noon and a and they now live in jackal islands this couple. Lived in Tuscaloosa don't win a tornado hit their common they lost everything after their engagement they had to evacuate because of hurricane Matthew and now they're supposed to get married. Tomorrow but they're having to evacuate because of her keys are among them all their bridesmaids her entire wedding party their family are all on their way. Back home to Atlanta but we still want them to get married tomorrow so we are reaching out to the jet engine chip family to throw them out. The wedding more than 24 hours the first phone call came in less than five minutes later. I've got quite a bit of immigration and some blue plane. Well I got a bunch didn't get it they are. And the calls did not stop for almost an hour I assure you. Welcome to the share. Oh yeah I don't think piracy business and it dean's room. It's their wedding I says Jennifer came Atlanta welcome to the chassis and come out and offer let me patent. I download Vijay would generate Asia Europe. Did you competent or indicator. And so we can do you have it's actually a license here stylish and I would like to offered here and make up for her what makes. Well I'm orchestra teacher a rat mountaineering Christians hold her and I don't have our currency. Our girls learn so much to put it to me for the ceremony. I would love to hear what else I have great photo booths army ED coordinator wedding coordinator and did so well. It's very. I look loans to keep my services and coordinate this thing and get everybody all the editor in all we're grateful to be done Allen and one Pete and XE all my guys you guys we're almost there all we need is a venue and caterer. I actually and a legend and he just thought I would if he doesn't college teachers and and we can do to help out I could make something more on Sunday if they can see that I didn't add. How are you all stay with us your caterer please tell us your caterer. We are eight catering company out of our way we'll all of a thumb my arm is not right now. The people of this city are freaking fantastic. At Atlanta. You game. Helped to plan a wedding in under an hour. Jeff and Jen got the opportunity to tell Tori that her wedding is back gone in she was thrilled. Please welcome. Engines show totally at Torrey Kinect. I. I'm kind of a lot of emotions right now a lot of feeling. I Torre V the beautiful thing about this is. Bonds very sad that you have to leave your home and your wedding plans are disrupted. You're story was so inspiring. People connected to your story in such huge wave that I don't know if you're losing just a few minutes ago but. You're entire wedding top to bottom. This weekend's here in the Atlanta area has been taking care of by the judge potential family. Just so blown away instantly appreciated. I know you guys are packing and rationed everything we found out who year out from your bridesmaids. What you are sound was so high when you take three minutes in and celebrate what the people that manages to create a. Early first dance. We has been. Tell me next. Thanks for sharing your service. Wedding dress in the car girl. I am I am. I'm speechless from that never happens. I had to miss that. Improve for everybody. He's half price. I. Studio let us now ms. This morning how are you we're tired yeah. And all well and for shore. So their wedding was supposed to be Saturday. When did you start thinking that you would have to get out of Jekyll island. And wins say they called us the venue callers. Instead they're probably gonna have to cancel. Umbrage at that Congo here and I don't wow now is working and it was dramatic and oh wow. On the and then as the day progressed we've we found out com. Thursday morning that it was for sure canceled that they were gonna have to evacuate jackal at that time they said on Saturday. So we just decided to push it instead of the rehearsal dinner we would just get married everybody was on their way. And then on Thursday night the venue called again because the venues on by the state of Georgia and they called again and said. We're evacuating Jekyll tomorrow. Here plan was just to do the wedding ceremony that you rehearsal dinner Friday afternoon Friday night yes. And they're like sorry that's not gonna happen either exactly. She's just like moment by moment it's crashing. And the the bridesmaids and your friends sprang into action. So you you decided immediately that you're gonna graduate to Atlanta right. Yeah and I basically. Had a kind of a breakdown moment and just said you know I don't care let's just get to Atlanta. We'll get married. I think even if we have ticket as a ministers driveway and just get married in the driveway I just wanna Mary I don't care for mentally as kids playing basketball at a garage and I. Aaron admit that we actually sell and then my my my wonderful bridesmaids. We're element instantly and worked all night and. Contacted you all and that we're here. And here we are and here we are only cash to have so many questions about the wedding today how everything went I am dying to hear about this wedding venue. The cotton gin mill creek just stepped up and such a big way have a million questions about how. The whole day and my speaking out about your wedding day it's a gorgeous the photos online we have looked at John info on it NN dot com right now if you wanna go check them out. It looks like you are complaining it there for the last year yeah you can't even believe it it's just so beautiful. You're immaculate shark shark I can give you a little as looks a little bit of PG AST yeah it's. There's a lot going on the past few days. Currents you have your county getting under the act in a process the amerigas. Slowly okay. He says this is my wife yet if you introduce sir is your wife yes that's critical moment as an awesome. I will come back here in just a second and let the girls have atop all about the wedding can I please get down on what exactly is have. I'm glad I'm wave instead Imus is out of this. Yeah they send it off and you'll find into the Arizona. Yeah like I don't know a packet braille first we'll come back you know the details in the big wedding day break after around cash. Star in 941. Banking arm and try to ruin their wedding day but you all did not let that happen if you're just joining us this morning we have Torre and Nicky in studio. If you heard show on Friday this is the sweet couple. That this community came together for. And put together their relocated. Wedding and it actually came together and you guys got married on Sunday in the most beautiful setting. Beautiful ceremony. I ain't feeling right now exhausted we're so excited and so thankful. And tell us about the day did it come together as you can imagine and paint the picture for us it was more honestly than we. Ever would have imagined I joked that was like my contrasts board came to life a owns us. Only thing that you know my my bridesmaids kind of made some decisions for me on Friday with the venue and here in the middle of evacuating exactly they call me for a few things that I'd left in their hands and they. It more than I ever could have imagined it was absolutely beautiful because I know somebody was going like that afternoon. They use Chrissie. Right you're made of honor is that we're headed over there that's what you made of honor. Well as Christie and one of the other bright morning. Yeah that's right and I. Jennifer app so they know there is seen Jennifer I did take charge types and they like we got this Oreo so what do they do they picked out where our everything for the reception decorations that kind of thing everything yet they they picked out everything they called militants that a few times relate music questions and you know if I had any special preferences that tidbit I mean most of all they just they just did it I basically said just do it IKEA can't think just do it so. He did at all yeah I spoke to you a couple times Saturday just in check. And I Tennessee you're packing up your house on my calling is so excited likely split wedding you know learn tonight I'm excited but I'm also packing my house. A hurricane and a die. And fifty cents. So when you guys rolled out there is because the wedding and we ended up being Sunday at five right so when you guys rolled in Sunday afternoon. You was at the first time you saw your wedding venue hi there I'm there at. 8:30 Sunday morning and and that was that was the first time I'd seen me rinsing pictures but it the first time I'd seen you know. CNET and everything new this they knew existed we didn't either and there's so generous it's called the cotton gin and mill creek they called and said hey we're the perfect place that's. And are they right. He asks for. What did you think of it. It awesome the new awesome people. Very cool and uses beautiful I mean you can see some of the pictures online. All your bridesmaids in teal gray and their patio bridesmaids dresses really into the and it's beautiful and and you looks stunning so the wedding dress made it out of the hurricane OK okay give a how did that have a front seat and then he made Nixon in the backseat it actually struck the dog was that in his truck so they got. Oh yeah that would be bad. All right so let's talk about so so their wedding happens at five the reception is great their wedding ceremony reset job the same place. So food is excellent its drinks were flowing into super. Everybody said I do is they are supposed Eros OK you had some good music yes I. And your pictures are beautiful word we're actually adds stern and four when Atlanta that Tom I'm Jean and Robin Webb department of putting together a web page. They don't have links to everybody who helped now and pictures and all that so here's my question. The turning news into us this. Hurricane math and now arm. Is it rude to ask you to move really far away. Because then there's there's the earthquake is common. And. I think I don't wanna be near you guys kissed you attract the natural disaster since I guess when we move away from Atlanta okay natural disasters twelve game home. Oh yeah means that you need to come home. Get home guests get back to Atlanta this thin and Hiram right there right yeah right about that letting down and you just leave it right there. What did he just wasn't again that it can't think. Talked about I. And I'm just didn't remove and. Well we were so honored to be able to help you guys made it a special thank you shall let us via our house thank you I'm Obama and our hearts thank you and it's everybody who listened I mean it was Yahya. Just came together in such a big way and nobody hesitated that's really loved about it we just told him your story told them that you guys had. So many things you've been through as a couple and you we're not gonna let this stop your love from happening in your wedding from going down. And seconds later the phone started ringing and it did not stop ringing beat everyone was off even when we had two photographers are already offered. We have three more photographer yeah and then following up and saying I wanna see the pictures how less Attica. Also in the City Hall as amazing as communities so that. The most famous people on Haram which narrative but you are. When you guys get to go home he now we don't know yet where Lleyton and now we can't get in Glen Downey so we're just latency. Here's the official word I saw the pictures on the news that your county has been closed out literally it's literally close to the public cam I won't be perfect Seattle theaters around. Tea into the house keeping in our prayers for sharks or congratulations you guys. It's so my glory and we should with a lesson. Ms. brands broad mr. and mrs. Graham. News. Congratulations you guys thank you so much so for tennis it's yeah. OnStar now before want to.